110 Funny Valentine Messages that’ll Make Them Laugh!

Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love and affection. It’s a day to show someone you care. And, of course, it’s a day to send funny Valentine’s messages. If you’re looking for some great ideas for funny Valentine’s messages, look no further! Here are some of the funniest and most romantic messages you’ll ever read.

Funny Valentine Messages

  • You don’t stole my heart, you just hacked my brain. I even forgot my name when I am with you. Happy Valentine Day, my sweet baby.
  • Every man would agree that the 14th of February should be celebrated in a fiscally but not sexually conservative way.
  • When people ask me what the best thing about you is, I say nothing. I don’t want them to fall in love with you. Happy valentine’s Day!
  • I don’t usually hang out on valentine’s day, but when I do, I make sure It’s with someone so gorgeous as you!
  • They say love is a stupid feeling, then I guess I am a fool, a fool in love with the most beautiful woman in my eyes! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • The best way to spend this valentine’s day for me is to spend it with the love of my life – food. Wishing happy valentine’s day to you!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. Here is the list of things you should buy me because you are the best boyfriend in the entire world.
  • I hope you have prepared the best valentine’s day gift for your best friend!
  • If you happen to fall, I’ll be there to laugh at you first and then help you up afterwards, but then again, I can’t help but keep falling in love with you. Hearty valentine!
  • I am that secret of your life which you can never hide. But you play with my heart I know well. Happy Valentine.
  • Happy valentine’s day my love. Can you help me find the cheapest dinner plan for the two of us tonight? I’ll be forever grateful to you for that!
  • Roses are red and so are you, when you blush next to me I feel so good. Happy Valentines Day my sweetheart, you are the best part of any day!
  • It feels so sad to know that you don’t have any special person to spend Valentine’s day with. You better spend the day with me, and better luck next year!
  • I know you’ll give that chocolate stained smile today, but I won’t have any chocolates for you love, I will only have a heart that’ll be true to you always. I love you my valentine.
  • You are an essential nutrient of my body. Without you I would suffer in osteoporosis. Happy Valentine day, my love of life.
  • My whole world surrounds you. Even I forget the zoo, when I am with you. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.
  • There’s one thing I know, money can’t buy love, but it can buy lots of love. I’ll make lots of money and get lots of love from you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.
  • I always try to put my best foot forward to resolve all the issues prevailing between us. But all go in vain. Because you are so silly and dumb. Happy valentine day, anyways.
  • Valentine’s Day meant nothing to me before you, it’s still means nothing. But I love you anyway.
  • Before I met you, I was living my life like nothing else matters to me than friends, but now I’m living like nothing else matters than you. I’ve neglected my friends. Happy Valentine’s Day cutie.
  • You don’t need a valentine to spend time with on valentine’s day, just like you don’t need HIV on AIDS day.
  • I love you like a lazy guy loves his bed in the morning. I want you like a monkey wants a banana and I crave for you as a fat boy craves for chocolates.
  • You cannot define love in one word and you cannot celebrate love in one day. That’s why I don’t have any plans with you on this Valentine’s Day!
  • You are my wife, my commander in chief and sometimes my mother. You scare me but in the best way I could be scared. Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful wife!
  • My friends are the weirdest, craziest people I know but I love them. Happy Valentines’ Day everyone!
  • I wish I could wrap all my love for you in a box and send you as a gift on this valentine’s day. But I couldn’t send it because there is not such a big box to carry all my love for you.
  • I can never measure up to the postman, who will bring you love letters from your crushes, but I don’t have to because I am the postman, and I will bring you the love letters this valentine.
  • They say love is blind, but to me it is not, your love actually opened my eye to all of your faults and yet I still love you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.
  • If my wealth grew as much as my love for you today, I’d be on the Forbes list of richest men in the world. Happy valentine’s day!
  • I am not saying that I care about money more than I do about you. But it’s my father’s advice to spend my money on good purposes only! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Funny Valentine Messages

Funny Valentine Messages for Friends

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but what do you do if your friends don’t celebrate it? You could try to convince them, but chances are they’re not going to change their minds. Or, you could try a different approach. You could send them some funny Valentine’s Day messages! Here are some of the best ones to get your friends laughing:

  • I am celebrating Independence Day as I am still single. Happy Valentine day, my dear friends.
  • Before our relationship, you told me you aren’t got time for valentine’s day. Well, I’ve just realized that you lied about that. Happy valentine’s day anyway!
  • They say life is a race, run at your own pace, but I couldn’t even walk without you in this race. You’ve become my legs and my everything. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.
  • I don’t always celebrate valentine’s day, but I make sure I have a fake smile on my face when I do.
  • Don’t be so cool when you are with me, you look so fool. Happy Valentine Day.
  • Girlfriends are temporary, friends are permanent. Accept this truth, my friend. Let’s spend this Valentine’s Day high on drugs and drunk as a lord!
  • Whoever said Valentine’s day is only for lovers? I love you my best friend! Happy Valentine’s day.
  • You are the sun that lights up my days, but also gives me sunburns. Love you to the sun’s heat and back, Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Your little arms make me feel like the strongest man in the world, that is why I will always protect you my valentine. I love you darling!
  • One funny thing about Valentine’s Day is that after the enjoyment comes the possibility of a crying baby in the cradle. Enjoy wisely.
  • Someday the best part of our day will be changing diapers together, but that won’t matter for I know our children will have your beautiful eyes. Happy Valentine’s my love!
  • Sending you a big Valentine hug! My sweet teddy bear, you always give me the warmth and comfort I need at night. My sweet pillow, Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • May God fills your heart with love and your wallet with money so you can buy some chocolates for your honey! Happy valentine’s day!
  • As an engineer, I would love to build you a staircase to my heart, it’s long and tedious, I hope you won’t give up on the long climb this valentine. I love you.
  • Darling, I think we will have a great time together today. Just don’t forget to spend some time on dental cleaning. Happy valentine’s day!

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Funny Valentine Messages for Husband

  • Be my valentine and I promise you a chocolate fountain, an imaginary one anyway, I hope you enjoy this time and I apologize for my being broke. Have an awesome time.
  • Valentine’s day is the perfect day to tell you those three special words… Let’s get naked!
  • I have found my way back to your heart like a stray dog finds his way back home. Thank you for letting me in every time. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Here’s Valentine’s Day filled with good wine, good food and especially good friends like you.
  • You are my candy crush that I love to play daily. Happy Valentine Day.
  • I wish I could strip your clothes off tonight like the way you strip a bar of wrapped chocolate. I really wish I was with you tonight. Happy valentine’s day sweetheart!
  • It is hard to be wise and a lover at the same time while loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely girlfriend, I really want you to marry me, but they said marriage makes people fall out of love. Let’s not marry then, but I’m still yours. Enjoy this day.
  • It’s always a wonder how the least intelligent guy in the friend circle gets the most beautiful girl in the class. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Words are not enough to explain my love for you. May be my stupid face. Wishing you a wonderful Valentine Day.
  • Today, let us celebrate the early demise of all men in promoting love just like Saint Valentine did before his own sad demise!
  • I love the way people ask me about my plans on valentine’s as if they don’t know I’m single.
  • I guess you didn’t steal my heart; you completely grabbed me from me! Happy Valentine’s day.
  • If you can’t buy happiness with money, try buying a valentine’s gift for me. It will work like magic. I can guarantee you that!
  • You are the sweet topping of my ice-cream. I wish this ice-cream never melts. Have a wonderful Valentine.
  • My healthcare plan does not cover the broken heart. So please don’t leave me ever. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Love is blind so true. How mad I am how can I fall in love with you. Never mind! Happy Valentine.
  • Chocolates aren’t enough to fill your huge appetite, so I’ll buy you dinner instead; I hope you say yes to going out with me on valentine.
  • Love is termite and I am hollow inside in glow of your love. Wishing you a Happy Valentine Day.
  • You don’t need flowers to smell sweet and don’t need ornaments to look beautiful. And then I thought you don’t need a valentine’s day either to be loved!
Funny Valentine Messages for Husband

Funny Valentine Messages for Wife

Valentine’s Day is a day that is celebrated all around the world. This day is celebrated to show love and affection to your significant other. Whether you are a married person or not, there is no reason why you cannot celebrate this day with your loved one. Here are some Funny Valentine Messages For Wife that will make her laugh and feel loved.

  • Although I am afraid of height, I would climb the tallest mountain just to shout out my love for you, but then cry afterwards. Love you my valentine!
  • Whatever you do, don’t commit yourself. You’ll be dead long before your death. Happy valentine’s day!
  • I hate valentine’s day because it makes me feel lonely and disconnected from the world. But I do like the memes. So yeah, keep sending me those!
  • Never forget how we looked like now, some day we will be old and wrinkly, but the best part about it is we will be old and wrinkly together. Happy Valentine’s my love!
  • You are my favorite dish that I love to eat daily. Wishing you the most romantic day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are just as much weird as me. That makes us a perfect couple. Happy valentine’s day to my crazy one!
  • Our love is like a car with no brakes, it’s simply unstoppable. I will love you till the gas gives out. Have a fantastic valentine my love, you are loved!
  • Dear friend, wishing you a happy valentine’s day. I hope you will enjoy yourself with your girlfriend since she won’t leave you to accompany your friends for a night out party.
  • Valentine is a day for a child with an arrow to go around shooting people, this is my apology for not taking you out, I don’t want to be a victim too. Have a hearty valentine regardless.
  • I would say you are my favorite thing about Valentine’s Day but then I remember chocolates exist. So, you are my second favorite thing about Valentine’s Day.
  • Love doesn’t grow on trees like apples in Eden – it’s something you have to make. And it would be best if you used your imagination too.
  • On this valentine’s day, if you don’t have anyone, don’t be sad. Just know that you’re not the only one.
  • All I need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt, especially today, on Valentine’s Day! Just giving you a hint of what I’d like. Love you!

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What are some Funny Valentine Day messages?

  • Happy Valentine’s day my love and my everything, I want you to know that life is short, so let’s love each other forever, even if it’s difficult. Enjoy this day with me.
  • If you break my heart, I will break your all bones. So never dare to cheat me. I love you a lot. I wish you the best valentine day.
  • My dear and my friend, you are the woman I think of everyday and the reason, I really don’t know, but I guess it’s love. I love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are my true love, my love of life, to whom I am living and you are always in the radiance of my sight. Is that you? Not of course! My BMW! Now I am going to spend my valentine day with her.
  • Thanks to me being so beautiful, we make the most gorgeous couple. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are the biggest, most humongous person I know and that I only speak of your heart. Happy valentine’s dear, you’ll always be mine.
  • I see your face in every cow. Please lose some pounds for me. Happy Valentine Day.
  • Celebrating Valentine’s Day looks great in movies. But in real life, it’s just horrible and costly. Try buying a bouquet of flowers and you’ll know!
  • From the moment I saw you I knew I would be doing this, Happy Valentine’s Day my frog, I finally turned you into a prince. I love you!
  • Before I met you, I’m full of weight, but now I have shed lots of weight. You’re the best weight management therapy. Now let’s go inside to lose more weight. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Love is just like a fart. If you push it, it will be crap. Happy valentine’s day, my friend!
  • I love you so much, I could steal the moon for you, but for now, here I stole chocolates. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Next valentine, you may be changing the diaper of our kids, so better enjoy the valentine this year!
Funny Valentine Messages

What are the best love messages for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the day to express your love to your significant other. There are a lot of different ways to say “I love you” on this special day. However, some of the best love messages for Valentine’s Day are:

1. “I’ll always love you.

” This is a classic love message that always works. Saying “I’ll always love you” shows that you will always be there for your partner, no matter what. It shows that you are commitment-oriented and you will never let your partner down.

2. “You are my world.

” This is a very romantic love message. Saying “you are my world” means that your partner is the most important person in your life. It also shows that you are willing to do anything for your partner. Saying “you are my world” will make your partner feel very loved and special.

3. “I love you all the time.

” This is another classic love message. Saying “I love you all the time” means that you love your partner every moment of every day. It shows that you will always be there for your partner and that you will never stop loving them.

4. “You are my everything.

” This is a very romantic love message. Saying “you are my everything” means that your partner is the most important person in your life. It also shows that you are willing to do anything for your partner. Saying “you are my everything” will make your partner feel very loved and special.

5. “I’ll always love you.

” This is a classic love message that always works. Saying “I’ll always love you” shows that you will always be there for your partner, no matter what. It shows that you are commitment-oriented and you will never let your partner down.

Here are some more ideas that will help you to get started:

  • I like the way you chew my mind like a bar of chocolate. It’s just a matter of days before I become brain dead because of your love!
  • I love you as I love to drink soft drinks. Happy Valentine day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day my love, I have resisted all things in my life, but it seems you’re irresistible, because you’re my only temptation in every way. Let’s enjoy the day.
  • Valentine’s day is one day to stay committed to one person and the other days are for other persons.
  • If you feel lonely today, just remind yourself that yesterday you felt the same as today, and tomorrow will not be different either. Happy valentine’s day!
  • You complete me, and that is not what most can do, I hope you enjoy the time as I will be watching you from a far for you don’t know me but I know you well. Happy valentine my crush.
  • Buy me chocolates and flowers today, or tonight you dine alone. The choice is yours, darling. Happy valentine’s day to you with love!
  • I don’t mind being a security guard while you’re dating as long as you’re paying for me being drunk & grabbing some hookers from the club.
  • I’ve been thinking so hard to tell you how much I’ve loved you, I wish I was there when they gave birth to you; I’ll just marry you straight away. Happy Valentine’s Day love.
  • I just found out that I have fallen in love more deeply than I had originally planned. You can take this as a valentine’s day confession from me!
  • I don’t need a lot of candies this valentine’s day because I’m on a diet. You can buy me diamonds instead!
  • Want to know my plan for today? Getting you arrested for stealing my heart. Happy valentine’s day, my love!
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