120 Romantic Propose Wishes That’ll Make Her Melt!

One of the most beautiful things about being in love is the thought of being able to propose to your significant other. It’s an exciting moment that is sure to bring a smile to their face. And what better way to propose than with some beautiful romantic wishes. Some of the best proposals might include expressing your love for your partner in an intimate way, proposing during a special moment, or sending a romantic gift. No matter what your proposal wish is, make sure to keep it special and unique to your partner. Here are some romantic propose wishes:

Romantic Propose Wishes

  • My days are filled with your laughter, and my heart is filled with your thoughts. Promise me we’ll be together forever because I love you!
  • I want to devote my heart and my whole life to you. Would you allow me to do it by being my girlfriend?
  • When I look into my heart, I see only you. If you can look into your heart and only see me, then we should spend the rest of our lives together.
  • You are the most beautiful thing to exist on earth, and there’s nothing I’d love more than calling you mine. Will you marry me?
  • You are in my mind every second of the day, and I wish you were in my arms too. Would you be mine?
  • When I think of the future, I like to picture us as two trees planted side-by-side, our roots growing together more firmly as the years go by, and our children sprouting like seedlings around us.
  • As long as the stars twinkle in the sky, as long as angels are there up high, Till the ocean run dry and till the day I die. I will love you.
  • You’re the bright sunshine in my cloudy life. Can you stay with me forever?
  • There is no other who is capable of making my dreams come true but you. You are everything I have earnestly prayed for. Take my hand into yours, and agree to be mine.
  • Thankfully, I am able to say what and how I feel with you, and I also know what and how I feel without you. It will be in my best interest to do what’s right for me, and that is to spend my forever with you.
  • My love for you hit me like a storm, and only you can save me now. Would you be my boyfriend?
  • My heart was a desert until you came and watered it with your love. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together pulling the weeds and enjoying the blossoms.
  • Let all my happiness be yours, all your sadness be mine. Let the whole world be yours; only you be mine! I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to.
  • You are someone who makes me feel safe, who makes me smile, who is there beside me no matter what. You have become my home and I love you.
  • I don’t want anyone else to have your heart, kiss your lips, be in your arms, be the one you love. I don’t want anyone to take my place. Please never let it happen and be mine forever.
  • I can already picture my life with you, and if you say ‘Yes’, then we can make it all come true. Be my girlfriend?
  • The wind has blown, and has tried all it could to keep us apart. But the more it blew its fury, the closer we draw toward each other. I want to make it formal to the world, that we are an item till eternity.
  • If I call you the reason for my existence, the medicine to my sadness, will you stay with me forever? If I call you to mine, will you call me yours?
  • So will you still take my hands in yours many years from now? Will you, in years to come, allow my hands to creep to yours? Let’s put our hearts into each other’s hands for life.
  • Every bit of my heart is in love with you, and I can’t imagine my life without you. Would you grow old with me?
  • Love is not a word to say. Love is not a game to play. Love doesn’t start in April and ends in May. Love is yesterday, tomorrow, and forever. Will you be mine to the eternal?
  • You are the one I wanted to find, to tell that I need you all my life, from this day on till the rest of my life.
  • If I could give you any gift, I’d give you love and laughter, a peaceful heart, a special dream, and joy forever after. Let me do so, please!
  • The world may not revolve around you, but my world certainly does. So, would you take up a permanent space in my world and be mine?
  • My heart belongs to you, and I am certain that it is in good hands. I rather die knowing you, than to live with the emptiness of wondering what it would look like to spend the rest of my life with you.
  • What does it take to get your attention? I love you. How can one heart be so in love that even though you can’t see it with your eyes, but with your heart.
  • My feelings are all new and you are the reason. You make me think about yourself all the time. Even my heartbeat says that I love you. You are the man of my dreams and you give me the reason for life. I love you!
romantic propose wishes

Sweet Romantic Propose Wishes

Wishes are a great way to show your love for someone. Whether you’re proposing to your significant other or just thinking of something special to say to them, these are some of the sweet romantic propose wishes.

  • All I wanted was someone to care for me, all I wanted was someone who would be there for me, all I wanted was someone like you, will you be mine?
  • I’m opening an emotional bank account for you sweetheart, so deposit your love in it and you will get the interest. Be mine!
  • Only you, you’re the only thing I’ll see forever. In my eyes, in my words, and in everything I do, your sight is the only sight that will ever bring me peace!
  • The moment I saw you, I knew you’re the chosen one for me. I love you!
  • All I dream of is holding your hand and never leaving it again. Would you be my girlfriend?
  • You may get a better girl than me but I cannot find a perfect boyfriend like you again. You evoke joy and raunchiness in my life. Would you like to take the position of being my husband?
  • Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. I love you.
  • You are the only one who understands me even more than myself. You are the only one with whom I can share everything, even my personal secrets. I want you to be with me always. I love you.
  • I’ve tried to tell you personally, but I get nervous, and I have trouble finding the right words. What I say is that I love you with all my heart and it would be perfect if you accept to be my boyfriend.
  • There’s no other who I would want to be the carrier of my seed but you. There’s no other who I would want to wake up to kiss every morning but you. No other makes sense to me but you.
  • When you’re in front of me, my eyes cannot leave your sight. When you’re away from me, my mind cannot stop thinking about you. Darling, I love you!
  • I love the feeling and the butterflies I get when I see you smiling. I would love to smile for the rest of my life too. So, I say it’s a yes?
  • Having you by my side is what completes me, makes me and fulfils me. You complete me. So marry me and complete the circle with me!
  • I searched for a woman, and found you. It wasn’t an easy journey, but you are worth the adventure. I can’t love you less. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  • All say love makes you special, but for me, it is you. All say light can drive out the dark, but for me, it is your smile, all say God gives us life, but in my case, it is your love. I want to be with you forever.
  • I’ve always heard about having butterflies in tummies, but when you look at me with a kind smile, I feel at comfort and peace. I love you!
  • I am enchanted by everything you do, and I never want to stop being addicted to you. Would you be my boyfriend?
  • You are the man of my dreams, and I want an eternity with you. Will you marry me?
  • Here’s my love, take it. Here’s my soul, use it. Here’s my heart, don’t break it. Here’s my hand, hold it, and together we will make it forever.
  • Are you Google search engine? Because you’ve got everything I’ve been searching for in life.
  • I believe that if we’re lucky enough to have found each other in the first place, we’re worth betting on for life. Will you take that gamble with me?
  • You taught me the real meaning of love. One look at your face sets my world straight!
  • Grant me the pleasure of having you to hold and to cherish as long as I live. It’s not only an honor; it is a favor I wouldn’t know how to repay.
  • The day I saw your face was the day I believed that mine was love at first sight. I sought for, and found you. Far it be from me that my quest will end without walking down the aisle with you.
  • I need not vomit out torrents of words. Mine is as simple as this my heart beats for you regardless of the time of the day. You complete me in ways only you can, and I wish to love you endlessly.
  • I am lucky to have you in my life; I am lucky to be in love with a person like you! Please spend the rest of your lives with me!

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Unique Romantic Propose Wishes

  • I would love for you to grow old with me! The best is yet to be and it begins from the moment you say yes!
  • My empire, and all in it belong to you. All that I have presently, and everything my future promises are yours for the taking. My vow to you is that I will never make you regret taking me as your man.
  • Forever with you, no one else will do. Always have you in my arms, no other place for you to be. Never will let you out of my sight, for as long as I live, I will be your angel.
  • I never knew joy and contentment the way I do with you. Loneliness was my middle name until you brought your cheery affection into my life. I can’t let you out of my life for any reason.
  • I will keep saying it till I draw my last breath you are my treasure, my trophy woman. Of all that life gave me the opportunity to have, you’re the most priceless. Be mine forever and always, please.
  • Though I have lots of things to say, my words hide from me and I cannot express them. A simple thing I want to say is I love you today and always.
  • I hope someday, that I will look back to today, the day I gave the queen of my kingdom the permission to reign. It is the best decision I am making today.
  • When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll share. I know you’re the only one I want to share the rest of my life with.
  • Though I have lots of things to say, I cannot express them. A simple thing I want to say is I love you today and always.
  • You are the piece that I had been missing, and I want you to complete me. Would you be mine forever?
  • I believe in love and in you. I hope that eternity will reward us with each other because our love has come to stay.
  • Growing old with you is one of my life’s desires and goals. I want to be there for you when you need me, to tell you that everything will be alright as long as we’ve got each other. I want to make you mine.
  • Let the world question my sanity; let it be that I am asked if I have gone crazy. I really would want to be a mad man whose sanity is dependent on marrying you, then be sensible and lose you to another.
  • It’s time to open my heart and express my deepest feelings to you. I want you to know that I love you like I have never loved anyone before and would like you to concede me the great honor to be my girlfriend.
  • You are my North, my South, my East and West, the sun of my morning and the night to my day!
  • Indeed, whosoever that finds a wife, finds a good thing. To take it further, whosoever that marries his own woman, dies a fulfilled man. Make my dream come true by letting me marry you, my love.
  • The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.
  • You have taken my breath away, and I want to stay in your heart forever. Please be mine!
  • I never believed in soulmates until I met you! You hold the pieces of my heart that I’ve been looking for all along, so will you be with me?
  • I’ve tried to tell you personally, but I get nervous, and I have trouble finding the right words. What I say is that I love with all my heart and it would be perfect if you accept to be my boyfriend.
  • They told me tales of love and how it could burn. I was afraid, and prayed that I would find my own kind of lover. May God bless the day you told me you love me too. Will you marry me?
  • I know you are mine completely, however, I want to tell you that if I get numerous chances to choose my life partner, I will choose you every single time. Growing old with you is my only goal. You are mine forever.
  • The day I will love another woman in my life is the day you become the mother of our lovely daughter. Will you want to share this feeling with me? Will you marry me?
  • Seasons come, and generations materialize. One thing I know is that I will never, ever take you for granted in my life, come what may. You’re precious to me in all ramifications, believe me.
  • I am convinced that there is no other specially designed for me. As much as I can tell, you are the right description of all my soul desires. Complete my existence as my wife.
romantic propose wishes

How do you propose a wish day to love?

Love is in the air, and what better way to show your love than with a romantic proposal wish? Whether you’re looking for something light-hearted or something more significant, these wishes will have your partner feeling extra special.

  • I have always longed to have what is mine. Not in things money can buy, but in receiving unmerited favor from above. I didn’t know God would answer my prayers by bringing you into my life. Marry me, sweet.
  • Countless times, I’m reminded that it takes courage to love selflessly. The only thing that keeps me from slipping into the low and deep is the strength of your love. I don’t think I need to wait any further to ask you to be mine.
  • My heart, my life, and all my earnings belong to you. You are the most beautiful and spellbinding girl I have ever seen on god’s green earth. If I didn’t become one with you, I don’t know how will I survive. I will love you like a maniac till the end.
  • In you, my life becomes whole, with you my days become bright. In your hands I would love to lay, this night and for the rest of my life!
  • I respect you a lot. I will never in my life, hurt you. You deserve the best from me, and I promise to make all your dreams come true. If I can’t by myself, I have God always by my side. I want to be yours forever.
  • As a child wants the reassurance of its mother to take larger steps with its little feet, so do I need the constant presence of your love to conquer the world for us. I won’t ask for more than your love. Please, be mine.
  • I have fallen madly, deeply, completely and unconditionally in love with you. Can you be my girlfriend?
  • My angel, falling in love with you was my destiny all along, so I cannot help loving you. Please hold my hands and stay with me!
  • You deserve the very best, someone who will back you up without limits, let you grow without borders, and love you without end. Will you let me be the one?
  • I love you, and nothing can be far from this most assured truth. My existence will be incomplete without you taking the place of a wife in my life.
  • As surely as the dews of the morning, as real as the air that puffs out of our nostrils, so is my love for you. It is neither a myth nor a dream. Make a pact with me, to love each other till the end of time.
  • You are the prince I had been waiting my whole life for, and now that you are here, please be mine already.
  • I am one heck of a lucky girl who has fallen in love with the most handsome and loyal guy in this world. In my feelings, only you reside. Will you also like to rule in my heart forever?
  • Is it too bad that every time I look at you, my heart skips several beats? I can’t hide my feelings for you anymore! I love you!

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How can I propose my lover?

  • To the most beautiful girl I know, I want to hold onto your hands and keep you safe in my arms forever. I love you, will you be mine?
  • Here and now, let love express on my behalf what I feel for you. I love you more than love itself can offer. There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you.
  • You have taught me to see the beauty in the world; you gave meaning to my life. I don’t want to lose you ever. I love you!
  • The best place for me is in your heart. Can you keep this place for me all through your life? I know there is no better place for me so can you be the love of my life? Will you be my valentine?
  • I wanted to give you some flowers, but they are nothing in front of your beauty! My lady, I have fallen hard for you, so can you love me back too?
  • I want you to be mine. I want you to be my everything. I want you to own all that I have. I want to marry you.
  • Just as if it were in a movie, you waltzed into my life, and I have never been the same ever since. Thousands of words float into my head but none aptly describes what I feel about you. I want to keep you forever.
  • A fruitful life is not devoid of true love. Ever since I met you, things that seemed impossible became easy to roll as lubricated balls. You are my good luck charm, and I want to sign the dotted lines holding your hand.
  • We share a formidable bond that even surpasses love. When you are with me holding my hands and kissing on my forehead, all the challenges of the world seems quite puny. You are all that I ever want in life. Keep loving me passionately till the end.
romantic propose wishes

What are the best romantic propose wishes?

When it comes to proposing, there’s no better way to show your love than with a romantic proposal wish. Whether you’re planning to propose in the future or just want to say something special to your partner now, these wishes will inspire you. Here are some best romantic propose wishes.

  • You deserve the world and all the good things it has to offer. If I fail to find that world for you, I promise to give you mine!
  • I don’t need thousands of promises to believe in you. The moment you look in my eyes with pure love, my heart beats touch the speed of light and I feel so complete. I wish you stay in my life till the end.
  • Let people say all they can; I have sworn to love you with all that is in me. Allow me to walk you into the world that belongs to just you and me.
  • I’ve always heard about having butterflies in my tummies, but when you look at me with a kind smile, I feel at comfort and peace. I love you!
  • With that ring, I gave you my heart. I promised from that day forward, and you would never walk alone; my heart would be your shelter, and my arms would be your home.
  • I have cared for nothing as much as I do concerning the love I share with you. I have found the best in you, and I am not ready to tell stories of how I let another man have you. Will you marry me?
  • I gave you my heart with that ring. I promised from that day forward and you would never walk alone; my heart would be your shelter, and my arms would be your home.
  • There is one prayer on the lips of my mother, and that is for me to bring home a woman that will love me better than she did. I’m glad I am bringing you home as the only one my heart belongs to.