150 Heartfelt Congratulations Messages for New Baby!

So, your loved ones have a new baby? It’s time to celebrate. But, first things first. Let’s send some cute yet heartful congratulations messages. Here are some great congratulations messages to send on the new arrival:

Congratulations Messages for New Baby

  • Your baby boy is finally here, ready for you to treat him like the prince he is. We couldn’t be happier for you!
  • Have fun raising this beautiful baby girl, she will grow up so fast.
  • As you look into her eyes, you see the sparkle of promise. As you listen to the tiny whisper of her breathing and feel the rhythm of her heart, know that you are holding, in your arms, a precious miracle.
  • We welcome your baby, who has opened a new page in your life, and congratulate this beautiful family. Now there is one more person in your life and whatever he says will be done for a long time.
  • The new period of your life is beginning and this period will be much more active. We hope you a healthy and long life with your new mini pup, who has just joined your family.
  • Your newborn baby has chosen you to be her/his mommy and daddy. I think she/he has made a very good choice. Congrats and all the best for your new family!
  • Here’s to your new adventure in raising an amazing and beautiful baby girl!
  • You don’t have to stay up late accidentally anymore, I’m sure your baby will keep you wide awake. I hope you’ve been practicing your vocals.
  • Congratulations on bringing such a precious life into the world. For the coming days, I hope you joy, smiles, and love. You deserve them all, and I’m sure you’ll find them in your sweet daughter.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your new happy and healthy baby! May you cherish this extraordinary time that only comes around once and may it make for lots of wonderful memories. All the best and with lots of love.
  • Join your family, we offer a lot of love to your new and tiny member. Now life will be more beautiful and meaningful, we congratulate you.
  • This is such exciting news!! Congratulations on the new family addition.
  • Congrats on your new alarm clock… let the noise begin! Sleep is overrated. Babies are not.
  • Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter and sending her best hopes for a healthy, happy, loving life.
  • I can’t believe you have twins, it’s so exciting. We also want to congratulate the mother of her babies, she gave birth to two wonderful beings.
  • As new parents, cherish this extraordinary time and may it be filled with lots of joyous memories. Just wait until they start speaking!
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby. Let us know if you need anything – we’re here to help!
  • I hope your newborn inherits only the best features, I can’t say the same for you.
  • When I learned that you have a son, I was very excited and announced the news to everyone. Because now we have a new Real Madrid supporter. I hope he doesn’t get influenced by his uncle and pick the wrong team. I’ve already started to dream of taking him to the games.
  • This is the start of something special, the next few years are going to be the most memorable.
  • We are thinking of you during this exciting moment in time, you will have sleepless nights and days. But I can tell you that it will definitely be worth it to see your Bubba smile. All the best and with lots of love.
  • We’re so proud of you! Congratulations on the arrival of your gorgeous babies!
  • Nothing brings home so much love, as a brand new baby sent from above. Congratulations on your new bundle of blessings. Can’t wait to see that sweet little smile.
  • We are very happy and excited that our guest, which we have been waiting for, has finally arrived. I am looking forward to hugging our little guest and show our love.
  • Congratulations to Mama Bear and Papa Bear. Baby Bear seems just perfect!
  • And so the adventure begins… I can’t think of two people better suited to bring up this amazing baby boy. Congratulations and warmest hopes for the future!
  • Hoping you both much joy and happiness with the safe arrival of your newest family member!! May you find babyhood and parenthood a wonderful and rewarding experience that is filled with lots of loving memories. All the very best during this moment in time.
  • Congratulations on your [triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets! Hoping you all the love and joy in this new stage of your life. The more the merrier!
  • May your baby bring more luck and happiness into your life. We are very happy that he was born healthily and we congratulate you.
Congratulations Messages for New Baby

Sample Congratulations Messages for New Baby

Congratulations to the new parents! You have created life and have given a new person an amazing gift. You have every right to be proud and excited. Here are some Sample Congratulations Messages for New Baby to send to the parents.

  • A new baby makes love stronger, your home happier, the days shorter, nights longer, and bank accounts emptier. Congrats and have fun!
  • Congratulations on the new baby, it’s always exciting to see who the baby looks like more and who traits they have inherited. Enjoy parenthood and create many memories.
  • He is a very lucky baby to be born as your child. May health and happiness be with him for the rest of his life, congratulations.
  • I want to congratulate you on giving birth to a very healthy baby. Enjoy every moment of your life because it will grow much faster than you think.
  • Only hoping you the best of luck with your new baby journey.
  • I just got news of an angel going to make its presence felt in your life! Get ready for laughter, big noise and lots of hugs! Welcome to the world, little one! So thrilled that you’re here!
  • How cute! We are so blessed by her grace and wonderful presence.
  • A new baby means a new life and it must be amazing to witness that life. Now is the time to calm down a bit and enjoy the moment.
  • Congratulations on the safe arrival of your gorgeous baby boy!
  • When you have a moment, just remember to keep in mind how awesome this little guy is.
  • I don’t believe there is a better family than you for a child to live with. I hope you a long life in which you will collect new memories with your baby.
  • It’s hard to say who is blessed more, you are for having a new baby, or it could be your baby having you as parents. Nevertheless congratulations!
  • How marvelous for your family- what a gorgeous baby boy!
  • Congratulations on the birth of your son, it must be a wonderful gift for you. We hope you a long and healthy life with your son, congratulations.
  • We know that it is not an easy process, but we are sure that you forget everything as soon as you hold your baby in your arms. You will witness that it grows rapidly in front of your eyes and you will have very good days.
  • You’ve been waiting for this moment for months, and it’s finally here. She will be a very lucky baby to be born into a loving family. We look forward to seeing him and taking him in our arms.
  • Words are not enough to describe how emotional we are. So your little baby is finally born. We know that he was born in a family where he will grow up with love and care, we congratulate you.
  • Congratulations to the proud parents of such a sweet baby!
  • Congratulations! As new parents, may you be filled with joy and happiness with the arrival of your new baby [Boy / Girl]. Hoping your new family all the absolute best.
  • Congrats on the arrival of your beautiful baby, and sympathies for your lady bits at this time.
  • Parenthood is such a wonderful experience, lots of memories will be made. Hoping your family the very best.
  • Congratulations!! The parenthood journey has begun, may you be filled with much joy, delight, and happiness with the arrival of your new baby [Boy / Girl]. Hoping yournew family all the very best and as always, please let me know if there’s any way I can help.
  • First, he was a dream in your hearts. Now he’s a miracle that you hold in your arms. And he’ll forever be the love of your lives. Many congratulations on the arrival of your sweet baby boy.
  • Congratulations on your new role as proud parents of a happy and healthy baby [Boy / Girl]! We hope this is a marvelous time filled with lots of joy and happiness for your new family.
  • A newborn baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past is forgotten, and the future worth living for.
  • Wow, such an incredible smile on such a superb little lady.
  • Welcome to the new big world little one, this is a place full of excitements and wonders.
  • No one can imagine life having their own children. But when they are born no one can imagine life without them. Hoping your newborn good health and happiness!
  • Congratulations to proud new parents! May these tiny feet will tiptoe with love into your hearts and stay there forever! Love just got real. So very excited for you.

Check out these:

Congratulations Messages for New Baby Boy

  • Magic times and thrilling adventures await! Your baby boy is living in love.
  • You will be great parents and your extended family with our little friend will continue to collect great memories.
  • Now even the sunrise will be more meaningful to you because every morning when you open your eyes, you will go to a little princess.
  • We welcome a new member of your family. We can’t wait to see him and take him in our arms as soon as possible. We are sure you will be great parents, congratulations.
  • Congrats on your new roomie! We will celebrate when you have free time again inyears or so. Enjoy every second!
  • Congratulations on your new baby!! This is such a wonderful time for your family and we hope that babyhood is filled with lots of fun, love, and cuddles. All the very best!
  • We are so thrilled to send warm blessings to this little man and his beautiful family.
  • I’m learning that the most amazing person I’ve ever known also has a wonderful baby. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, congratulations to you young parents.
  • Wow, it must be an incredible feeling to have a daughter. I am ready to do anything for our little princess, please remember that if you need help, we will be right back.
  • Congratulations on your baby’s birth and we know that she will be a wonderful person when she grows up with your love.
  • If the sun shines for a thousand years, it could never outshine the warmth and ecstatic joy I feel as I congratulate you on the birth of your son.
  • Welcome baby, you’ve already brought joy and excitement. A beautiful life awaits you in your home where you will grow up with love and trust from now on.
  • We sincerely congratulate you and welcome your baby. We are sure that your next life will be much more fun and exciting.
  • Congratulations to proud new parents! May these tiny feet will tiptoe with love into your hearts and stay there forever! My best hopes for new born baby parents.
  • Your newborn baby girl is a blessing and a bundle of joy!
  • I left a loving message inside one of the books I gave, it explains how they were born. No need to explain to them, I got you covered!
  • Time to celebrate the safe arrival of your newest baby born!! May babyhood be filled with lots of love and memories. All the best!
  • She has ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, with rosy pink cheeks and a cute button nose. Congratulations on the new beautiful love of your life!
  • We welcome your baby and give him our love. We send our kisses. We predict how happy you are and hope you a healthy, happy and long life.
  • Welcome to the world of parenthood. Eat, sleep, poo, repeat.
  • What a handsome little guy, he has his father’s eyes and his mother’s smile!
Congratulations Messages for New Baby

How do you say congratulations on your new baby?

Congratulations on your new baby! Whether you just found out or your little one has already arrived, here are a few ways to say congratulations!

First, congratulations on your beautiful new addition! You have brought a smile to many faces and made a family even bigger.

Second, congratulations on a healthy and happy baby! Babies are a joy, and your new little one is sure to bring happiness to your life.

Third, congratulations on making such an amazing choice to become a parent! Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding things you can do and brings so much joy into someone’s life.

Lastly, congratulations on your amazing journey as a new parent! This is an incredibly exciting time in your life, and you will be filled with so much love and happiness as your baby grows and learns. Thank you for choosing this amazing path!

Here some more ideas are given below:

  • This is a beginning of something wonderful, your newborn will bring you memories to share. I hope everything goes well. If you need anything I’m always here for you.
  • Hello little one, welcome to the world! You have the best mummy and daddy anyone could hope for. You will have everlasting love and happiness.
  • There is nothing better than the healthy birth of your baby. You guys will already be great parents and your baby will be proud of you when he grows up.
  • Sending you and your boy warm hopees, and don’t hesitate to call if you ever need anything!
  • Dearest friend, I have planned a wonderful welcome home party for you. There will be a barbecue, cheese and the finest wine for me especially.
  • I’ve put my number on speed dial on your phone just in case you want to get out of diaper changing.
  • What an adorable little one, we know she will grow into a magnificent, strong woman!
  • We are very happy for you on this wonderful day. Congratulations to your baby born to a wonderful family and we want you to know that we will come running when you need help.
  • All the best to your growing family. We’re so happy for you!
  • I am so glad that wonderful people like you have brought babies into this world. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see the new member of your family.
  • Love you all so much – she is an absolute doll, with an angel’s smile from heaven.
  • Your new daughter makes an adorable addition to an already wonderful family. May her beautiful smile make your world seem a little brighter every day.
  • May your new little baby bring you a lifetime of happiness even at the toughest time.
  • Best hopes on your dearest new arrival. We hope you are all doing well. Enjoy every moment with your precious little one!
  • Congratulations on the safe arrival of your new family member addition! Hoping you all but the very best and as always, please let me know whether I can help out in any way. Lots of love!
  • I know how hard you struggled until today. What follows will be the happiest years of your life. I welcome your baby and hope him a very good life.
  • Congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful baby girl!
  • I congratulate you on the birth of your beautiful daughter and I understand very well the feelings you are experiencing right now. You must be experiencing moments of mixed happiness and anxiety, but don’t worry, everything will be fine and we are with you.
  • WOW! This is incredible news!! It is great to hear that your new baby has arrived safe and sound. Enjoy your new role of proud parents.

Check out these:

How do you express congratulations for new born baby?

  • This is such brilliant news! Create amazing and long lasting memories. So excited to meet the little one once things settle down. if you need any help at all, you have my number. Lots of love!
  • This new change will be forever, I promise you it would be the better type of change.
  • Forget about spending time with the girls and boys, it’s not about you anymore.
  • We are all very happy with the birth of your baby and look forward to meeting him. I bought the Barcelona jersey, I don’t want any objections.
  • Your life will not be the same anymore, there will be a little man in the house who will decide when you will eat, sleep and rest from now on. We know you will take very good care of him and we congratulate you.
  • Congratulations! Time will now fly pass so quickly as your little one grows up quickly! Cherish every minute.
  • A wonderful period of your life is beginning, but let us warn you that this wonderful period will be a little sleepless. Have a nice day together, we congratulate you very much.
  • We welcome your baby, who we are sure has changed your perspective on life from the first second he was born, and congratulate his whole family.
  • A miracle just came into your life. It’s a miracle made of tiny baby boy smiles, hugs, and lots of love.
  • You are so caring that even God knew you have enough love to sprinkle on two cuties.
  • Welcome to the world with your baby, whom we hope to have a long and successful life with the luck of growing up in a family like yours.
  • Two times the babies means two times the love and joy. Congratulations on your miraculous twins!
  • Hoping your newborn and your family many years of good health, love, and happiness.
  • We are so happy that your baby was born into a loving, warm home. May luck always be with him in his next life.
  • The most incredible journey and outlook about being parents is catching a glimpse of yourself in your newborn!
  • May your newborn baby brings joy and peace to your family. May your life be much more beautiful and fun from now on, you will be great parents.
  • Congrats! Just to say “Hi” to the new member of the family! You two are going to make such amazing parents.
  • We were very happy and emotional when we heard the news of his birth. We are sure that you will be a great mother and your daughter will see you as a role model. We know that he will raise a wonderful person and we hope him a healthy life.
  • Congratulations on the safe arrival of your newest family member!! May babyhood be filled with lots of joy and make for lots of wonderful memories. All the best!
  • Welcome to becoming the parent of a baby boy! Get ready for non-stop fun.
  • A flower is beautiful but a bouquet spreads the sweet scent all around the house. Congrats on having Triplets!
  • You are experiencing the most amazing development in your life. You brought a wonderful baby into this world and that baby will bring you joy and excitement, congratulations.
Congratulations Messages for New Baby

How to congratulate someone on their new baby?

Congratulations on your new baby! It’s wonderful news, and we’re so happy for you. Here are some tips on how to congratulate someone on their new baby:

1. Send a card or letter of congratulations. A handwritten note conveys more emotion and is more likely to be remembered.

2. Send flowers or a gift. A sweet gesture shows that you care.

3. Share photos or videos of the baby. Showing off your loved one’s new arrival is a great way to show how excited you are.

4. Celebrate with a baby- shower. Planning a baby shower is a fun way to show your gratitude and share the news with your friends and family.

Here some more ideas are given below:

  • I give all my love to your newborn baby and congratulate you as well. From now on, there will be much better excitement in your life, I hope you all happiness.
  • If you are looking for a volunteer babysitter, I am ready because I want to spend a lot of time with that beautiful baby. He is now in the most beautiful place in our hearts. Welcome baby, congratulations beautiful family.
  • Two waiters for a baby! It must be an incredible feeling but don’t worry, we will come to help you and we will love the twins to the fullest.
  • You’ve spent nine months preparing for a lifetime of love with your sweet baby girl.
  • We warmly greet the newest member of your family and look forward to welcoming you into our arms. He will live a wonderful life thanks to a great world to learn and explore, and a wonderful family.
  • May the arrival of your new baby girl bring you many cuddles, fun adventures, and a lifetime of sweet memories.
  • The best news I’ve heard in a long time was the birth of your son. I will come to you as soon as possible and take her in my arms and tell her what a lucky family she was born into.
  • Congratulations! This is a beginning of something wonderful for your family. I hope that this journey is filled with lots of laughter, love and warm cuddles.
  • Congratulations! Now is the time to enjoy your baby’s little feet and baby smell. It will not be there forever, and you should take as many pictures as possible. You will want to miss a single precious moment!
  • Welcome to the world little [Prince / Princess], I hope your queen and king spoils you with riches. May your journey be filled with joy and love.
  • After a baby is born, he needs a warm home and self-made parents. You guys will be the most amazing parents we’ve ever known, and you’ll raise the little guy so beautifully.
  • It made me very happy to see my valued friends like you become parents. I can’t wait to come and play games with the little member of our family as soon as possible.
  • We welcome your baby and hope you a life full of happiness beyond your dreams.
  • You are truly one of the most beautiful families a baby can grow into. Congratulations on your newborn baby and we hope our little princess a happy life.
  • Not all treasure is silver and gold… Congratulations on your ‘personal new treasure’ and little darling! What a very lucky baby!
  • I’m so happy for your newborn’s safe arrival, don’t forget to let me know if you need anything. Always happy to babysit so you can have a peaceful sleep or meal.
  • We hope your child a long, healthy, and happy life. May you have many beautiful days together and spend every moment with joy.
  • Congratulations on your new addition to the family. We can’t wait to spoil [him/her] and give [him/her] all our love!
  • Congratulation on your newborn [Son / Daughter], [He / She] will be soo cute. Such wonderful genetics they would inherit.
  • We are very happy for you that you have a beautiful and healthy baby. We hope you a healthy and successful life, hug him for us.
  • Welcome to parenthood, may your new baby born bring you happiness, love and joy.
  • Congratulations on the safe arrival of your precious twin [girls/boys]. Much love to you all.
  • I hope you like the gift I gave you, I thought you might need a stronger perfume from all the nappy changing.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your baby and we know that it will make you very happy with the riches it will add to your life. Congratulations to the most beautiful parents in the world.
  • We know you will be an amazing mother and we are sure you will have many great memories with your little boy.
  • Welcome to the new chapter of your life, this chapter is a beginning of something great! It will be filled with new potentials, new discoveries, and challenges.
  • May the birth of your children open up a whole new world of adventure, lightness, and wonder. Many congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful babies.
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