120 Pregnancy Announcement Messages That’ll Astonish!

Whether you’re looking for something unique or just want to share a happy news with your friends and family you’ll find the perfect announcement here. We will be showcasing some of the most heartwarming pregnancy announcements messages that we have come across online. Whether it be a sweet little message from a loved one, or a heartfelt message from the expecting couple themselves, these announcements are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Pregnancy Announcement Messages

  • A tiny human is about to join us. Everyone, I am overjoyed to announce I am pregnant.
  • God has showered me with a wonderful gift that is growing inside me. Remember us in your prayers.
  • Becoming a proud parent was all I dreamt of in my entire life. The time has finally come as I embark on the first milestone of motherhood today. I have conceived a baby for the first time!
  • Giving birth to a baby may be the most challenging part of a woman’s life. Thank god I’m already prepared for the challenge. Announcing my pregnancy to all of you!
  • With our hearts full of happiness, we are proudly announcing that we are expecting a baby.
  • Congratulations, my love. We are having a baby; you are going to be such a wonderful dad. Our baby is so lucky to have you.
  • My clothes are getting tighter already. Come on now congratulate me on the biggest achievement of my life. I’m going to be a mother soon!
  • A new addition to the family is coming soon. We are going to be a big family.
  • Today, after a long time, I have got good news, today is a very special day for me, I am pregnant.
  • The incredible journey of motherhood has started for me. We’re so excited about our being a trio.
  • The good thing about being pregnant is you can eat as much as you can even when your tummy starts getting bigger. I am totally loving this journey!
  • You are indeed a blessing. My life has completely changed because of you. Soon you will be here with me. I can’t wait for the nine months to end.
  • I’ve never felt this much happier before. Congratulate me as I’m going to be a mom soon.
  • You are my happiness; you have brought so much joy into my heart before you are even born. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.
  • The joy in my life is just unexplainable. We can’t wait to hold the best gift ever in our life. Nine months are not many.
  • A new member will be added to our family in a few months’ time. I’m Pregnant.
  • Today I am feeling very happy, I am going to become a mother now, God bless us like this.
  • God has showered me with many beautiful blessings, but the best is yet to come. Keep us in your prayer.
  • Our dream has finally come true. There is a human being growing inside me. Soon I will be a mom.
  • We are pleased to announce that our youngest son will be promoted to big brother as a result of his hard work and positive attitude.
  • Thank you for the most amazing gift anyone could ever ask for. Do you want to babysit in a few months? Congratulations to you would be Dad.
  • Remember when we talked about being cool mom and dad, the time has arrived.
pregnancy announcement messages

Heartwarming Pregnancy Announcement Messages

Looking for a heartwarming pregnancy announcement message? You’ve come to the right place! These adorable messages show that love really is the best thing in the world, no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in.

  • We have to experience a new relationship, make a fresh start, and now we have to prepare fiercely for the parents we are about to become.
  • We are eagerly waiting to welcome new addition to our family. Proudly announcing that we are expecting a baby for the first time! Pray for both of us!
  • The most beautiful journey is about to begin. I’m so thankful to God for this fantastic experience.
  • Being pregnant is the only time when your husband actually appreciates you for being fat. I’m enjoying these precious moments so much!
  • I am emotional, and a little nervous, but I am also very happy, now my new life is about to start, and I am on the journey of becoming a mother.
  • We are going to receive one of the most precious gifts in our life. Remember us in your prayers.
  • I want the best for the new being inside me. I have given up on a lot of things for nine months.
  • If I wasn’t pregnant, I would never know healthy foods are this much boring and tasteless. I really want to shift back to my fast foods now!
  • You are about to be demoted from my best friend position; my new best friend is coming. I am pregnant.
  • The most fantastic thing is knowing that you’re going to be parents. Thanks to the Almighty and pray for us.
  • There were precautions taken and no plans were made, but life is full of surprises, and life found a way.
  • Nowadays I am resting more as soon I will be missing my sleep. I’m Pregnant.
  • Just found out there is something that is growing inside me. It will be removed in nine months’ time.
  • I never knew how sweet life is until something started growing in my tummy. The countdown starts now.
  • Husband is doing all the household chores and letting me sleep all day. I’m totally in love with this journey.
  • I don’t know the right words to express my joy right now. I just went back from the hospital and it’s official now. I’m expecting a baby soon!
  • I am happy to inform you that now our eldest son is soon going to be an elder brother. How attractive is all this?
  • A new experience. The beginning of a new life! Today is really a special day now I am going to be a mother.
  • We can’t say if it’s pink or blue. We are so excited to welcome the new member into the family.
  • Get ready to play the most important role in your life. Yes. You are right. You are going to be Dad soon. Get used to your new title.
  • I am no longer trying to be pregnant because I am already pregnant.

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Unique Pregnancy Announcement Messages

  • We are about to receive the most adorable present of our life. Keep us in your prayers.
  • I was overjoyed when I found out I was pregnant because it meant we would soon have a complete family. Congratulations, future dad.
  • We prayed for a miracle. God answered our prayers and indeed a miracle is growing inside me.
  • Mood swings are at their best as I go through the incredible pregnancy journey. So, don’t blame me if I’m being weird and mean to you. it’s all for the sweet pregnancy!
  • The journey of motherhood has just begun. We are so excited about welcoming the new baby.
  • It’s official, I am pregnant. I am having a baby. I am about to become three from two.
  • No feelings can match the joy of bringing a life into this world. The journey of long nine months is getting more and more awesome every moment!
  • It is time to add a new member to the family. In other words, I’m expectant.
  • I wouldn’t trade the joy of finding out I was pregnant for anything else in the world. I didn’t realize what an amazing feeling it was until now.
  • I can’t find the right words to express the joy in my life. The doctor just confirmed. I’m expecting a baby!
  • I have never felt this much happiness before. I’m going to give my sweet husband the best gift in his life. The countdown begins now.
  • In nine months, we will welcome a new member to our family. I’m overjoyed!!
  • I am pregnant. It happened! I am so nervous yet so happy; I cannot explain the feeling, but it happened, and I am on cloud nine right now.
  • The most beautiful experience in the world is knowing that you are about to be a parent! I can’t wait to welcome my bundle of happiness anymore!
  • We are happy to announce that we are going to be parents soon, today I came to know about it.
  • The most beautiful journey in my life has just begun. In nine months I will be a mother. What a lovely experience.
  • I’m all prepared to say goodbye to my freedom and sleep. And guess what, everyone is just so happy about it. Sweet pregnancy they call it!
  • I cannot wait to meet the little angel we created with our love. Congratulations, love.
  • Thank you for giving me the best gift of life. Soon a little member is going to come to our house and call you Dad.
  • With tears of joy, we are proudly announcing we are expecting a baby. We are so excited.
  • Our family is going to have a new addition, soon! Congratulations to all of us. Please pray that I have a healthy baby.
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How do you announce pregnancy?

This is something that is really personal to each person, so it’s up to you how you want to do it. Some people choose to tell their friends and family in person, while others might choose to post about it on social media. Whatever you decide, make sure you are comfortable with it and that it feels right for you. Here are some good pregnancy announcement messages.

  • A baby is coming soon to light up our sweet little home. Keep us in your prayers. Looking forward to giving you a big surprise!
  • It is just months away and soon we will be receiving the most precious gift in our life. We can’t wait to welcome the baby.
  • There is always a rainbow after a storm. We’re expecting a rainbow baby.
  • Let me receive those congratulatory messages. In a few month’s time, I am going to be a mom.
  • We are looking forward to welcoming our little one and embarking on a new adventure in life with them.
  • God has given us a precious gem, today our dream will be fulfilled. I am very happy today.
  • The long journey of motherhood has finally begun for me. Soon I will be holding the baby in my arms.
  • I’m expecting a child, family. From now on, only happiness will be showered upon you. I have a feeling my baby will bring a lot of joy to this house.
  • An adorable gift is on the way. We can wait for the nine months to be over. Keep us in your prayers.
  • I have tears in my eyes, but I am happy to announce that I am going to be a mother.
  • We will need an extra bed for a special someone. I wish you knew how happy I feel right now to let you know the good news. I’m pregnant!
  • Our family is expanding; soon I will be a mother. I can wait to welcome the new baby into this world.
  • I have never been as happy as I am right now. Soon I am going to be a mom.

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What are some good pregnancy announcement messages?

  • The wonderful journey of life is going to start today, now we will soon become parents.
  • This is the day we both had been waiting for so long. We are so glad right now to let you know that we are expecting a baby. Pray for us!
  • Is it pink or blue? We simply do not know. We’re really looking forward to the big day.
  • Giving your baby to your friends to babysit is the most enjoyable aspect of having a baby. Prepare for it! It is going to be fun; I promise.
  • Having a baby with you feels like a dream come true, my darling. I am so happy.
  • It’s time to add a new branch to our family tree. It’s time we all celebrate the miracle of motherhood. I’m expecting a new member of our family.
  • Our family is growing! A blessing from God is growing in my stomach. Finally, our dream came true.
  • We are going to be parents to a baby very soon! We look forward to your blessings.
  • I’m not afraid of the delivery part. I’m afraid of the raising part. Pray for me so I can raise a happy, healthy and modest baby!
  • I always imagined how it felt like to be pregnant. Now I know the feeling.
  • Congratulations, you are about to have a niece/nephew soon! I am having a baby!
  • There are ten little fingers and ten little toes. Our family grows with love and grace. This precious soul is so new and sweet. This little life has been a dream come true.
  • We’re eagerly waiting to receive our firstborn. Pray for us and the little one, so everything goes well.
  • Guess what? I am going to become a mom/dad. You are going to become a godmother/godfather. Congratulations!
  • Each passing day my clothes are getting tighter. Soon I am going to be a mother.
pregnancy announcement messages

How do you write pregnancy announcement message?

Writing a pregnancy announcement message is a very personal process. You should feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with your family and friends. Here are some ideas to help you write the perfect announcement message:

  • Life’s loneliness is about to go away, now we will play with cute members like little toys.
  • Be ready for some big news. We are expecting our baby this month.
  • God has given us so many gifts, but one of the most beautiful gifts is yet to come, which I am telling you about. We are about to become parents.
  • God’s most adorable blessing is about to come. We are so excited about the delivery date.
  • I don’t have anything to tell you but soon my tummy will betray me. I’m pregnant.
  • The best part of pregnancy is getting the dishes cleaned by your husband. If making a woman pregnant is what they are so proud of, so be it!
  • We are just a couple of months away from receiving the biggest gift in our life. Come share happiness as we plan for the best welcome party for the baby.
  • Get ready for the big news. I am expectant. I can’t wait to hold the baby in my arms.
  • The wonderful nine months of motherhood has finally started for me. I never knew growing a fat tummy would be so enjoyable. Hoping for the best!
  • My honey, a new member is coming to our family who will complete our family. we’re gonna be parents.
  • With tears of joy, I declare that my journey to motherhood has begun.
  • Buy me more food because I’m eating for two now. We’re adding a new member to our family soon.
  • I know how happy you’ll feel right now after knowing that you’re going to be a dad soon.
  • My life was happy but not complete. I thank God today because he has blessed me with the most precious gift. I have conceived a baby and it’s a matter of nine months now!

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