80 Motivational Anger Messages to Get Through Bad Days

People are always looking for ways to be more motivated, and there are a lot of different ways to do this. One popular way is to use motivational anger messages. These are short, positive statements that help people get fired up and motivated to do something.

Motivational Anger Messages

  • When you are calm, you can either win or lose in the game of life. But when you are angry, you have no choice but to lose.
  • Angrily is like cancer which eats up the completely from inner side and known when the condition is severe.
  • Being angry will not bring any good but will spoil your mood. Drop it.
  • Don’t get mad at other people to the extent that other people think you are mad.
  • Nursing a rage and a fire in the belly to change the world to make it a better place to live is the best and only type of anger you should have.
  • Anger is one of the greatest tests of friendship. If your friend can tolerate your anger, you must be willing to tolerate anything for your friend.
  • Just tell me what were you thinking while you did something like that? Babe, this is not fair at all. I’m really angry with you.
  • It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either.
  • I’m angry because you don’t understand my thoughts and feelings, which I’ve been trying to convey to you.
  • This was very inappropriate behavior on your part, mate. Please make sure to work on yourself.
  • When you are brimming with anger, it does not mean you are full of life. It means you don’t know how to live a happy life.
  • Don’t be angry with me! There is no time to be furious; instead, devote yourself to love.
  • I’m so angry with you that I cannot focus on anything. I cannot take this at all.
  • When you can’t take charge and control your anger, your anger will inevitably take control of you. Lesson to learn – control your anger before it controls you.
Best Motivational Anger Messages

Motivational Anger Messages for Friends

There are moments when we need to channel all of our energy into something. Anger, passion, and determination are three of those things. And when it comes to motivating our friends, there are some powerful anger messages we can share.

  • You have the right to be angry, but that does not give you the right to be cruel. Please!
  • Watch what you say when you are angry because it is like being drunk. The truth might slip off your tongue ruthlessly and you will never be able to undo it.
  • The person who can enrage you in a jiffy, is the person you should be the most scared of.
  • Reflection cannot be seen in boiling water; the same way truth cannot be seen in a state of Anger. So, always keep your cool.
  • Every time you get angry at someone else’s mistake, you give up bits of your own happiness. It is the stupidest sacrifice you can ever make.
  • I understand that we had a misunderstanding and didn’t comprehend each other’s points of view on this matter, but it doesn’t give you the right to be so harsh. I am angry and disappointed with you.
  • Holding on to anger, resentment, or hurt simply results in stiff muscles, a headache, and a sore jaw due to clenching your teeth.
  • If kicking the wall helps you extinguish your anger, do it. It is easier to repair a broken wall than to mend a broken relationship.
  • I’m starting to feel angry. The same rage that causes me to bleed inside in my heart and soul, destroying me.
  • Anger will cloud your eyes so badly that you will forget how to differentiate between a friend and foe. So be angry at your own cost.
  • I feel angry and maybe we should not talk for a while.
  • Just because you have money in your bank, you shouldn’t spend it all the time. Just because you have an emotion called anger in your heart, you shouldn’t use it all the time.
  • Don’t be under the impression that the louder you utter words in anger, the stronger you become. Anger exposes your fragility and shows your opponent that you are weak.

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Motivational Anger Messages for Women

  • Regret may be the reason why you become angry. But if you don’t control your anger, you will regret even more. To stop regretting, you must stop being angry first.
  • Stop being angry with people who don’t respect you. It is not worth it, trust me.
  • Still cannot believe you could pull off such a trash show. Dude, please grow up. I’m beyond angry and upset with your tricks.
  • Because you are my friend, you should understand my situation better than anybody else. I’m angry with you.
  • I am really angry and highly disappointed with your action. I know you can do better.
  • Anger is like a flame on a candle. The candle thinks that its flame is blazing powerful light, but it is actually the reason for its own meltdown.
  • I’m starting to feel angry. The same rage that causes me to bleed inside in my heart and soul, destroying me.
Best Motivational Anger Messages for Women

Motivational Anger Messages for Students

When you’re feeling angry, remember that you’re not alone. Millions of students experience anger every year, and there are plenty of ways to deal with it. Here are some motivational anger messages for students:

  • Anger will cloud your eyes so badly that you will forget how to differentiate between a friend and foe. So be angry at your own cost.
  • Channeling your anger will help you to focus yourself and break down barriers between people and opportunities. Not channeling your anger will make you break down relationships and your character.
  • Life is so fleeting. When you stay angry or carry grudges, the only person you hurt is yourself.
  • Whenever you are angry at someone – scribble furiously in your diary, hit the gym, count one to hundred, mediate or shout to the wall. Do anything you want to but don’t come face to face with the person who has made you angry.
  • I cannot express in words how angry I am at this moment. Please refrain from talking with me for now.
  • I cannot help but feel angry with your behavior. Please try to work on it, dear.
  • If you are correct, there is no reason to be angry, and if you are incorrect, you have no right to be angry with me.
  • It’s not my fault, nor is it yours; so, don’t be angry, my dear friend.
  • It’s the circumstances that we’ve misunderstood, don’t be angry at me.
  • Excess salt may or may not give you blood pressure but an angry mind, bitter heart and revengeful soul definitely will.

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Do you channel your anger the right way?

  • Sometimes the cost of an impulsive and angry reaction can be so large that you wouldn’t able to buy your words or actions back even if you were a billionaire.
  • Accepting our anger is a healthy and normal response as we do not become locked in it. One approach to get through it is to acknowledge it.
  • If you are angry with your loveable friend, just put aside your egos. Just hug each other and say: I need you, idiot, at least to fight with me.
  • When you’re upset and don’t know what to do, being angry can help. However, the tears return, and when you fall asleep, it’s better to wake up not angry.
  • When you are wrong, you are likely to use your anger and fight with all your might. But you will never be angry and you will always remain calm, when you know that you are right.
  • It appears to be a waste of time that we are apart and furious. Instead, I’d like to shower you with kisses and express my love for you. Let’s talk about it.
  • Getting angry is like fighting a war. No matter who wins, there are always going to be casualties and bitter consequences to deal with later on. Don’t get angry, avoid the war.
  • Anger may make you a dramatic person, but forgiveness will make you a heroic person. So stop being dramatic and start being heroic today.
  • I wish I could make you understand how naïve you sound sometimes and I cannot help but feel angry. Uggh.
  • Throw a temper tantrum, throw a fit of rage, throw piercing looks, but don’t throw away precious relationships with anger.
  • Anger exposes your insecurity where as forgiveness exposes your generosity.
  • Nothing comes from anger rather than some negative energy so don’t be angry. Be jolly and happy, instead.
  • You should sleep than being angry with someone else- so worth it, mate. Try it and thank me, later.
  • Don’t let anyone else control you by leaving the remote control of your life in someone else’s hands by becoming angry at them.
  • Dear friend, this is totally unexpected from you. I’m really angry. I hope you reflect on your action.
Best Motivational Anger Messages

What are some good motivational messages for anger?

Anger is a natural emotion. It’s a way of telling your body and brain that you’re upset and need to take action. But sometimes anger can get out of control. It can become a destructive force in your life. Here are some good motivational messages for anger:

  • Let anger bring about a revolution that can change your world, not destruction that devastates your world.
  • Don’t be angry with me! There is no time to be furious; instead, devote yourself to love.
  • Getting angry at yourself for not being able to accomplish something will catapult you to success. Getting angry at others and blaming them for not being able to accomplish something will definitely lead you to failure.
  • This behavior is not tolerable at all I wish I could do something about it. I’m really very angry.
  • Still cannot figure out why you did it! Please show me some valid reasons.
  • I wouldn’t have to manage my anger if people could learn to manage their stupidity.
  • Don’t be angry at me if I don’t seem like much at times; I’m just trying to be enough.
  • I’ve hurt you, made you angry. I hate myself for it. Please don’t be angry at me.
  • If you are right then there is no need to get angry and If you are wrong then you don’t have any right to be angry.
  • When you are calm, you have nothing to lose. When you are angry, you have everything to lose. So always prefer being calm over being angry.
  • Anger can sometimes bring out the best in you and make you shine. But most of the time anger brings out the worst in you and makes everyone around you whine. Don’t get angry.
  • I made a mistake by expecting anything from you that makes me angry with myself. Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing. But it can destroy everything.
  • When you’re upset and don’t know what to do, being angry can help. However, the tears return, and when you fall asleep, it’s better to wake up not angry.
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