130 Adorable Engagement Anniversary Wishes!

Engagement anniversary wishes are always something to be cherished. Whether the couple has been married for a few years, or just a few months, the anniversary is a special time to reflect on how far they’ve come and to look forward to the future. Whether you’re looking for traditional anniversary wishes or something more unique, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

  • Happy Engagement Anniversary to you! The moment you had wrapped rings around each other’s fingers, you were stuck together for the rest of your lives!
  • I am ready now to face any storm life that can throw at me because I have found my lifelong bunker and shelter-the cozy place on the shoulder of my fiancé. Oh, I love you.
  • One year ago, we hadn’t only exchanged rings, but also promises to begin our future together. On this day a year ago, I asked this beautiful girl to be my wife. I feel truly blessed to have her by my side. Happy engagement anniversary, Sweetie! The countdown is on!
  • My fiancé’s happy engagement anniversary! I look forward to being able to live our dreams together.
  • I have never felt so good in my life as I did after meeting you, sweetie. I am complete because of you. Happy engagement anniversary. My entire existence is devoted to you.
  • True connections are when distance means nothing because love means everything. Ours is just that, and I love you.
  • Happy {year} engagement anniversary. May God bless you both and protects the love between you two forever. Have a beautiful day!
  • I found my missing pieces in you, and I want to be at your side until eternity is gone.
  • Love, Happy Engagement Anniversary to you! Getting engaged to you is undoubtedly the most special moment of my life. May God bless us with happy memories ahead!
  • Dear Husband, the years I have spent with you are the best years of my life. Let’s target for eternity, love. Happy Engagement Anniversary to us!
  • Even a thousand years filled with happiness aren’t worth the value of a single day with you. Having you in my life is the most wonderful miracle. Best wishes on our upcoming engagement!
  • Happy engagement anniversary to the most amazing couple. I pray to God for your successful relationship. May God guide you both and give you peace and happiness.
  • Sister, your marriage is truly an inspiration, and it all started with your beautiful engagement! Happy Engagement Anniversary to you both! God bless you!
  • Neither of you can exist without the other. May you be happy and healthy at all times. Best wishes! Happy Engagement anniversary.
  • There’s always time for the day when we’re going to be husband and wife, but for the rest of my life, my heart and soul have already committed to being yours. Oh, I love you.
  • Cheers to your engagement anniversary. May God bless you both and protect your love for one another forever. Take care and have a nice day!
  • I recall our commitment as it had been yesterday: full of passion, of feeling, of excitement, of relaxed nervousness. When I think about it, I still get giddy. I wish my fiancé a happy engagement anniversary!
  • Being with you is a dream come true, I am looking forward to spending my rest of lives with you.
  • Congratulations on your marriage at your wedding. Can your union give you more happiness than you can imagine? Oh, good luck!
  • Happy Engagement Anniversary, sweetheart! Your promise that day was a bond of trust, respect, and unconditional love. I am grateful for staying true to your promise.
  • May you become each other’s strength. Happy engagement anniversary, God bless your marriage.
  • Happy first engagement anniversary to the most beautiful couple I admire. A wonderful milestone like today’s is indeed a true celebration! Have fun!
  • You look forward to waking up with your sweet smile and your warm embrace every day.
  • I’m grateful to you for holding me so beautifully. I’m really lucky to have a loving husband like you. I wish you an amazing Engagement Anniversary!
  • Upon looking at you two, it is easy to see that your love is not meant to fade or fail. I am glad that you are engaged with each other. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!
  • I am so fortunate that I have got to spend the rest of my lives with you. Happy wishes on completion of our engagement.
  • Together, you deserve each other, at all times, at your best and at your worst. Best wishes to you on this special day!
  • Happy Engagement Anniversary! Wishing you both to have a blessed future ahead.
  • Some of the many moments that I can never forget are the exchanging of rings, the dance party after that, and the words you said to me in my ears that day. My Love Happy Engagement Anniversary.
  • It’s magical to be with you. I look forward to spending more magical years with you, my love.
Engagement Anniversary Wishes

Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes

When you get married, you make a commitment to each other that will last a lifetime. On your anniversary, it is only right to show your love and appreciation for each other by sending a heartfelt message. Here are few happy engagement anniversary wishes to help you express your love:

  • We will still be rich because we love each other a lot, regardless of whether we have jobs or not, regardless of whether we have a big house or not. Oh, I love you.
  • I can’t wait to marry you and go to our dream honeymoon destination. Happy wishes for our engagement anniversary dear.
  • The longer I spend my time with you, the more I fall in love with you. Happy anniversary of our marriage, my angel!
  • You came like a hurricane in my life and stayed back in the form of the calm and unreal peace that follows a storm. Oh, I love you.
  • Dear Sister, Happy Engagement Anniversary to you! I feel so relieved to see your happy and successful married life. You two are adorable together!
  • Being with you feels so good. I am so happy you’re going to be my husband. Let us celebrate and make this day a memorable one. Happy anniversary of our marriage, my darling.
  • When my heart is filled with turmoil, I look into your eyes and then I pass into a state of eternal peace and happiness. Happy (2nd/3rd/4th/5th etc) engagement Anniversary, to us!
  • Happy Engagement Anniversary to the love of my life! Thank you for being the same kind, charming, and genuine person over the years. I love you!
  • Congratulations to the couple who are perfect! Your love has hit new heights. Will your future be a positive and bright one.
  • You both are perfect for each other. Always be happy. Happy engagement anniversary to my brother and sister-in-law.
  • Many congratulations on the knot tying! Today could only be the beginning of a happier life together. You both want a stable future ahead of you.
  • May this new chapter in life-giving you all the joy you have. My love and blessings are with you always.
  • You’re not just my love, you’re not my fiancé, you’re the guy I’m looking forward to waking up to every day. Uh, I love you.
  • We just exchanged rings and it feels like our souls are connected to each other now. Happy wedding, my life partner soon to be!
  • You and I together make a perfect world, perfect life, and a perfect world.
  • In making my dreams come true, meeting you was the first step. The second step has been realized now that we are engaged. And the day you put a ring on my finger, it would have fulfilled all my wishes.
  • Wishing you all the joy your heart can have and may this be the fresh start to a long life together. Loads of good wishes for your involvement!
  • The day I met you, I knew you were the one we were, and I couldn’t wait to marry you. My fiancé wishes you a happy marriage!
  • You are my happiness, my dear love, I just cannot wait to tie the knot with you. Best wishes for our engagement.
  • Happy Engagement anniversary, dear brother. I hope you are ever-ending love and happiness. My warm wishes are always with you both.
  • I wish our relationship to be happy, long-lasting and lovely. Happy 6 months of our engagement anniversary.
  • We may become old as time passes, but I promise that our love will stay young forever. Oh, I love you.
  • You really are a heaven-made couple. May God make you more dearly cherished moments of a lovely marriage.
  • Like all planets, I revolve around you. As my sun, you were my light in the darkest hour. I love you with all my heart. May we continue to enjoy good fortune. Happy one-year engagement anniversary, sweetheart!
  • I am really amazed at your husband, how well he can accept all your silliness. It must be hard for him. Anyway, Happy engagement anniversary, sister.
  • The most amazing person I know is here. I can’t wait for you to say “I do!” Sweetheart, happy engagement anniversary!
  • My dear, today marks a year of the day when you put on a beautiful ring on my finger and made me yours forever. Happy 1st Engagement Anniversary to you!
  • We don’t just exchange rings with each other, we exchange dreams, promises, and hearts with each other as well.
  • My heart has chosen my every choice and path all my life. My heart has even brought me to you as well. On completion of our first engagement anniversary, best and caring wishes.
  • My courage, my joy, and my one true love are you. With all my heart, I love you. I can’t wait to get you married.

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes to Husband

  • I pledge you to smooch, snuggle, sweat, and spend the rest of my life with you.
  • We are one step closer to seeing our love come to fruition today! Couldn’t wait a moment longer to become your soul mate. Happy engagement!
  • Continually be supportive for each other. Wishing you a happy engagement anniversary and good luck with your marriage.
  • Baby, your love makes me the happiest woman on earth. Wishing you a happy engagement anniversary. May God’s blessings be upon our love and relationship.
  • Looking back over all the memories in our lives, I realize that no photo frame can possibly house all the beautiful memories and times we spent together. Happy Engagement Anniversary!!!
  • What soul-mates look like, you two are. I wish you romance and happiness for a lifetime.
  • We both shall build a solid bond of love and affection on this day when we exchange rings. Happy engagement!
  • With you not around me, these last few months have been the hardest for me. On the anniversary of our marriage, I miss you even more. Come back soon and get me married!
  • Happy 1st Engagement Anniversary, sister! May this day mark the eternity of your bond.
  • When someone forgives you for what you were, loves you for who you are, and accepts you for what you want to be, real relationships are.
  • You are an angel who turned heaven into my life. I can’t wait to finally make you my life partner.
  • I can’t wait to say to the entire world that you will be mine forever and I will be yours forever. I am so glad we are engaged!
  • Both of you are so fortunate that millions of people in this world have found each other. What a flawless pair you are! Oh, congratulations!
  • I went looking for my fiancé’s engagement quotes, but I found that words were simply not enough to communicate to you how much I really love you.
  • Sweetheart, happy engagement anniversary! What a great day feels like is just being with you.
  • Having waited so long, we are now getting engaged. Our love doesn’t end there, we will marry each other so our love can reach the heights of heaven together. Happy engagement!
  • It’ll be full of celebration, blessings, fun, romance, cuddling, and joy for the rest of my life. My future husband and wife, I love you.
  • You were always a good brother, and I know that you are also going to be a good husband. Happy conjugal life, I wish you.
  • There are a million or so reasons why I have fallen in love with you. One thing I do know, however, is that I can’t live without you. My dream wife wants a happy marriage!
  • I wish both of you love and unity, and I wish you peaceful and wonderful moments ahead in life. With warmth and care, may God bless both of you.
Engagement Anniversary Wishes To Husband

Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Wife

If there is one thing that your wife loves more than anything else in the world, it’s your continued love and devotion. On the occasion of your engagement anniversary, here are few heartfelt wishes for your wife that will show how much you care about her:

  • Fate may have brought us together, but it is my heart that wants us to remain forever that way.
  • My dear brother, God has blessed you with love, and he will also protect your love too. Happy engagement anniversary!
  • Wishing you a joyous Engagement Anniversary! I can’t express in words how much this beautiful bond of yours impresses me.
  • My dear fiancé… a wedding will formalize our relationship, but since the day we met, there has been no doubt in my heart. Oh, I love you.
  • My dear life partner, Getting engaged with you was one of the best decisions of my life. I am happy to be with you. Happy engagement anniversary.
  • I love you more every day, and I love you more every day, and I give you my heart and my soul every day.
  • Quite simply, you are an angel who has transformed my world into paradise. Looking forward to making you my life partner, officially. Happy engagement!
  • Happy Engagement Anniversary to my favorite couple! Your journey has only begun; for you, two are destined for eternity! Stay blessed and happy!
  • Dear, you two are an incredible couple who inspires each other to become better person every day! Happy Engagement Anniversary to you both!
  • I feel giddy, I get butterflies in my stomach when I’m with you, and I go wild with excitement and joy.
  • Happy anniversary of our marriage, my angel! Without you, I’m lost; without you, I’m incomplete; without you, I can’t live.
  • The roses are red, the violets are blue, the love of my life is yours, and I can’t wait to marry you. Happy anniversary of dedication my dear!
  • I have loved you without ever knowing how, when or where I started to love you. Still love you with all my heart, with no pride or complexities; I will love you forever, simply because I can’t imagine living any other way. Happy 1st engagement anniversary, my love.
  • You are a miniature piece of heaven that I have found on earth, and I absolutely cannot wait to spend my life with you. Happy engagement, darling.
  • I cannot explain your importance in my life. But I just want to say, stay by my side for the rest of my life. Happy Engagement Anniversary, my beautiful wife!
  • Let’s wish ourselves a happy engagement anniversary! May this wonderful anniversary bring us all the good fortune we deserve.

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How to say thanks for engagement anniversary wishes?

  • Getting engaged to you was one of the best decisions of my life. It is a pleasure to be with you. Happy engagement anniversary.
  • Our exchanging of rings meant that this is the end of our singlehood and the first step towards a committed life.
  • The ring on my finger is a promise I made to you to remain with you to the end. Wishing you all the best on our engagement, my love.
  • Everything will be fine, as long you are with me. Happy engagement anniversary wishes to my future wife.
  • The fact that we are going to have a wonderful future together is not difficult to imagine, but it is difficult to imagine how bleak and pathetic my life would have been without you. Oh, I love you.
  • Happy Engagement Anniversary! Like two puzzle pieces, you two harmoniously fit together. Wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling future!
  • Congratulations on your first engagement anniversary! Here’s wishing you both an exciting future with fun, laughter, and prosperity.
  • My love, Happy engagement anniversary. Today, years ago, it was one of the best days of my life. From then to now, every day has been beautiful for me. I love you, dear.
  • I asked you to be my engagement wishes for fiancé, not just because I love you, but because you’re the only woman that I’m going to love forever.
  • I love you so very much, and I love you, even more, every day. Anniversary of happy marriage!
  • It’s time for our engagement anniversary to be celebrated, my dear fiancé. Thanks for all the love you’ve been showing me. I just want to say that, with you, I am incomplete. I love you so much. Anniversary of happy marriage.
  • You put a smile on my face every time I see you. The magic of this moment is irreplaceable. I love you and I’ve been waiting so long to be yours forever.
  • The love you two have for each other is really fascinating. May you be happy like this for the rest of your life. Wishing you two a happy engagement anniversary.
  • Having a husband like YOU is truly a blessing from the heaven. I am glad that you chose me to be your wife. Happy engagement anniversary, baby!
Engagement Anniversary Wishes

What are the best words for engagement anniversary wishes?

When you get married, you make a commitment to each other and to society. You’re pledging to be there for each other through thick and thin, good and bad. And, of course, you vow to always be “engaged.” Anniversary wishes are a great way to reaffirm your commitment to each other and to celebrate your relationship. Here are some of the best words for engagement anniversary wishes:

  • As long as I live, pure and true love is all I can hope to give you.
  • Happy engagement anniversary to the happy couple. It’s great to see you two happy together. May God bless you both.
  • There’s just one huggable, kissable, caring, huggable, huggable one. My future husband or wife, I love you.
  • Today marks {years} of your engagement. Your love is still the same as before. Praying for you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Engagement Anniversary!
  • Another wonderful journey for you as a couple has begun. I’m so happy to see the growth of your family.
  • Happy Engagement Anniversary to you, my love! Being engaged to you was certainly one of the most exciting times of my life. May God bless us with a lifetime of happy memories!
  • All my life my heart has chosen my every decision and path. My heart even has led me to you also. Best and loving wishes on completion of our first engagement anniversary.
  • You’re never going to walk alone, you’re going to have my shoulders to stand on, and you’re going to have my arms to call home.
  • I’m so glad you find love with each other. All the very best wishes for involvement in the wedding arrangements and a beautiful life together.
  • If you would like to quantify my love for you, just count the days we spent together. And that’s too many! The day we got engaged was the day we took the first step toward getting married in our dream. My Love’s Happy Anniversary.
  • Happy engagement anniversary! Together, you make a great pair. Wishing you many more years of happiness together.
  • It is a dream come true to be with you, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
  • You are quite satisfied and happy with your life partner, it makes me happy. Happy Engagement Anniversary!
  • God’s amazing gift to you is getting engaged to the love of your life! Congratulations on your engagement anniversary! Wishing you two an amazing journey ahead!
  • I am the happiest, most fortunate, and blessed person in the world because of you. Happy first engagement anniversary to my soul mate.
  • Each of you looks so perfect with the other. You two seem like a match made in heaven. Happy engagement to both of you!
  • A peaceful commitment to you both. May the start of your never-ending journey full of passion, devotion and romance be this wonderful day!
  • We are not just exchanging rings with each other, we are also exchanging hopes, assurances and each other’s hearts.
  • Here’s to the lifetime commitment, eternal trust, and zero arguments you two had promised each other! Happy Engagement Anniversary! Stop fighting now!
  • Thank you for entering my life. Every single day, I promise to put a smile on your face. Happy anniversary of commitment, my love!
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