110 Emotional Broken Heart Messages for Boyfriend!

Do you know what to do when your heart is broken? If not, here are some broken heart messages for your boyfriend that will help guide you through the process of healing.

Broken Heart Messages for Boyfriend

  • As much as I try, I cannot hide this feeling, it’s so painful watching you walk away.
  • I desired to live a life with you. But I think in this life, we weren’t meant to be with each other. If I lived again, I’d be your girl.
  • People say heartbreak is the most painful thing, it is right. The pain is unbearable. I am lying here helplessly, searching for a way to get over you.
  • Someone asked me what the happiest day of my life was, as I closed my eyes and felt a tear slide down my face I thought back to the day where you first told me you loved me.
  • What can I do to make you take me back? How can I make you see the scarlet blood oozing out from my heart? How can I live if you have left me to myself?
  • Though you have broken my heart, you have made me even stronger. I know I will find someone who loves me dearly.
  • My worst fear came to pass. I never thought we would part ways. It was always you and I against all odds. I am sorry for everything I did, and I hope you find the ideal person. Someone who will see and appreciate you for the good person you are.
  • The girl who once seemed unbreakable finally broke down and crumbled. The girl who always smiled is now crying and has quit trying. This has been my worst experience.
  • When I needed you, you were nowhere to be seen. When I searched for a shoulder to lean on, yours was cold and too far to be reached. That is how painful love can be.
  • I never thought we would part ways. The thought of living without my lifeline is so scary. I never knew I would be this broken without you. I miss you, darling.
  • I was finally getting over you and actually believing I didn’t need you. I was finally accepting a life without you. Then you smiled at me and ruined it all.
  • The sky holds no light because there’s no morning sun to light it up. It’s been months since we stopped seeing each other, and truly, life hasn’t been the same.
  • The worst thing about falling for someone is thinking they will catch you in their arms but instead they watch you fall and hit the ground… broken.
  • Sometimes, you hurt the ones who love you most. Sometimes You hold the ones who leave you lost, and sometimes you learn but it’s too late, it’s too late!
  • You were my happiness, my joy, my dream girl and my ultimate bliss. It hurts so much, knowing you don’t love me like you used to, even though I love you more than ever. All I can do now is living one day at a time, hoping someone will come and rescue me from this endless pit of agony and heartache.
  • Every day I see you in my dream. I see you smiling, talking with me. It feels so real that sometimes I think you are still here. It’s not easy for me to forget you.
  • Even if you forget me, please don’t forget all we ever shared, the memories of our laughter, smiles, and jokes. All we did together still lingers in my heart and it hurts like hell because you are gone.
  • I have cried for your love more than I ever wept in my entire life. How can I prove to you that my heart needs you to survive?
  • I feel shattered and broken because the only time I gave love a chance, I ended up feeling heartbroken. I’m scared and sad because I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this pain.
  • It’s surprising how the pain of living without someone can make you feel like you’ve lost everything that means happiness to you in this world, that’s how I feel right now that I’m heartbroken.
  • I think we are better off apart. The more I thought of giving us a second chance together, the more it became clear, how we would be denying each other personal happiness.
  • You leaving and leaving me here does not mean I will not move on, though you hurt my heart. I still love you.
Broken Heart Messages for Boyfriend

Broken Heart SMS Messages for Boyfriend

If you’re in a bad place right now, there’s a good chance that your heart is broken. And if that’s the case, you might be looking for some help in repairing it. One of the best ways to do that is to send your broken heart SMS to your boyfriend. It’s not like you to mope around, and your boyfriend is probably wondering what’s wrong. But sending a broken heart SMS to him is the perfect way to let him know that you’re hurting and need his help to get over you. And if he responds in a positive way, that’ll only make you feel even worse. But don’t worry, sending a broken heart SMS to your boyfriend is definitely worth it. In the end, you’ll both be happier for it.

Here are some catchy SMS that send to your boyfriend:

  • Somewhere there’s someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presence that life’s worthwhile. So when you’re lonely remember it’s true: somebody somewhere is thinking of you.
  • I know we met under unlikely circumstances, but we didn’t need to sever our union as if we never professed our love for each other.
  • I never knew you were my lifeline until I lost you to someone else. All my tears are dry, and my heart has come to terms with everything. Maybe we were never destined to be together in the first place. Only God knows.
  • You broke my heart into a million pieces. As I gather the broken remains of yesterday, I discover that breathing itself has become painful.
  • Did we have to end what we shared? Did we have to let go of each other? What is the meaning of life if I don’t have you by my side?
  • Love has been unfair to me, but I think I will survive, once again.
  • Was I deceived? I doubt that. But I wish I was told from the onset, that I would regret being so vulnerable. I thought this love would be peculiar.
  • If you are reading this, I’d like you to know that life has been hard without you and that I no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. How can I keep going yet you were my strength?
  • It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but it is more painful to love someone and never find the courage to let that person know how you feel.
  • I loved you, and I still love you. Even if we have to part ways, at least let me keep loving you from a distance.
  • My heart is broken, and I am in a search for healing. The feeling is surreal to me; what good explanation will I give to my heart, body, and soul?
  • My worst nightmare came true; I never thought we would have to part ways like this. We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it. Thanks for the beautiful memories.
  • The only thing you were good at is crushing my heart. Now I am left with broken pieces that need mending.
  • We held hands, we kissed, we showed each other true love. Where did we go wrong? What happened to us? Why am I crying instead of laughing?
  • I’ve never been this scared and confused. The thought of living without you is daunting. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to find closure and move on completely. I feel sorry for myself.
  • You’re like a cherished thing I’ve come to hold onto. But we’ve both reached a point where we need to move on. I’ll never forget the time we spent together. Kiss me goodbye, my sweetheart.
  • So I guess that I am the loser cause you have found someone new but I am still here, still all alone just crying over you.
  • Each day, I try to find activities that will help me stop thinking about you. I’ve gotten myself drunk and played all sorts of music, but I still can’t get you out of my head. I’m shattered. Completely.
  • I was warned, but I thought you would change. Even after cheating and rekindling what we had left, you still decided to break me into pieces.
  • Right now, I’m confused and scared, I’m scared of becoming strong because you were my weakness, I’m confused because I don’t know if to cry or laugh that my happiness left me already!

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Painful Broken Heart Messages to Your Boyfriend

  • When you are alone, look at the spaces between your fingers and remember that in those spaces. You can see my fingers locked with forever.
  • All my life, I thought love could melt all the pain away, but it turns out even pain can melt all the love away. I am allowed to hate you all I want, but there’s no point in that. Go ahead and have the life you deserve.
  • I am the kind of person who will never accept an apology, you walked away and there is no way I will open the door for you. You broke my heart for no reason.
  • It is great to have known you for who you are. If I hadn’t, I would have always thought that I was incapable of loving with all that I have.
  • This sadness has become an addiction. I feel lost and anxious all the time, but I pray for the best as time goes by. I have accepted the sadness and gloomy emotions as part of my daily journey.
  • I don’t know why I am giving myself hope that you will come back to me, yet you hurt me so much. You left my heart in pieces.
  • I hurt a lot, but I can’t seem to find the right sedative to numb my pain. I never knew love could be this wicked.
  • Let me do my own things and you do yours. That is how you made your decision. I never want anything to do with you. I’m heartbroken.
  • Did you ever think what kind of hell you put me through when you cheated on me? My hurt is burning baby!
  • You hurt me so much, I never want anything to do with you, I want to heat from this heartbreak.
  • How easy do you think it is to let you go? I loved you with everything I have and with all that I am. Tell me, where do I go from here?
  • You have hurt me in ways I never expected or deserved. Thanks to you, I have understood the importance of self-love and self-growth. I have become a better person and a better friend. I know I will find true love once again.
  • You broke my heart, but I still feel like I would give this another shot because I can never get to love someone as much as I love you.
  • Once upon a time, our relationship was perfect, but recently, things have changed for the worst. I wish you well and hope to cross paths again sometime. Goodbye!
Painful Broken Heart Messages to Your Boyfriend

Broken Heart Messages for Him

When you’re feeling down, there’s no better way to lift your spirits than with a few heartfelt Broken Heart Messages for Him. Whether you’re missing the love of your life or just need a little encouragement, these texts will remind your guy that you care.

Here are the following messages:

  • I never thought I would feel so complete with someone. You were the sole definition of love. Now that you are gone, I feel so empty!
  • I’m in dire pain because you broke my heart, but it still belongs to you if you want it. I don’t think I’ll be able to love anyone as I love you.
  • I’m trying not to think about this. I thought I would have moved on by now, but it’s harder than I ever imagined. The thought of living without you kills me.
  • It could be counted as a loss, but I gained a lot. Thank you for making me realize that life isn’t an easy journey. I hope to heal and embrace love again, someday.
  • Throughout our relationship, I tried being the perfect one, but you put all your energy on someone else and that breaks my heart. I hope you find peace, knowing you broke me into many pieces.
  • I try hiding my pain from everyone, but it keeps showing. I’m lost without you, my love. I keep hoping you will come back but it’s high time I started moving on.
  • This heartbreak and any other disappointment is just part of life. I thought I had found my soulmate, but it turns out you were just another lesson.
  • Do you know it’s easy to fall in love but quite difficult to climb out of it? Will I ever climb out successfully? With such deep agony?
  • I’ve cried severally hoping my tears would bring you back, but I realize you are never coming back, it hurts but I’ll get better with Time!
  • I was better off living in ignorance of love. Knowing and loving you has wrecked my uncomplicated life.
  • You gave me hope with so many promises, and I was so naive to believe all these things. You broke my heart in such a way that I could never imagine.
  • While we were infatuated in our happily ever after, did it ever cross your mind that a day like this would come? Where we would be reminiscing the good times?
  • As much as I try, it is simply impossible to forget you. Your love was very special to me, and I haven’t been able to get any that compares to it.
  • I opened my heart for you, but what I received is pain.
  • I’ve been trying so hard not to think about you, but every time, I find myself living in our memories and reminiscing the good times. You were all I had, darling.

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How do you write a heartbreaking message?

  • I was your dream, your one and only, but you chose to be someone else’s dream. I am heartbroken and in pain.
  • My heart bleeds when I think I’d never be able to see or touch you. You’re so far away from me and here I’m completely lost without you.
  • If I knew that this love had an end, I would never have gotten into it.
  • The nights are now longer than they used to be. The days are annoyingly shorter than they should be. How could love, have this much venom in it?
  • There’s this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It’s the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me.
  • I was very faithful; I gave you all my heart but looks like you were not interested in it. You broke my heart.
  • It hurts the most when someone who made you feel special yesterday then makes you feel like you are the most unwanted person today!
  • Right now, I can’t face the world. I thought I had the most fantastic plot, but I was wrong. I have come to terms with what happened between us, but I need some more time to move on past us completely.
  • It isn’t enough to say that you’re sorry; it doesn’t change the fact that we are never going to be the same ever.
  • As much as I try telling myself that it will soon be over and that I’ll bounce back, I still lack the strength to move on.
  • You made me happy, and I am deeply sorry that we didn’t always have the happiness we both deserved.
  • The thing that made me suffer was not losing you; it was losing myself. As I heal my broken heart, I find myself trying to rediscover the old me once more.
  • Sited alone in a house full of memories and the constant echo of your laughter is the worst torture ever. I hope to heal from this pain and to be your friend one day.
  • I loved you so much; I thought you loved me too. It turns out you never loved me, I am still wondering what happened between us. I still love you.
  • The pain in my heart makes me appreciate the value of true happiness. Your leaving has changed my life.
Broken Heart Messages for Boyfriend

What are the best messages for broken heart?

There are many different messages you can send someone who has just experienced a broken heart. Some of the most common messages people send to those who have just experienced a broken heart are:

  • You pushed me away and left me out in the cold. That’s why I don’t talk to you anymore. Whatever you did was not fair, but I know what goes around, comes around.
  • Just like that, our years of hard work have gone down the drain. Didn’t we promise each other loyalty and friendship? Why are we hurting each other this much?
  • After saying goodbye, I felt like throwing myself into an endless pit, to see eternal emptiness. Right now, I’m far too good to escape into the world of darkness. I hope you are happy wherever you are.
  • I am so happy to see you in my dreams, but in reality, we do not even connect because you broke my heart.
  • You can keep away riches and beauty from me, but not your love. These past days without you have been hell. My world is already dark and lonely.
  • Instead of love messages, we are sending broken heart messages. What was the importance of loving if it was bound to fail?
  • Just because I moved on doesn’t mean I won’t be here if you change your mind. You always have a special place in my heart.
  • I stay up all night reminiscing all the memories as I stare at the ceiling, till my heart begins to hurt and I am unable to breathe.
  • My heart has been shattered and broken into small pieces. But I thank God he has given me the strength to overcome the pain.
  • I wish I never met you. I wish I never risked loving you. I wish I never believed that you were the one for me.
  • I keep reading our old texts in the middle of the night. Sometimes I smile or laugh, then suddenly I remember I won’t be able to have that kind of conversation with you ever again and tears drop from my eyes automatically. My heart weeps for you.
  • When I don’t talk to you, it’s not that I don’t care; you pushed me away and broke my heart.
  • I’m hoping to move on and try new things. I just really can’t be with you or can’t be without and I don’t think I’ll ever love anything else the way I love you. I’m heartbroken!
  • Promise me you’ll never forget the love we shared, the silly jokes, romantic moments and all we did together. You’re gone now, but never to be forgotten.
  • I was in love with you, but I wasn’t good enough to make you love me. Is that irony? I would have to ask sane minds.
  • I always thought love was the answer to every problem, but now I know that it isn’t. All I want is to be with someone who can make me feel loved. But you weren’t that person.
  • I had dreams for us; I conjured up beautiful imaginations of our forever together. But reality has dawned on me; I guess we are good apart. Hoping my dreams are fulfilled elsewhere.
  • Out of this brutal heartbreak, I have learned not to give a special place to anyone in my heart. It hurts to know you took advantage of what we had and used me for selfish gain. I will get through this one way or another.
  • Behind these small eyeballs is nothing but patches of dried blood from many nights of weeping. Why did you have to grind my heart the way you did?
  • After all, we’ve been through together, it is unbelievable that we made room for a single reason to part ways. Was our love strong in the first place?
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