140 Flirty Text Messages for Him That’ll Make Him Melt!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about texting someone special – someone you really care about. But what do you say? How do you start the conversation? Well, if you’re looking for some flirty text messages to start things off right, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite texts that are sure to get your guy excited. So let’s get started!

Flirty Text Messages for Him

  • You are the only person in my life that made me go like ‘wow, this man is really so hot!’. I think now you know how I feel about you!
  • At home, I get the best sleep but my home isn’t a place; it’s a person, and that person is you. Good night, I love you.
  • I’ve always wanted to try rock climbing! Now that I know an expert, wanna be my instructor?
  • Is the weather getting sunnier and better, or is it just me thinking about you every day I wake up?
  • Do you know that you’re one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met?
  • I never knew I could want someone or something so much in my life until I met you. At this point, you aren’t just someone I want; I need you.
  • Seeing your name pop up on my phone screen makes me grin like an idiot.
  • I know it’s cheesy, but you’re the first person I think of when I wake up in the morning.
  • can’t believe I actually found a guy who’s smart and funny and insanely hot.
  • Do you find it sexy when girls make the first move or should I wait for you to do it yourself?
  • If you want to make a move, today would be the perfect time to go for it.
  • You are so charming that when I’m with you I feel I’m truly alive. Would you mind blessing me with your company tonight?
  • I can’t think of anyone I’d like to spend this weekend with more than you.
  • Can’t think of a better way to end the day than spending it with someone as hot as you.
  • In case I see a nightmare in my sleep and get scared, will you be here to hold me tight?
  • Don’t lie, I’m sure you smiled when you saw my name on your phone just now.
  • I know I’m not supposed to text you right now, but my mind just won’t stop thinking about you.
  • I really don’t see anyone worthier than you to spend my weekend with. Because no one can make me happier more than you do!
  • I can’t even remember the last time we spoke. We need to change that.
  • Life is too short darling and I’m already dying for you to make it happen!
  • Just thinking about all the things, we could be doing if you were at my place right now.
  • Good afternoon, my love. Your eyes are an ocean, and I want to swim in it.
  • I love going to sleep at night now. As I know, I’m going to see you in my dreams.
  • See, I don’t like this, you’re too far away. If I could, I would be in your arms right now.
  • It’s impossible to get any work done today because I can’t stop thinking about you.
  • Good night. Make sure to sleep early, so I can visit you in the dreams.
  • Hey. I was just wondering how long it’s going to be before you realize I like you and admit that you like me back.
flirty text messages for him

Heart Touching Flirty Text Messages for Him

Flirty text messages are the perfect way to show your loved one that you care about them and that you’re looking forward to their next interaction. Here are some heart-touching flirty text messages that you could use to show your loved one just how much you care:

  • On a cold morning like this one, I would really love the company of a hot guy like you. Good morning handsome!
  • When I walk into a room full of people, I always look for you first.
  • I wish I could turn back time. I’d find you sooner and love you longer.
  • What would you say if I asked you to come over right now?
  • It’s a weird feeling that I have about you. I merely know you for a couple of days but it seems so hard for me to not think of you for a single moment!
  • The fact that I chose to spend more time texting with you oversleeping must mean you’re pretty special!
  • We have been together for so long, but you still can make my heart skip a beat just by looking at me, and I hate you for it.
  • You’re going to think I’m lying, but you’re pretty much my dream guy.
  • You’ve already caught me, but every single day you reel me in more and more.
  • I’m just lying in bed, thinking about what I’d do to you if you were here.
  • I am really missing your handsome face right now. Would you mind sending me a pic of it now?
  • The only time I stupidly smile at my phone is when I get text messages from you.
  • I really appreciate that you continue to challenge me. You’re making me a better person.
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  • It’s afternoon already? Time really flies when you are talking to a handsome guy.
  • Just woke up and already felt giddy over the fact that I’m going to spend my day texting someone handsome like you.
  • What about I reward you with a nostalgic date with me tomorrow? Don’t start thinking about it already! Goodnight, sleep tight!
  • I can’t figure out why, but my thoughts are especially X-rated today. I think it’s your fault.
  • Now that I’ve officially texted you, I’m going to be obsessively staring at my phone, waiting for it to beep, so don’t keep me waiting.
  • Everything about you makes me want to smile like a fool! Let’s meet again on my dream tonight, okay?
  • Tell me things that make you the most excited…I’ll try to make all of them happen for you tonight.
  • Wishing a good afternoon to the sweetest guy I’ve ever known. Make a bang at work and back home, and I will get you a reward, can you guess?
  • My friends are so tired of me praising your look and physique all the time. So, I decided to text you. Please don’t get bored!
  • I wish it were your chest beneath my head now instead of my pillow.
  • My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, I just can’t stop! See what you’re doing to me?!
  • I normally don’t like scary movies, but with you in there, I know I’ll be safe.
  • Good morning handsome. Wake up, here comes another new day and I’m ready to fill it with hugs and kisses.
  • You know what would be even better than a text back? An invitation to dinner.
  • My friends don’t want to believe you’re just a friend. Neither do I. Can we move forwards with this?

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Unique Flirty Text Messages for Him

  • Today is just the perfect weather to snuggle up and watch a movie. Why don’t you come over?
  • Good morning Mr. Fantastic! Would you mind making my day by sending me a pic of your sweet smiley face?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or do I need to walk by again?
  • I don’t have anything interesting to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you.
  • You look so good right now. I can’t actually see you, but I assume you look good because you always do.
  • I just wanted to let you know that I called the cops to arrest you, so they should be at your house this afternoon. Your crime is certainly that you STOLE my heart.
  • I didn’t have anything new to say but I just really wanted to talk to you.
  • I was just looking through your Instagram and not going to lie, you’re looking’ fine
  • You make me a better person, and I’d like to keep improving.
  • It didn’t take long for me to discover how special and amazing you are.
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  • I know it’s cheesy, but if staring at your smile was a job, I’d want to get hired even for free.
  • I definitely have become a better person because of you. So, thanks.
  • Tonight, let’s take it slow so we can really enjoy every inch of each other.
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  • You can turn me on even in my dreams. I wonder what you’d do in reality. Good morning babe!
  • I find it incredibly sexy that you’ve been patient with me about taking things slowly. Trust me, I’m worth the wait!
  • You already know how I feel about you. So, what are you going to do about it?
  • Come home soon. I can’t last another minute without your body on mine.
  • How have you gone so long without messaging me? I’m such a delight.
  • I’m giving you three chances to guess what I’m thinking about right now.
  • I’m falling so deep down in love for you. Will you make a move to save me? Or is it just me making up some weird fantasies!
  • I winna meet your mom and thank her for giving birth to a handsome boy like you.
  • I hope you find my texts fun. I’m having a blast saying naughty things to you through text messages rather than in person.
  • All I can think about is how I can’t wait to see my clothes lying on the floor next to yours.
  • You can only imagine what I would do to your body if you were here right now.
  • I might run out of text messages to send you, and I might run out of jokes too. My phone might run out of battery, but my heart will never run out of space for you.
  • My parents are out. Winna come over? I mean, they’ve lived in Florida for years, but still…
  • You hype me up. It’s the end of the day, and I’m still as energized to talk to you as I was in the morning.
  • Good morning, sunshine! Thank you for visiting me in my dreams; you made me so happy! Have a good day ahead of you.
flirty text messages for him

What to text a guy to make him blush?

Texting a guy will make him blush and it’s sure to turn him on. Here are some sweet things to text a guy to make him blush:

– “I can’t help but blush when I see you.”

– “Your blush is so cute.”

Here are some good flirty text messages you can send them to the guy you want to make him blush.

  • Who needs to sleep at night when you can spend it stargazing with a handsome guy? I know I don’t.
  • I’m really blown away by all your hot pics on Instagram. Don’t you think I deserve some originals too?
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  • The only thing I look forward to at the end of the day now is spending the rest of the day with only you.
  • Did you smile when you saw my name pop up on your phone just now?
  • Wishing my handsome guy, a good day ahead. May your morning coffee taste as sweet as my lips.
  • Any lunch plans today? Thought I could swing by and we could eat together!
  • I’m probably going to need glasses from next week. Why? Because I keep staring at the screen waiting for your text.
  • You can’t text me first, but you can update your Facebook status every five minutes? I see how it is.
  • Good afternoon. May I know your name so I can tattoo it on my heart?
  • I keep thinking about how good you look the last time we were together.
  • It’s hard to sleep at night when all of me craves for all of you so desperately. I wish you were here with me tonight!
  • I love it when my roommate’s gone because I never have to wear clothes.
  • I spent hours sleeping and not texting you. I think I missed you even in my sleep.
  • Congrats. You’ve levelled up. I won’t be holding back the next time I see you. Prepare yourself!
  • I just saw the new picture you uploaded. Looking hotter than ever, I see.
  • Can we just call in sick tomorrow and spend the whole day together?

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What can I text a guy to make him smile?

  • I was going to wait another day or two to text you, but I can’t wait that long to talk to you.
  • What’s your favourite colour? That’s the lingerie I’m wearing tonight.
  • If being handsome was a crime, you would be the first person to be arrested.
  • I just finished a book I know you would love. You should come over to pick it up.
  • Its not just a good morning text. It’s a reminder for you that I’m thinking of you on yet another morning!
  • I had a stressful day, but talking to you always makes me feel x better.
  • Every morning, I wake up wishing I was waking up next to someone as hot as you somehow.
  • Just imagining you kissing me is making me feel so excited and turned on right now.
  • Can’t wait to be by your side again. Or would you prefer me to be on top?
  • Funny that you work better than an alarm. I just thought of texting you and immediately moved out of bed.
  • If I ate a potato chip for every moment that I thought of you, I would be super fat by now.
  • You should know you have my whole heart, always and forever.
  • I’m thinking about deleting Tinder, because I’ve already found the guy I want to be with.
  • It just took me a couple of days to discover the gems in you. I must be lucky to find you at just the right moment in my life.
  • I was just looking at your Instagram. I can’t lie, you’re super hot.
  • I can’t believe I actually found a guy who’s smart and funny and insanely hot.
  • Good night, my love. I believe a kiss from you will make this night a great night.
  • We should really stop texting and start seeing each other in person.
flirty text messages for him

How do I flirt with him over text?

Flirting over text can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few simple things you can do to make him feel special and get him interested in you. By sending these texts, you’ll be well on your way to making him your number one flirt!

  • I don’t need to drink coffee in the afternoon because talking to you takes all my tiredness away.
  • I can’t help but smile whenever my phone beeps and your name appear on it.
  • Everyone says the moon’s pretty, but I think it pales in comparison to your beauty.
  • Just wanted you to know that I can’t stop smiling, and it’s all your fault!
  • Our last date was really fun. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun.
  • Good morning, my love. I cannot stop blushing thinking about last night.
  • I’m sorry you’re having a bad day. Just think of all the fun we’ll have tonight!
  • Our love may not have always been a fairy-tale, but it is still my favourite love story.
  • Let’s go on an adventure together. Want to try a new hike this weekend?
  • Hello there! Just thought that p.m. was the best time to tell you how cute you are!
  • I have three little words I’ve been wanting to tell you: Bring. Pizza. Now.
  • Good morning, hope you had a night filled with peaceful sleep. I couldn’t get any and I totally blame you for that.
  • Last night with you was amazing, except it was a dream. You want me to tell you what happened there?
  • I was just wondering if you have any plans for this weekend. Thought we could merge our plans together this weekend! What do you say?
  • I can do this texting all night long but I don’t want to ruin your nights unless we are sharing the same bed. Goodnight Handsome!
  • I would invite you to come over this weekend, but I’m not sure I can keep my hands to myself.

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