150 Amazingly Attractive Engagement Messages

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. When two people are in love, it is the most magical thing in the world. It is something that can’t be measured, it is something that is pure and perfect.

When two people are in love, they are able to do anything together. They are able to be happy and feel content in each other’s company. They are able to be there for each other when no one else is. Love is in the air! Whether you’re celebrating your engagement or just looking to say happy thoughts, we’ve got some lovey-dovey engagement messages to brighten your day.

Engagement Messages

  • Engagement is the time when you have a clear view of how wonderful your coming life will be. May you get the best vision of a great and wonderful future waiting for you. Have an awesome life ahead with love and blessings. Happy Engagement day.
  • Getting engaged to someone you love Is surely something really nice It gives a kind of high It gives a sense of being I am so happy to see that you are Getting engaged to someone you love Many congrats on this new beginning!
  • Engaged is a synonym for busy. Now you can officially ward off your friends and family from disturbing you because you are ‘engaged.’ Best of luck!
  • I can’t think of anyone else who loves and looks at each other the way you two do. Happy engagement day, I am so proud of you!
  • You both are getting engaged!! I thought you were just friends!! So, mean of you both to hide that. Anyways, have a happy engagement.
  • As you get engaged today, make a promise of demolishing any reason that brings tears in the eyes of your wife. Congratulations to you both!
  • May your life be blessed with countless gifts of love and fondness for each other. I wish for both of you a life full of happiness and success!
  • So many love and blessings You get on your engagement day and after the day is over the battle takes over and may You be in love and you know it’s right and many things that cause the fight This feeling is really strange but anyways now you can’t back out You are also one in the crowd Many congrats to you both! God bless you!
  • Your wonderful journey is about to begin with love respect and happiness alike You know that things will be bright, in life there will be a new light So start your new journey with a smile Many congrats on getting engaged This is the best time of your life!
  • Getting engaged is like putting a down payment on a mortgage which you will be a lifetime liability. Be more careful!
  • What a perfect time to look into each other’s eyes and decide to grow old together for the rest of life. You both are among the blessed souls. Congratulations!
  • Wishing you all the joy that your heart can hold and may this be the new beginning of a long life together. Tons of good wishes on your engagement!
  • Every phase of life comes with its own beauty and this phase, I am sure, is going to be one of the best phases of your life where you will meet a newer you with someone very close and very dear- your soulmate. May you guys get the best of everything that is in store for you both.
  • The news of your engagement is certainly a wonderful one. I am glad for you; may God bless you with love and warmth. Stay together always! Congrats!
  • This is the best news and I am happy for you I want the best for the two of you Stay in love and stay happy forever I wish you all and through Have a super life ahead Wishing you all the best Many congrats on your engagement!
  • There is no turning back from your side, All the happiness and abide, today you are officially in a relationship, Congrats on your engagement!
  • You’ve always been a good brother, and I know you’re going to be a good husband too. I wish you a happy conjugal life.
  • The news of your engagement is certainly a wonderful one. I am glad for you. You’re two wonderful people who make a great couple. Keep loving each other.
  • So you are getting engaged I had expressed my love to you I had told you that I am in love with you Still you chose an ordinary girl Still you chose to be in few You broke my heart really bad I am feeling so very sad Ok relax I am just kidding Who would fall in love with you I think your partner is only good for you Wishing happy engagement to you For a love so pure and true!
  • I congratulate you both for your love and togetherness and wish you peaceful and wonderful times ahead in life. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • I wish you a very sweet engagement, and pray to God to shower your love with blessings. May your hearts never cease to beat for each other. Congratulations!
  • I’m so happy you have found love in each other. All the very best wishes for engagement with the wedding plans and have a lovely life together.
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Heart touching Engagement Messages

When two people love each other, they don’t just say ‘I love you’ to each other. They express their love through heartfelt engagement messages that show how much they mean to each other. These messages of love will stay with the couple forever, and will remind them of all the happy moments they’ve shared together.

  • No matter how far you stay from each other, No matter how unknown you be to each other, No matter how so ever you view one another, No matter whatever plans you made for yourself. Your individual fates were tied together by God himself Who will now guide your life to eternal bliss. May you both, hand in hand, keep moving towards a future Already decided and so bright and beautiful. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • Make promises of being together both during odds and happiness, as today is a special day for your two souls to get bonded together. Congratulations to you both!
  • You both are made like the two different poles of a magnet. Naturally, you can only come closer to each other, not the opposite! Happy engagement!
  • Happy engagement to both of you. May this wonderful day be the beginning of your never-ending journey full of love, dedication and romance!
  • I wonder how incredible a thing like destiny can be. Born somewhere, grew up somewhere, still two different souls came together tied in a bond so serene so beautiful. May you both cherish this bond till eternity and enjoy each and every moment and everything this bond brings to you. With loads of love and best wishes. Happy Engagement.
  • Life is all about finding that someone Who makes your life complete You have ideally found your soul mate as you look super happy too I wish you well on this special day as it’s your engagement day Many congrats to both of you Stay blessed the two of you!
  • Wishing you both joy, love and happiness Wishing you both happy times Wishing you both an amazing life ahead Many congrats to the most amazing couple You two rock and you know that Stay blessed and stay so in love!
  • I hope you have a calm and stress-free life in all the coming days leading up to your wedding day! I was so excited during mine that I couldn’t sleep for three days after my engagement!
  • For a lovely couple, wishes for a happy engagement and prayers for a long-lasting committed life of joyful moments and happiness all around.
  • May your love never see a dark day and may you always love each other with same zeal. Congratulations on your engagement and all the luck for the romantic life ahead.
  • Cheers to an eternal commitment. A strong bond as husband and wife. To love and to cherish each other forever singing sweet hymns of love together. I’m happy to see you finally engaged.
  • To a cute and wonderful couple: may you have a happy and blessed life ahead of you. I am so thrilled to hear your news. Congratulations on engagement!
  • I’m glad you’re trying each other’s knots for good. You’ll be exchanging sacred vows soon. May God bless you in abundance and blessing to walk in faith, unity and love everlasting.
  • Getting to know each other is sweet And I love the way you greet You guys look so good with each other So lovingly, you see in the eyes Stay strong as you need the most The reason to be a lot more wise Soon the situation will change my dear But hey stay calm and don’t you fear It would be a temporary thing for you So lost as I would like to tell you Change the way you want to be Wishing a happy engagement day to you!
  • It’s been a real pleasure to be an acquaintance of two beautiful souls who are deeply in love with each other. Happy engagement!
  • Wishing you lots of happiness as you are embarking a new journey of life, so filled with love and respect May you always stay happy in life Many congrats on getting engaged Wish you have a super life ahead!
  • May this spiritual communion of two hearts bring endless miracles in your life. May you never be apart from each other. Congratulations!

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Unique Engagement Messages

  • I congratulate you both for your love and togetherness, and wish you peaceful and wonderful times ahead in life. May God bless both of you with warmth and care. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • Congratulations to the most beautiful Couple that I know I always knew that both of you Are meant to be together in life Stay blessed and have a wonderful life ahead as this is just the beginning, you have an awesome life ahead!
  • There are no second thoughts you may think There is no running away You are now stuck for life my dear And there is not a single way Once you are gone in the lane of wedding You will not come back through There is time to think about it There is time so do your bit Things will be all right If you make a good decision tonight Ha-he. Think about it on a serious note You still have time for it, Wish you good luck for your new life!
  • Congrats on your new journey, may you stay blessed in the years to come, may this bond be stronger with time, Congrats on your engagement!
  • You will be taking up the responsibility for the woman of your life by getting engaged today. Take the responsibility sincerely. My best wishes are with you.
  • Simply by looking at you two, one can easily see that you both share a kind of love that is never meant to fail or fade. It’s a great decision to be engaged with each other! Congratulations!
  • Rings are exchanged on the engagement day Do you know the meaning of ring It means you are screwed in life As there is no start or end in the ring It’s the same way a fling You just can’t get out of this mess You can’t leave no and go Just want to inform you Know you should well know That your life will change for sure Congrats for your engagement And all the fun galore!
  • It will neither be an exaggeration to say that together you are ‘made for each other’ nor will it be an exaggeration to believe that both of you as lucky to get a soulmate so honest and so nice. May you both make your life the best of journeys traveled. Congratulations on your engagement dear.
  • Always remember the promises you made to each other. With many many best wishes and lots of love. God bless you both today. Have a wonderful life ahead. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • Happy engagement to the sweet couple. Now you both can hold hands in front of us, it turned legal with your engagement. Have a beautiful engagement day.
  • Heartiest congratulations and best wishes for both of you on your engagement. May your special day be filled with happiness and let your committed life be a treasure of cherishing moments you both unfold together.
  • I am very happy to know that you guys are engaged now. I will get a chance to buy a new dress and eat tasty foods. Congratulation. Get married soon.
  • I want to personally congratulate Both of you for starting your new life I wish you happiness along this phase Along with innumerable surprise This will be a lovely journey for you Many congrats on getting engaged the two of you!
  • May you both reside in each other’s heart, making it an abode for all the blissful happiness. May your dreams be tied the way you both are. May all your actions take you towards each other. May God always bless you. Happy Engagement.
  • Behind the clouds and above the sky, there is a God who always tries, to spread love through his angels on earth. Those angels reside in all of us. May these angels in you rule your life, Making it lovely without strife. Creating a journey full of joy. Keep loving each other through all thick and thins. Wishing you a very happy life ahead. Happy Engagement.
  • Blue is the color of sky; May the sky shield you both from all the bad and gloom. Red is the color of Roses; May Rose petals be showered on your way together. Green is the color of nature; May nature provide lots of freshness to your new life. Yellow is the color of joy, May joy fill your life all over. Love is the color of life; May love bring all of the above together under your roof. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • Congratulations on your engagement! You two are perfect for each other and I can’t wait to see your relationship blossom into a beautiful family.
  • You guys are really made for each other. I’m very happy that you guys got engaged and going to marry soon. I wish you both a wonderful life ahead.
  • I am happy for your engagement news. I hope now you will learn cooking and cleaning. I will be your first guest to taste your food. Wish you a happy married life.
  • What a joyful announcement! You make a wonderful couple. May the two of you be blessed as you begin the journey that will lead to a lifetime together.
  • I’m so happy that you have finally found your soul mate in life. Treasure her and her love in your heart and never let anything take you apart from each other. Happy engagement!
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What do you say in an engagement text?

Engagement texts vary depending on the couple’s relationship status and what they are comfortable with. However, many engagement texts follow a similar format. The couple will typically start the text by telling each other how much they love each other and how much they are looking forward to the future. Here are some of the good engagement text messages.

  • I wish an everlasting bond between you two on this very special occasion. May you be happy every day of your life. Happy engagement!
  • Two unknown souls today have come together or is it the destiny that took them jointly to prepare a new beautiful path decorated with flowers and stars. It is something that will soon change your lives and will take it to a destiny decided by God himself. May you have a wonderful life together filled with lots of love, happiness and glee. May God bless you both. Have a great life ahead.
  • Congrats as your drama of life is about to begin It will have some shades of love It will have may shades of arguments It will have shades of support throughout Will have a climax of knockout The many things that you never expect Will be there in your marriage my friend So as you prepare for your engagement today Think about all the ordinary things That will be extra ordinary from this day All the best for a new phase!
  • Congratulation on your engagement. You two are a lovely couple. You will be the perfect soulmate of each other. Best wishes and blessings.
  • The love you share is pure and beautiful. This is my warm wish to the world’s most wonderful couple. May your love for each other eternally grow.
  • Have a lovely life together This will be filled with love and care as you are engaged today my dear You will have a feeling that someone is there A soul mate you were searching for so long Finally to him you belong Many congrats to you on your engagement!
  • Cherish all the happiness around as today is the most special day for you both. Today is the day you two will be one! Congratulations!
  • Technically and traditionally, engagement is known as the promise to marry. But practically it is known as the promise and first step to lifelong slavery. Carry on!
  • You’re two wonderful people who make a great couple! Wishing you all the best with the lead-up to the wedding and for the future. Lots of love.
  • I wish you lots of love and loads of happiness on this new chapter of your lives. I am so happy to see your faces full of excitement and joy. Congratulations and warmest wishes for engagement!
  • Grab onto the bond of love that will form today tightly forever, so that love can conquer all odds of your marriage life. Blessings are all I have to give you on this special day.
  • Like the sun, may you both shines, like body and soul, be your unbreakable bond, like rose and fragrance, be your life together, like air and water, be your life without strife. May you be the best couple on earth. Have a harmonious and loving life ahead. Happy Engagement.
  • Wherever you go, may this beautiful relationship keep on blossoming even further with every step. May every sunray nourish it with trust, love and care. Have a blissful life ahead. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • You are getting into the most blessed of your life Hope you live a life full of respect Though there may be ways when you Would have to really strive I am not saying this on purpose my dear You will realize it after the lost cheer Let days go by and you will surely know Things that were never to show Still I want that you stay happy With the one you chose for your life Happiest times to both of you Congrats on getting engaged too!
  • Life is no lonely saga, But a journey of togetherness. Enough cannot be said, Of the need of love we have always had. To love is to live, and to live is to adore. Commencing on the same journey now, not alone but with an angel along, you both are those lucky souls, who get love and feel loved. May this journey be full of roses, may it be a lovable alliance, removing all deals and clauses, as it is not about an agreement, But all about the ‘lovely-mint’. Wishing you both a wonderful journey and a peaceful life ahead. Happy Engagement.
  • You truly deserve each other, both at your best and at your worst, through the years and throughout the years. All the best wishes for you on this day!
  • People celebrate when they get out of prison. But you are celebrating the fact that you are turning yourself in, for life. Congratulations nevertheless.
  • May God’s grace shower on both of you to make everything smooth and gorgeous for a couple so sweet and cute. Have a happy life ahead on a path decorated with flowers and may their aroma make your life more fragrant and enjoyable. God bless you both.
  • On this sweet occasion, I wish you both a healthy and romantic life ahead. May God bless your love. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • May the new life give you countless opportunities to make memories like this one. May you come closer to each other over the years. Happy Engagement!

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How do you congratulate an engagement?

  • You will have some crazy time you know You will have fun galore but when things will die down You will have headache and much more Unreasonable demands and things Unwanted fights for the bling’s Take it all as you will have to You have made a mind of your own Congrats on getting engaged my dear It was just a way to be shown Stay happy forever!
  • Hey, I just want you to know that I just got engaged to the most adorable person I have ever met. It is truly a wonderful feeling and I wish to share it with you!
  • The things that are looking rather sweet The things that are looking like sugar Will end up being so hot one day When you will have a reason to just say I hope that things better work out for you I hope that you never ever fight I always wish and pray that your Future will be so bright Bright as you are starting a new journey For yourself my dear in spite Of giving you many warnings. Wish you a super day Wish you happy engagement day!
  • For the sweet couple, loving engagement wishes for the special day. I hope the commitment brings lots of love and happiness for both of your lives.
  • It’s a journey of love which will be filled with care, happiness, love and passion Explore each stage of love and you as your partner are meant to be together So stay blessed and always in love on this new start of yours Many congrats to you on your engagement May you always stay in love in life!
  • That mushy feeling when you are with your love That gazing and staring by the eyes You are so wise my friend Then who gave you this silly advice Of commitment forever in love Oh god I don’t believe that you are engaged That is end of the road for you You were so good being single Now the hopes on you Wishing a many congrats to you On your engagement day!
  • As you walk along life’s path Together hand in hand, May God’s blessings be upon you In everything you plan. Happy Engagement.
  • The love you share, is divine and pure. May you always stay in love for the rest of your lives. I wish you loads of happiness and togetherness in future. Congratulations on your Engagement.
  • I wish you both for your love and togetherness and wish you peaceful and wonderful times ahead in life. May God bless both of you with warmth and care.
  • By holding each other’s hands, by making it understand, there are times ahead when you will be in bliss, Sealed with a lovely kiss, Congrats on your engagement!
  • It all started in a sweet spark. Then it grew into love. May you cherish every moment as one couple. Wishing you all the best to share with one another.
  • Enjoy today’s special day wholeheartedly and preserve all the moments in your memory, especially the memory of exchanging the rings.
  • As you both take the first step of a committed relationship, I firstly wish you a happy and prosperous engagement and pray to the Lord to shower you with moments of love and joy forever.
  • Your love and commitment for each other has reached new heights. Congratulations on your engagement and for finding your soul mate!
  • May you both stay forever together in this eternal bliss of love, may your relationship strengthen with time, Stay blessed, Congrats!
  • Begin the journey of being bonded together forever, with a broad smile on your face and by holding each other’s hands tightly! My best wishes are with you!
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What do you say to someone who got engaged?

We all know how amazing it is when two people love each other deeply and want to spend their lives together. And that’s exactly what happened when these two amazing people got engaged. Here are some heartfelt engagement messages that will make your heart melt!

  • May your engagement signify the start of something really great. Wishing you a wonderful and happy life together. Lots of love.
  • I am so excited to see you both walk down the aisle. The love that you share is beautiful. Congratulations on your engagement!
  • Sometimes it is hard to believe that somewhere there is someone waiting for you but now you both know how inevitable it is and how beautifully fate is designed by a designer called almighty. May your relationship carry all the colors of love, luck, care, hope and happiness. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • You both are so lucky that you have found each other out of millions of people in this world. What a perfect couple you are! Congratulations!
  • I have watched you grow up to become this amazing man, and your wedding is a dream coming true. Much love to you two.
  • Many congratulations on tying the knot! May today be just the beginning of a happy life together. Wish you both a prosperous future ahead.
  • For a lovely couple who shares a love as colorful as a rainbow and as deep as the ocean. Happy engagement! I am thrilled for you both!
  • On this day of your engagement, accept each other’s flaws along with accepting each other’s perfections. Wishing you the best of luck.
  • There are two types of couples. The first type is the couple who fights and argues after getting engaged. The second type is yet to be discovered.
  • A guy so carefree and a girl so prudent coming together by destiny on a path exclusively made for both of them. We all pray to God to adorn this path with blossoms all over, spreading aroma of love and togetherness and beauty of your adorable relationship. With loads of love and best wishes for a very happy life ahead. Happy engagement.
  • Your engagement will give me many Reasons to celebrate my dear Since the time I have heard this news Is the time I am in for cheer So happy that you are starting your new life So happy for you oh dear Many congrats to you and your beloved Stay blessed the two of you!
  • It will be such a great feeling to see you both walking down the aisle together, holding each other’s hand like a prince and his princess. Congratulations bro!
  • May you stay together forever, this is my only wish today, may your new journey be bright and new, Congrats!
  • So, you are finally engaged, there are lots of lovely moments to come, So, stay happy and wait for them, Congrats on this lovely occasion!
  • A phase where you can just feel the love A phase where you can just be yourself It’s the most beautiful phase of life When you want to impress The one you are in love with With many gifts and flowers By smiling and doing your bit Now that you are getting engaged You need help my dear This would be your last day of smile So spread the cheer Congrats on your engagement!
  • Love is a wonder of life, and getting your love in your lifetime, Is all God’s grace. May this grace of god, And His blessings always embrace, your life and cover it with bliss. May your life be always filled, With shining rays of the sun. With a heart filled with blessings, we wish you all the world’s happiness and luck in your relationship and life. Keep smiling and loving each other the same way. God bless you both on your Engagement day.
  • On your engagement, I wish you a lovely future together, filled with love, care and understanding. Congratulations.
  • I wish for you that this gleeful occasion adds a new meaning to both of your life. May you be swept away by unbounded happiness and romance!

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