100 Bastille Day Wishes: A Festive Look at French Culture

Bastille Day is a national holiday in France that commemorates the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 and the subsequent liberation of political prisoners during the French Revolution. As we celebrate this important day, it is also an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the historical, cultural, and social significance of this event. This article aims to provide some Bastille Day wishes for those who want to commemorate this special day.

Bastille Day Wishes

  • Happy Bastille Day! Let’s celebrate France’s independence with a Bazooka celebratory dinner.
  • On this memorable day in France, I take this opportunity to wish all our people Happy Independence Day! Hope you have a wonderful day.
  • Great actions bring greater accomplishments and today is the proof of that. Wishing you a Happy Day.
  • Let our motherland be one of the best nations on the globe with your hard work and integrity. Happy French Independence Day!
  • Dear friend, Let’s make our nation strong through our unity and dedication. Happy France Day!
  • Let’s remember the sacrifice of our heroes. Happy France day to you.
  • I hope you have a happy Bastille Day! May your day go smoothly, and may the French rejoice with the Americans.
  • Let’s celebrate this wonderful day and show our respect to our ancestors. Happy France independence day.
  • Happy Bastille Day! Let’s make it a memorable one, with the best French foods.
  • History has taught us that with great deeds you achieve greater accomplishments. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Remember, we’re celebrating France’s Bastille Day today. Let us know how you feel during this time of celebration.
  • Every Day can teach us something special, but Bastille Day teaches us about unity, sacrifices, and the taste of independence. Have a meaningful Bastille Day with family and friends this year.
  • Thanks to all the brave souls who stormed down Bastille many years ago to give us the taste of independence.
  • Happy French national day to all of you. May we all work to enrich our country’s prosperity and strength.
  • May our Nation always move on the right path of prosperity and progress to inspire the world…Warm wishes on French Independence Day!
  • The greatest power on earth is the need for freedom by the people. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Celebrate this great day by paying homage to our country and to the revolutionists who sacrificed their lives on July 14, 1979. Celebrate this day with utmost respect and gratitude. Happy Bastille Day.
  • Hey friends! Have a warm and safe Bastille Day! Let’s celebrate with these awesome messages and images.
  • Celebrate this independence Day with pride in being a citizen of this magnificent nation and affection for it. Best wishes!
  • Wishing a very Happy French Independence Day to you my dear…. Celebrate this special occasion with fantastic parades to enjoy!!!
  • Happy Bastille Day! We felicitate with you as celebrate France’s liberation and independence.
  • It’s not just a day to enjoy the freedom, but also a day to pay tribute to the hero of our nation. Happy France Day!
  • Happy France Independence day to you. Always keep your head up because his freedom didn’t come to us easily. We have earned it.
  • Like the fireworks that light up the sky on Bastille Day, you light up my day every day. Happy France’s national day!
bastille day wishes

Inspiring Bastille Day Wishes

Happy Bastille Day! This special day, celebrated on July 14th, marks the storming of the Bastille in 1789, which was a milestone in the French Revolution and remains an important symbol of freedom. While many people around the world will be celebrating with parades and fireworks, others may be looking for inspiring wishes to send to friends and family. Here are some inspiring bastille day wishes.

  • This great day shall never be forgotten. It is a great day that reminds us of who we are and what we can do when we are one nation. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Today, let us celebrate Bastille Day with a moment of reflection on how far we’ve come since 1789, and how much is left to do. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Words are not enough to tell the story of the glory of Bastille day but I am still wishing you a happy Bastille day here.
  • Every person has the right to enjoy freedom. That’s why we fought so hard and now we are celebrating our achievements. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Let us show the world our achievements as we commemorate the beloved martyrs on this Bastille Day. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Wherever you are, feel the pride of this nation. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Happy Bastille Day! What a treat to meet you again. I hope you have all been enjoying the event in your city.
  • Happy France day! France, Our pride and love. Let’s always be united for the sake of our France, my friend.
  • France is not just a nation. It is a family of people who love their country more than anyone and anything else. Happy France Day!
  • Celebrate this Bastille day with love for your country and pride for being a part of this great nation. Have a great Day!
  • Let us work in synergy to contribution of our nation’s growth and success. Wishing you a very Happy French Independence Day!
  • Let us celebrate this beautiful day and remember the action of our ancestors who wrote the name of our country in the history book with pride. Bonne Fete Nationale!
  • Bonjour from Paris! Bon voyage from all of us in NYC! Merci for joining our celebration of Bastille Day.
  • I am happy to share all the love and happiness on this great day. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Today let’s be proud of what our forefathers have accomplished and sacrificed for this nation. Happy French Independence Day!
  • Happy Bastille Day! Wish someone special in your life a happy French National Holiday! Have a wonderful day, friend.
  • A strong nation is the one whose citizens are united and have respect and passion for their country, just like France. Bonne Fete Nationale
  • Today on this joyous day, as a proud French citizen I want to congratulate and wish all french people. Happy French Independence Day!
  • We are a proud citizen of France, and we also understand the importance of Independence. Happy France Independence day to all!
  • On the special day of French Independence Day, we wish all our employees memorable and happy celebrations with your loved ones.

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Unique Bastille Day Wishes

  • I am proud to be part of the Bastille Day celebration. Feel the same wherever you are. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Lots of wishes to you and your family for the Independence day. Bonne Fete Nationale!
  • Freedom has not come our way easy. It has come after a lot of sacrifices. To protect its integrity and sovereignty, always be united. Bonne Fete Nationale!
  • Happy Bastille Day!! Let’s celebrate with a special message to say ‘La Fête Nationale Française’.
  • Happy Bastille Day! May you feel proud as a citizen of this country!
  • On the occasion of Bastille Day, always remember that our ancestors have paid a very heavy price for this freedom and therefore, we must keep it safe.
  • Bonne Fete Nationale! Never forget the value of freedom and sacrifices people had made for the same. Pledge to be united, always.
  • Celebrate the great day by paying tribute to our country’s heroes, respect constitution, our culture and heritage. Bonne Fete Nationale!
  • Happy France independence day to everyone. Remember the sacrifices of our heroes always.
  • The biggest gift our ancestors has given to us is the gift of freedom and courage to protect our every right in any situation. Bonne Fete Nationale. Love you France.
  • The most important thing is winning the war, that’s why we are celebrating this noble day. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Bastille Day teaches us we can break even the strongest fort to pieces when we are united. Let’s celebrate this lesson together this year.
  • The happiness of celebrating independence day is something that only the one who has been living in slavery for years would understand. Bonne Fete Nationale!
  • France Day is the day to salute the courage of fighters who helped us in getting the freedom we are enjoying today. Happy France Day!
  • Sending a few friendly Bastille Day wishes to our allies across the pond. Let’s make this an unforgettable day!
  • Our hearts and minds will remember the lessons of Bastille Day. Happy French Independence Day!
  • Let’s make Bastille Day celebrations more memorable this year by coming together and making it the best. Wishing you a very warm and Happy Bastille Day!
  • The glory of the French revolution and bastille day is unforgettable. Let’s pay tribute to true leaders. Bonne Fete Nationale!
bastille day wishes

How do you wish someone a happy Bastille Day?

Bastille Day, otherwise known as the French National Day, is an important holiday in France. It celebrates the storming of the Bastille prison on July 14th, 1789 and is a national symbol of freedom and revolution in France. Every year millions of people across the world come together to celebrate this day with parades, fireworks and more. If you know someone who loves to commemorate this special occasion, you may be wondering how to wish them a happy Bastille Day.

  • Wherever I go, I always feel the love of France. Friends, family, and community are so important to me. Happy Bastille day.
  • I am proud to be part of the Bastille Day celebration. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Happy Bastille Day! Today, we are sending love and good vibes to our friends in France.
  • Wishing you a happy Bastille Day! Celebrate the French Revolution with this toast.
  • Happy Bastille Day! We’re sending you a message of love and good wishes. Here’s a text wishing you happiness and joy today.
  • Feel proud of what those before us have done for this country and celebrate the spirit of freedom. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Bastille Day teaches that when we are united, we can overcome even the strongest. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Celebrate Bastille Day in style with a personalized message or the perfect gift. Happy Bastille Day.
  • This is a wonderful day among the French people, the day we got our liberation. I wish you a Happy Bastille Day!
  • Each one should accept the cards at hand and use them to play wisely. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Words are not enough to tell the story of the glory of Bastille day but I still wish you a happy Bastille day here.
  • Happy Bastille Day! Wishing everyone a safe and happy day. Let’s celebrate tomorrow with love.

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What does Happy Bastille Day mean?

  • Today we are living a happy and comfortable life because decades ago our men have fought for it. Wishing a very Happy Bastille Day!
  • On this special day of French Independence Day, we take this opportunity to wish all our employees memorable and happy celebrations.
  • Celebrate this Bastille Day with great pride and love for our country. Let’s be proud to be French.
  • Happy France day everyone. Today Let’s pay our respect to all the heroes of our nation.
  • Bastille Day tells us that victory comes to those who are most strong, but at a cost. Wishing you a happy France Day!
  • Celebrate Bastille Day with utmost respect and gratitude. Give honor to those who made this day possible. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Warm wishes on French Independence Day to you…. May our nation always prosper and progress to inspire the world.
  • Freedom comes with great responsibility and one has to pay a price to get it. French have paid the cost of freedom and that’s why we are celebrating this day. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Sometimes I wonder, what if I would have not been a French. I would have been in heaven, then, the second-best place after France. Bonne Fete Nationale.
  • Celebrate this special occasion with those that you deeply love. Wishing you a Happy French Independence Day!
bastille day wishes

What are the best bastille day wishes?

This special day marks the beginning of the French Revolution on July 14th 1789. As we commemorate this historical event, many people send wishes and messages to their family and friends to celebrate the day. Whether you are looking for a heartfelt or a humorous message for your loved ones, there are so many great Bastille Day wishes to choose from. We will explore some of the best Bastille Day wishes.

  • Today is French National Day, a day to honor the bravery of those who fought for the freedom we have today. Happy France Day to all!
  • To all my friends and family who live in France, happy Bastille Day! I hope we all have a great day.
  • Happy France independence day, my friend.I hope one day we will be able to make this country proud of us.
  • Be proud of being a part of this great nation. Happy Bastille Day!
  • Celebrate Bastille Day with love and joy. Happy Bastille Day!
  • I am wishing you a beautiful Bastille Day this year with your family and friends. May you show the world how proud you are to be in this country!
  • Feel proud to be a part of the Bastille Day celebration from wherever you are because the pride has no location but rests in your heart.
  • Happy Bastille Day! Celebrate Bastille Day with your friends and loved ones.
  • Let us rejoice on this lovely day and recall our forefathers’ sacrifices in proudly engraving our country’s name in history. Le Quatorze Juillet!
  • May my country grow, grow and grow and become the next heaven on the earth. Bonne Fete Nationale!
  • Truly it is a wonderful day to commemorate what our forefathers did to make our nation what it is today. La Fête Nationale Française.