140 Flirty Messages for Boyfriend That’ll Drive Him Wild!

It can be hard to come up with the perfect message for when you want to flirt with your boyfriend, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The key is to be creative and to make sure that your message is also cute and flattering. Here are some flirty messages for boyfriend that you can use to show your affection.

Flirty Messages for Boyfriend

  • You always make me feel so special and loved; it’s like you know exactly what I need before I even ask for it.
  • If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine apple.
  • Can’t wait to see you today. I am counting the minutes until I can see your beautiful face.
  • Hey, my love, I want to know the definition of love from your mouth can you please tell me the same.
  • I love sending you flirty texts because it makes me feel more connected to my dream guy.
  • Men love to be reminded of how special and adored they are.
  • Morning, babe. Wishing I could kiss your handsome face as I wake up.
  • May I know your size, I want to buy a shoe for you.
  • I want to hold your hand, not for a day or night, but the whole life. Are you free to spend your life with me?
  • I know its too late, but I’m missing your hug and touch badly.
  • I can’t sleep, need help. Can you please help me to sleep.
  • I was dreaming of kissing you the whole night. Please come soon, and don’t ever leave.
  • Good morning to the cutest man in the world!
  • I woke up to this incredibly handsome man lying next to me; I almost thought I was dreaming at first. Love you, hot stuff!
  • You are the most special boy in this world and this is my deepest feelings.
  • You’re so sweet, it should be illegal…but I may be willing to perform some criminal actions for you.
  • I want you to be the first person I see when I wake up in the morning. I miss your handsomeness. Good morning, sweetheart.
  • My Doc says, sleep with a kiss to have a happy morning. I am wondering who will kiss me in the midnight.
  • I still have the smile that you gave me when we first met.
  • Can we go for the coffee today, I am feeling sleepy and need some relaxing time.
  • Morning, babe! Did you sleep well, or were you preoccupied dreaming of me?
  • I had a dream about you last night. Do you want to come over, so I can show you what I was dreaming of?
Flirty Messages for Boyfriend

Flirty Messages Boyfriend Love

There’s something special about sending flirty messages to your boyfriend. Whether you’re trying to make him feel special or just have some fun, these messages can really turn him on.

One of the best ways to make your boyfriend feel loved is to send him flirty messages that make him feel desired. This means sending messages that make him feel like the only one you want and that make him feel like you’re just dying to be with him.

Here are some of the best flirty messages to use when you’re trying to make your boyfriend feel loved:

  • Nothing is more important for me than you. I can leave almost everything just for you
  • It can be hard to tell a guy you like them, but I don’t mind making the effort because you’re worth it.
  • I hope the morning sun is bright and warm where you are today! Sending you my love and I hope you have a great day.
  • I can still smell your scent on my skin from last night. Good morning and hurry to come to me to hold me tight as I want it.
  • What! Did you say you love me and want to marry me?
  • You don’t want him to forget you while he is at work, do you?
  • When sending flirty text messages to the guy you like, you may want to include your sense of humor. Guys love girls who can make them laugh, and what’s more flirty than a girl with a great sense of humor?
  • Your cute flirty text messages make it hard for me to stop smiling and blushing!
  • Do you love chocolate? Because tonight I’m going to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • I don’t love you, but I love you more than anything else. I want to devote all my life to you.
  • I wish that every morning of mine would start with a lovely smile on your face and end with caring hugs from you. Good morning, handsome!
  • You look so handsome today! But then again, you always do to me…
  • I find you perfect in the black dress with everything around you black. Shall I come to turn my imagination into reality?
  • This sunny morning would be even sunnier if I had you in my arms. Have a lovely day, handsome man.
  • It’s amazing how we can be complete strangers, but you still manage to know my favorite things and make me feel special.
  • Which fruit you would like to have after dinner, strawberries, mango or apple. Updating my general knowledge about you.
  • A romantic text will get a smile on his face in a boring meeting.
  • This is about flirting, so level your texts up with a cute emoji or Gif at the end of your message…
  • Honestly, my day won’t be complete without sending my morning wishes to the man of my dreams.

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Flirty Text Messages for Boyfriend

  • All the love songs in the world couldn’t capture how I feel about you.
  • Can you join me to watch an adult movie, I have heard it’s doing really well in cinemas.
  • Morning, handsome. I wish I woke up pressed up against you… but I guess there’s always tonight.
  • You might not be aware of this, but I find myself smiling every time I get a text from you!
  • If you ever have time in your busy schedule, remember that I can keep you busy too!
  • You really do make life worth living, and I can’t wait for many more adventures with you.
  • Were you a coffee bean in your past life? It must have been because I can’t start my day without you! Good morning, my handsome.
  • I am sending you some virtual kisses for a good morning. And, you will get the real ones when you come over.
  • Being with you is like walking in a field of flowers. I feel so lucky to have your love!
  • Good morning to the world’s greatest lover. We can test if this statement is true later tonight!
  • I wish I was there to kiss you all over and give you the best morning ever!
  • I hate your pillow. You know why? You sleep with it, hugging it tight every night.
  • I want to see how our future would be together. For that, can we go for some trials?
  • Happy anniversary dear mom and dad, may I have your day please. I want to spend time with you guys.
  • I woke up to the thought of my love for you. Good morning, babe.
  • If you want cute text messages from a cute girl, here she is!
  • You are my favorite distraction when I need to take my mind off things!
  • We are apart geographically, but our hearts are close to each other. I miss you a lot. Good morning, my prince charming.
  • Every time I open my eyes in the night, I don’t know why do I see your face.
  • When I look at my phone and see a message from you, my heart does a little flip.
  • Remember our first kiss? I think we need to rehearse it a few more times.
  • It’s such a delight to be able to talk to you, and I really look forward to hearing from you every day.
Flirty Text Messages for Boyfriend

Flirty Messages for Him

Has the guy you’ve been crushing on been sending you mixed messages? Do they seem interested in you one minute, and then completely ignore you the next? If so, it might be time to start sending him flirty messages.

Flirty messages are the perfect way to get the guy to pay attention to you. They’re intimate, playful and most importantly, make him feel good. Here are some flirty messages that you can use to get the guy you like interested in you again:

  • If you want to know what I’m made out of, it’s girlfriend material.
  • The only thing I need to be happy is your friendship, and I’m so grateful for that. Seeing your support and kind messages on my phone screen makes my day brighter.
  • The moment I saw you for the first time, my heart knew that you are the one.
  • I wish I were there to hit the snooze button with you.
  • I think you are missing me, so I am coming to your home. Keep the doors open
  • I feel like one lucky girl to have a guy like you in my life.
  • Hey Hottie, I want something warming in this chilly winter.
  • Hi, how are you doing, I am close to your home, can we go for coffee?
  • You are going to love the outfit I am wearing tonight.
  • Suddenly, all the love songs I hear remind me of you.
  • You’re so cute when you laugh! And your smile is insanely hot.
  • A new café has open close to our college. Can we go for the coffee, it is giving buy one get one free offer.
  • Mornings without you lying by my side are what I hate the most. I can’t wait for you to come home, so I can melt in your arms again.
  • I am studying hard so that we can live under one roof and sleep on one bed.
  • I have a plan to make your nights lovely, would like to know what is it?
  • . Is it embarrassing that I have a poster of you in my room? JK. Or am I?!
  • I spent the whole night dreaming of you, and I will spend the whole day thinking of you. Morning, babe!
  • I miss waking up to my handsome man in the morning. I hope you have an incredible day; I don’t know where I would be without you.

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Why is boyfriend ignoring messages?

  • I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes!
  • May I know what size should I consider if I buy a bodycon dress for you.
  • All of our text messages make me grateful that such a cute guy wants to be friends with me.
  • This is just a friendly reminder that you’re amazing and I love spending time with you.
  • Even if you’re miles away from me, I want to let you know that you are always in my heart. I miss you so much. Have a nice day, handsome.
  • I want to count the moles on your body as the latest research says a boy with multiple moles is sexy on the bed.
  • I feel like a crazy person because I’m smiling for no reason, sitting here and thinking about you. My cheeks hurt now.
  • Just thinking of you makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • I am alone at home and very scared. Can you please come here to make me feel comfortable.
  • You know what, I love bad boys and their flirty talks.
  • You are so hot that I think your dress does not need to be ironed every day.
  • Sweet dreams and thank you for making my day so special.
  • I don’t know what it is about you, but every time I see your name on my phone screen, butterflies appear in my stomach.
  • My heart whispers only your name, day and night, I think now it is more devoted to you than me.
  • I am the luckiest girl in this world to have a man like you in my life. Love you, dear.
  • Did you know that you’re my favorite thing to do? Just spending time with you is all I need.
  • Love you, my sweetheart! This night is so chilling that I wanna hug you tight to get some warmth.
  • You’re such a good kisser; maybe we should try it again tonight!
  • You always make me feel so special; no one has ever made me feel this way before.
Flirty Messages for Boyfriend

How can I be flirtier with my boyfriend?

If you’re trying to be flirtier with your boyfriend, there are a few things you can do.

  • First, try to be more expressive with your body language.
  • Second, be more playful and fun.
  • Third, try to come up with fun and interesting conversations with him.
  • Fourth, be willing to be playful and make light of yourself.
  • Fifth, be willing to go on dates with him and make romantic gestures.
  • Sixth, be willing to be vulnerable with him and share your feelings.
  • Seventh, be willing to be yourself and not try to be someone you’re not.
  • Eighth, be sure to take care of yourself and have healthy relationships both with your boyfriend and with other people in your life.
  • Finally, be sure to communicate with your boyfriend regularly and be open and honest with him.

Here are a few message samples that will help you to get started:

  • I don’t know how you do it, but each and every text message from you makes my day a little bit better.
  • Hi, handsome! Hope you’ll have a nice day, babe.
  • I’m so grateful that I get to wake up and know that I have you in my life.
  • The morning sun is so gorgeous here, but it would be an even more beautiful morning if I had woken up beside you. Miss you, honey.
  • Has anyone ever told you those mornings are made for spooning naked? Well, now you know! Just keeping you in the loop.
  • But don’t ask simple questions like How is your day going?
  • I’m counting the minutes until I kiss your lips again.
  • Just woke up from a dream of you kissing me… if only it was real! Missing you and our cuddles, love you.
  • I want you to manage my hairs, love me like crazy and I want you to do the same from today itself.
  • I am not flirting with you, just want to know are you missing me or it’s my perception.
  • It’s incredible how much happiness your texts bring into my life each day…it really means the world to me that we can be friend
  • I can’t stop thinking about the way your lips feel against mine.
  • Am I in the wrong chat or are you not trying to get me in bed?
  • My pillow is getting jealous because it knows I’d rather be sleeping on you!
  • On a cold morning like this one, I would love the company of a hot guy like you.
  • Can you suggest me ways that could help me in forgetting you for some time? I love you, and I’m missing you a lot!
  • I’m so lucky you in my life. I don’t usually text a guy this early in the morning, but I couldn’t wait any longer.
  • I was trying to think of the best flirty text messages to send your way, but I keep drawing a blank. So here’s a kiss instead!
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