150 Heartfelt Good Morning Messages for a Friend

Good morning messages for a friend can be really special and meaningful. They can show your friend that you care about them and that you are thinking about them. They can also show your friend that you are happy to see them and that you are looking forward to spending time with them. Good morning messages are always special. They let you know that you’re loved and appreciated, and that you’re in their thoughts. Whether you’re close or just acquaintances, these messages will bring a smile to your face.

Good Morning Messages for a Friend

  • A perfect day does not start with coffee or tea but the perfect is that which starts with you. Good Morning dear friend!!
  • A new day, new life, new hope, new beginning, a new possibility for imagination. Have a lovely morning!
  • I pray that God gives you all that you need today as you work to live out your dreams. In Jesus’ name, may you have a day that brings you closer to him and to your dreams.
  • When I get up in the morning from sleep, this time I am sending you this message for when you get up from sleep at the time some moment thought about me. Good morning
  • I have been blessed to God for precious friends like you. I will never let you go. I love you, my friend. Good Morning.
  • My mornings don’t feel complete without your texts. I absolutely love to start a day with you telling me about your dreams, and I know you feel the same way about me. Hope you’ll have a nice day and an amazing evening. Rise and shine!
  • It is very important to start your day with a positive affirmation. You are the greatest gift of the universe. You are loved and appreciated. You are unique and beautiful. I know this day will bring you a lot of happiness. Good morning!
  • Everyday with you is amazing. Thank you for being the reason I wake up with a smile every morning. Good morning my lovely!
  • Good Morning – this is not just a greeting. It signifies the hope that the beautiful morning will put a smile on your face and bring happiness to your life.
  • A very good morning to the most, To the most, Yes, I mean it to the most, Lazy person I have ever seen, Good morning!
  • Every morning brings you new hopes and new opportunities. Don’t miss any one of them while you’re sleeping. Good morning!
  • Yesterday is gone some hours ago, tomorrow came after this day, all we have in this today, so let’s live it brightly from today! Good morn
  • Have you as my close friend is like a dream come true. I prayed for a loyal and respectful friend who will understand me the way I am. You have always been so much to me, and I want to wish you a wonderful morning with my heart
  • It is another new day, and I can’t wait to shine and blossom in your company. You make our friendship is the best with your free spirit. You are the great person I have ever met. Good morning, dear!
  • A wonderful morning to a wonderful person! May your day be a bundle of wonderful events. Good morning to you.
  • Have a positive approach, as you start this day so new, have a good time is my wish for you, Have an awesome day ahead, Good morning!
  • Such a shame I cannot see you now! The way you look every morning is hilarious. It’s like you’re fighting with someone every night without knowing it. Anyways, good morning, sunshine!
  • A good friend like you is more than a blessing. Its morning wakes up and start a new day with a new hope. Good Morning!!
  • Miracles shall find you as you start today. May all men compete to win your favor and prefer you above all. May God make sure that today is a memorable one for you. Good morning, my dear friend.
  • Life is a wild journey. Embrace every second of it. Enjoy your Day. Good Morning.
  • Wishing you the best good morning to you, my lovely friend! It is a silent way of saying something that I always remember when I get up.
  • Everything falling apart is a sign that something new is about to build up. Good morning.
  • Good morning, dear friend. I hope your day starts with a big, bright smile.
  • Good Morning to the person at work who makes everyone wonder! Like, if there are job openings at other companies!
  • Open your eyes and be happy for the breath of the morning fresh air. Be thankful for every good thing that surrounds you. Most especially, thank God for the wonderful friendship we both share. Good morning friend!
  • No matter how busy our lives could be, I want you to know you are still remembered by me.
  • A friend like you is quite hard to come by in life. I admit myself enough fortunate to have you. Good morning and I wish you a phenomenal day ahead!


good morning messages for a friend

How do you say good morning to a special friend?

It’s always nice to wake up to a good morning message from a friend. It makes you feel cared for and loved. It’s not always easy to find the right words for it. Choose from our wide selection and make someone happy. Here are some good morning messages you can send to your friends to brighten their day.

  • The day has become brightened up with a broad smile from the sun. I pray for the sun to also smile on you today. You will be a winner everywhere. Good morning!
  • This day started with a beautiful morning, and I want to share this beauty with you, mate. I hope that this day brings you a lot of joy and happiness, because you are someone who deserves it. Rise and shine, mate!
  • Happy Good Morning My friend. I hope you have an amazing day. May your worries and fears be non-existent. May People see how amazing you are. GOOD MORNING
  • Dear friend, I know very well it is difficult to wake up every morning, knowing that you’re still clumsy and stupid. But we still have to live another day and wake up. Have a great day!
  • Wake up, wake up, as morning is here, Get going as the day is about to begin, so why don’t you just sing, Good morning, Have a bright day!
  • Life seems so beautiful to me thanks to some wonderful people in my life. You are one of them, my friend. Good morning to you!
  • Good Morning Dear… Sending out bountiful wishes this morning to fill your day with sunshine and rainbows and all good things that will fill your heart with happiness. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day and remember you are loved…
  • Celebrate each and everyday as it is God’s gift to you. Good morning. Have a nice day ahead.
  • God has given you yet another day to live. Make good use of it. Good morning.
  • Today I’m going to work intelligent and hard. That’s the joke I tell myself to bring a lovely smile on my face when I get up. Good morning!
  • A perfect good morning has to be a mixture of a perfect coffee and breakfast in bed. And yet no compulsion to wake up too! Good morning to you. Have a nice day.
  • Morning means waking up a little, Morning means new roses in the light of mass, In the morning it means raising new hope. Good morning to tell you this morning.
  • I feel blessed person when I am around you. Nobody makes me feel so much special in life as you do. Thank you for being an integral part of my life.
  • Our lovely friendship is like a cup of coffee early in the morning- refreshing, thinking, strong, and addicting. I can’t get a better personality than this in my life. Good morning!
  • Forget sadness from your past time in this and start a good life with this sunshine morning. Happy Good Morning Friend.
  • Most people pray for money, wealth, and others but I only pray you to wake up feeling great like never before because that means more to me than anything in the world.
  • Welcome this new day with all your might, just look around for pleasant sight, Keep smiling on this day so new, Like the fresh morning dew, Good morning to you!
  • Good morning, sleeping beauty! Today will be the day full of opportunities and achievements, so I hope you’ve slept well because you will need a lot of strength and energy to make it to the end of the day. Love you!
  • Hey! You are just like a sip of hot cup of tea. You gave me a feeling of refreshment, take me away from the boring sleepy times and fill me with the joy of the time ahead of us. Good morning friend!
  • Wake up, open your eyes and sip a cup of loving friendship, eat the piece of your heart out from a plate of trust. To crown it all, a fork full of love and kindness. I hope this is enough from me to you. Good morning friend.
  • The night was spent with the touch of new light, New day start a New Light. In that happiness, I will tell you. Good Morning Friend
  • You are my sweetest friend ever, thinking of you gives me a ray of hope and a desire to wake up every morning. I wish to God that our friendship lasts forever. Good morning!
  • Life will laugh at you when you are unhappy, Life will smile, when you are unhappy, Life will salute you when you will make others happy, So, be happy, Good morning, Have a nice day!
  • I hope your day be filled with countless moments of joy and surprises. Good morning!
  • However dark the night might be, it always ends in the dawn. So, never lose hope and have a great morning!
  • Each new day brings me a wonderful opportunity to make you a little bit happier than you were yesterday. That is what the best friends do. I will always be on your side, buddy. Good morning and have a nice day!
  • You are there in my thought, you are there in my mind, every morning as I think of you, I feel so blessed, Glad you came in my life, Wish you a lovely morning!
  • Don’t release any work by saying you will do this tomorrow. Because you won’t get back this time today. So, do your work today. Good Morning.
  • A perfect day should be started not with coffee or with tea. It should be started with me! A lovely morning to you my dear!

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What’s the best good morning text for friend?

  • The best morning is a morning that you can spend with your best friend. Let’s make some pancakes and drown them in our favourite maple syrup to make this morning even more magical.
  • May you always trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul. May you grow in your understanding of him in Jesus’ name. Amen. Good morning, my dearest friend!
  • Being surrounded by such wonderful friends is what makes waking up this special. Good morning to you all.
  • Regardless of our disagreements and ups and downs. I am thankful to you, knowing I need only one good thought about you to make me happy. Good morning!
  • I hope you’re having the best morning, buddy! I know it’s your favourite time of the day, therefore I’m pretty sure you’re having a time of your life. Can’t wait to see you again. May this day bring you peace and harmony and a lot of laughs!
  • God never gives us across that we cannot bear. While the struggles of life may be difficult, we can accomplish anything through him. Whenever doubt besets you, may you find courage through God’s strength? Good morning, my dearest friend.
  • A new day brings in lots of new things New feel and new aspirations, New choices you make in life and new hope to end the strive So embrace the morning and smile Make your day happy all the while Good morning to you!
  • Good morning! I hope that your day will be fine and you will not get stuck in traffic like yesterday.
  • Wake up early in the morning at the touch of a blistering dew on the lean grass. Good Morning.
  • Begin this day with a cup full of positive thoughts, a spoonful of energy and a jar of love. Have a beautiful day. Good morning.
  • I am sending you this message to tell you that you are all that I think about these days right from the time I wake up. Good morning my dear. Have a lovely day.
  • Each moment we’ve spent has been spectacular, and I promise you, the best is yet to come.
  • My life would not have been this lovely without you. I would not have been fun without your love. I wish you as my lover.
  • I hope you shine as brightly and beautifully as the light of dawn. Good morning, friend.
  • Waking up to the thoughts of a friend like you brings me great happiness. May God always bless you or your good works and bring you all of the abundances that you so richly deserve. Good morning, my dearest friend.
  • A brand-new day is a sign that the past has been buried and it is time to look forward. Good morning my dear.
  • Every morning I wake up to the sound of your text. I start my day with a smile on my face because of your messages, and that makes the rest of the day easy and fun. Being your friend is such a blessing. Good morning and have a nice day, fella!
  • The best way to start a day is by wishing good morning to a friend like you. Good morning friend! May you have a marvelous day…
  • Hey, have a lovely morning! Have a cup of hard coffee and start your engines since it’s still a long way before you reach the weekend.
  • Cheers to a mug of coffee that keeps you energized all day long. A very good morning to you!
  • Can you see the brighter side of life? Well, if you can’t, then it is important that you polish the dark side, so that you can experience the day so warm and bright, have a lovely morning today, As I hope you have an awesome day!
  • It’s a beautiful morning, so say a little prayer, to help you prepare for the day, you will never know what will come today, So, be prepared, Good morning, Have a super day!
  • Life is not short. It is just that often we tend to delay the time when we start living. Good morning, have a brilliant day.
  • That little dew on the leaf, the bright rays of the sun, your day has just started, so keep smiling to have that fun, Wish you a wonderful morning!
  • Friend, someday you will be a morning person! But, not today. Go back to sleep!
  • You people are the family that I chose, and I wish you all the best things in life. Have a lovely morning!
  • Every morning brings new hope and opportunity. So, take each day as a new hope. Have a blessed morning with a cup of tea, buddy!
  • Get away from negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. They say, a positive thought attracts positive things. Good morning!
  • I’m pretty sure your day will be full of laughter and happiness because you start it with a text from your best friend – me. Now get up and make this world a better place, fella! Top of the morning to you!
  • Get up every morning like a Rose for only fill my eyebrows. Thanks for being my happy, good morning.
good morning messages for a friend

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages for a Friend

A good morning message is the perfect way to show your affection and care for a friend. It can make their day, and it is a thoughtful gesture that will be appreciated. There are many ways to send a good morning message, and the following tips will help you choose the right words.

  • You have no idea how good it feels to wake up early in every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours. Good Morning.
  • I hope that this text fills your morning with good energy, because I’m totally sending it to you. Eat some breakfast, brush your teeth and show the world how amazing you really are. Rise and shine, buddy!
  • Always count your good deeds in life, always keep smiling all the way, you never know how would be your day? But, by smiling you would remain happy and gay, A very good morning to you, Have an awesome day!
  • The disappointing part of the morning is waking up and realizing it’s not a holiday. Going to spend the entire day with the same old routine. Good morning!
  • I pray that we will grow to become deeper friends. I am so blessed to have a friend like you as a part of my life and am so grateful that God created you. May he bless you today and for always.
  • The morning automatically becomes better when we remember, how much we have to be grateful for.
  • Ah! What a lovely morning it is, just see outside for a while, it can be a tad better, with your beautiful smile, Good morning to you, Have a nice day!
  • Don’t start your day with thinking about the past, the present is here, And the future is waiting, so think positive, Have a lovely day, Good morning!
  • The more you count yourself as lucky, the luckier you will be. Thank you, God, for this lovely morning with my best friend.
  • I thank God for giving me eyes to see the beauty of the sunrise, a nose to smell the fragrance of the blooming flowers, and a heart to love the most wonderful person in my life. That is, you, my dear. Good Morning.
  • I like to start my day with a text to you. I hope you like me texts as well! May your morning be quiet and peaceful, and all of your worries disappear at the very beginning of a day.
  • May your life be filled with happiness, love, and joy. Forget all the sadness and start this day with new hope. Happy Good Morning!
  • May your life be filled with joy. Forget all sorrow and start a new day with new hope. Have a nice day. Good Morning.
  • Good morning to my best friend! It’s time to wake up and do something important for this world. I know you are capable of anything. Let’s make this planet a better place for everyone. Rise and shine!
  • As you start all of the activities of today, may your work bring you unparalleled joy? May you walk in God’s strength and find courage through him. Good morning, my dear.
  • My dearest friend! I am wishing you a beautiful and outstanding morning with joy. I want you to say this morning always remember that your past can’t alter and your future just doesn’t deserve the punishment.
  • Rise and shine, sleeping beauty! A new day has come, which means that we have a lot to do. The first activity for today is having a lot of fun. The second one is… I’m not quite sure about that yet. But I know it going to be amazing! Good morning!
  • As you read these texts, keep in mind at this moment there is someone who cares about you and thinks of you. Good morning!
  • Have a great morning to such a sweet and cool friend! I feel always the happiest when I am around you. You make me feel the so special person in life. Thank you for your love and support!

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Inspirational Good Morning Messages for a Friend

  • Dear friend, don’t think of what others think about you. Just be the way you are! Good morning my sweet friend!
  • Rejoice today because it is a day that the Lord has made. Embedded within this day are uncountable blessings for the Lord’s chosen people. Get ready for a day that will overflow with blessings as you continue to walk in his way. Good morning, my dearest friend.
  • Good morning, dear. May this day come with all the love your heart can hold and bring you every success you desire. May each of your footsteps bring joy to the earth and yourself. I wish you a magical day and a wonderful life ahead.
  • Every day set a goal that makes you get up early from bed in the morning. Good Morning!
  • Morning is like a fresh start, A start that is full of smiles, A start that is full of hope for the day, A start to find your new way, So, I just wish you good luck, Have a lovely day, Good morning!
  • Get up and take a huge sip of our sweet friendship. Eat your mind and heart out from a full plate of hope. Top everything up with love, peace, and kindness. Happy and healthy morning to you buddy!
  • Mornings can be hard. You wake up and understand that the only thing you want to do is to fall asleep again. But I’m here to cheer you up! You can do anything, because you are the most amazing person I know. Good morning, mate!
  • The night was spent with the touch of new light, New day starts a New Light. In that happiness, I will tell you. Good Morning Friend.
  • Do not worry about tomorrow because your day has been gone. Make your day today, so you can be ready for another wonderful day.
  • Every morning you have two options to choose one. One to continue with your dreams other to get up and work hard to make them real. Good Morning!!
  • My prayer is that all of your wishes and desires will be granted today. May your happiness never know any bounds. Good morning to my dearest friend!
  • Think positive. You can see how wonderful this world! Have a nice day. Good morning.
  • Good morning to you my dear, may your day starts with a good cheer, may you get want you want from heart! For that awesome and perfect start, Have a lovely day ahead!
  • Don’t start your new day with the Thoughts of yesterday, because every new day has a new story, and your part to play, So, feel blessed this morning, Wish you a lovely morning!
  • Each morning you have two options to choose one. One to follow your dreams and the other to wake up and work hard to make them real. Good Morning!
  • My deepest prayer is that all of your desires and wishes become true. May your happiness never end. Good morning, friends.
  • Last night is very beautiful that we pass together. I hope every day we can pass some time together with enjoyment. Thanks for everything that you do in last night and Happy good morning.
  • Wishing you a sparkling morning! Between us, there is not a wall, but rather a bridge. We are the best friends for life and not friends serving life. Good morning, dear!
good morning messages for a friend

Heartwarming Good Morning Messages for a Friend

A good morning message can brighten someone’s day and let them know that you’re thinking of them. Whether you’re just checking in or sharing something hilarious, a good morning message is always welcome.

  • You are my light in a dark night. You are my sunshine every morning. I wish you pass good a day and get all the success that’s you want.
  • Good morning my dear, I would like you to smile all day, may you have a superlative day! May you find your own sweet way! So, have a lovely day, Good morning!
  • Good Morning My friend. I hope you pass a good day with all happiness and love and get all success.
  • If you are reading my good morning, just know that I’m really desperate that you woke up to destroy this beautiful morning!
  • You are the great inspiration for others that you can ever know. Wake up and begin living a motivational life today. Good morning, friend!
  • Good morning, lovely friend! Forget about yesterday. I hope a new day will bring success and new opportunities to you. Good luck!
  • I am lucky enough to have an open-minded, caring, and supportive friend like you. Have a lovely morning! Take care!
  • Every morning we are born again. That is really doesn’t matter what you do in your past. Just start your day with new hope to make your future better. Good Morning.
  • You light up my life in every way, you are my sunshine and the hay, will be blessed in your company, every day and today, wish you have a lovely day, Good morning!
  • Because you have been chosen out of all the people of the world, you shall see the light of his love today. May today be a special day for you and may you live your life to the fullest, my friend. Good morning!
  • Early morning stars are the best way to get work done before the background noise of the rest of the day takes over. Good morning.
  • I never ever had a friend like you in my life. You have all the best qualities a perfect friend should have. Good morning to you my, dearest friend. You are really awesome!
  • This was an awesome morning, I hope you get up from sleep and enjoy this morning.
  • A prayer to bless your way. A smile to start your day. A song to lighten your burden. A message to wish you a good day. Good Morning!
  • Good morning dear mate! my mornings are always beautiful because I always begin my day with your warm wishes and love.
  • Don’t waste your wonderful today by worrying about the problems of yesterday or the troubles of tomorrow. Good morning to you.
  • A new story of life, When the chapter will also be new, So, inhale the freshness, Of the first morning dew, Have a happy morning, Good morning!
  • Every minute of your sadness is a loss of joy of sixty seconds to the rest of this world. Always keep smiling. Good morning to you my dearest one.
  • If you listen in one day morning I am more on the world. Then don’t be sorrowful, just pray for me. Good Morning My Friend.
  • I always love you smiling all the time, your cool smile and affectionate talk drive me crazy and make me think about you all the time. I love you, my friend.

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