155 Best Wishes For A Happy Wedding Anniversary!

We all know that anniversaries are a time to celebrate the special moments in our lives. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a anniversary of when we met our best friend, or any other significant event, anniversaries are a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

When it comes to wishing someone a happy anniversary, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about what type of anniversary it is. Is it a milestone anniversary, such as a 10th or 25th? Or is it a more personal anniversary, such as the anniversary of a first date?

Once you know what type of anniversary it is, you can tailor your message accordingly. For example, if it’s a milestone anniversary, you may want to congratulate the couple on their achievements. If it’s a personal anniversary, you may want to express your love and gratitude for the person.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  • Being with you has been the happiest time of my life. You’ve shown me so much love and attention over the years. I want to wish you a happy anniversary, sweetheart!
  • Happy Wedding Anniversary, honey! You are still that beautiful, kind woman I had fallen in love with! You make me a better person, baby. I love you!
  • I hope this adventure could go on forever because of the way you love me and the way you touch my life. Thank you for making this a memorable day in my life. Happy Anniversary!
  • I wish every year our love increases and we reach new heights. Happy anniversary to my soul mate.
  • Happy wedding anniversary, husband. May the anniversary increase the love and bond we share. I love you.
  • Many best wishes and blessings to you on your anniversary. Happy anniversary to you.
  • May you find more reasons to love each other as you grow old together. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • We have an extraordinary amount of love and respect for one another and I am grateful for that. I wish you a happy anniversary, my love!
  • The way you love me and look after my family is unthinkable. You are not only a woman with good looks but also a woman with a beautiful heart. Happy anniversary!
  • I’m the luckiest wife in the world because I have the most caring husband. You always make me feel loved and appreciated. Thank you for your support, love, and care. Happy anniversary.
  • Even after all these years of depending on you, you haven’t grown tired of me and thrown me out. Here’s hoping you stay this way for the rest of your life. Happy Anniversary!
  • May our love for each other last a lifetime, as we make a lovely couple. Happy anniversary, my love.
  • Just here to say thank you for all the wonderful years together. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy Anniversary my love! No words can express the everlasting love I have for you.
  • Thank you for being my lifelong companion. Thank you so much for bringing such joy to my heart. Happy anniversary and I love you so much!
  • May every tomorrow be more beautiful than every today. Thanks for a year of love and care!
  • You two have given this marriage such strength over the years that nothing in this world can break it now. Happy anniversary to both of you lovebirds!
  • I’m beyond grateful for the love you have graciously given me this year. May your life be full of love and happiness. Happy 1st anniversary!
  • May God continue to bless your marriage for many years to come. Sending my warmest wishes as you celebrate the very first year of your beautiful marriage!
  • I look forward to spending many precious moments with you just like we did this year. I can tell you; that it was the best year of my life. Happy 1st anniversary!
  • With many memories to cherish and so many dreams to fulfill together, wishing you a happy 1st anniversary my sweetheart! May the spark in your eyes never fade!
  • Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you! Your marriage is so inspiring to us! May you keep finding more reasons to be happy every day! God bless you!
  • God truly made you two only for each other. Take my heartiest good wishes for you! Happy Anniversary bestie!
  • Thank you for showering me with the kind of love that lasts. You are an amazing husband and I am lucky to have you. Happy anniversary!
  • Congratulations on completing one more year of a happy marriage. Happy anniversary friend!
  • May the love we share become stronger as we grow older together. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Happy Anniversary!
  • Happy wedding anniversary to my amazing wife! I am lucky enough to have you as my wife.
  • You’ve been the source of my strength and inspiration in all these years. A wife like you is a blessing for any man. Happy marriage anniversary!
Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

No matter what type of anniversary it is, your message should be heartfelt and sincere. After all, anniversaries are a time to celebrate the people and events that are most important to us.

It’s your wedding anniversary! A time to celebrate the love and commitment you’ve shared over the years. Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your fiftieth, there are many ways to show your spouse how much you care.

Here are some ideas for how to wish your spouse a happy anniversary:

  • Write a heartfelt letter expressing your love and gratitude for your spouse.
  • Make a special anniversary dinner, complete with all of your spouse’s favorite foods.
  • Plan a romantic getaway, even if it’s just for a weekend.
  • Give your spouse a heartfelt gift, whether it’s something practical or something sentimental.

Whatever you do, take the time to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. Happy anniversary!

  • To be successful, most couples spend all of their time working. However, we strike the perfect balance, pursuing achievement via work, love, and happiness. I wish you a happy anniversary, love.
  • I can never be myself without you. Without you, there would be no reason to wake up in the morning and no reason to dream at night. You fulfill me all the time. Happy anniversary sweetheart!
  • May the joy of this day stay with you forever. May Lord always bless you two. Happy anniversary.
  • On our anniversary, I swear we’ll spend the rest of our lives watching Netflix and chilling, having lots of chats, going on dinner dates, and going on small but wonderful trips.
  • Happy anniversary to the couple who inspires me every day. You guys complete each other. Only best wishes to you guys.
  • I want to wake up next to you every day, in every world, and in every universe out there. I just want to be your today, tomorrow, and forever! Happy anniversary!
  • Happy Anniversary, dear. Thank you for always forgiving me, believing in me, and sticking with me no matter what.
  • May the light of happiness constantly shine through the clouds of misunderstandings in our eternal relationship, forming a rainbow of love. Happy Anniversary.
  • Having a wife like you means a lot to me. Because of you, my life is so peaceful and enjoyable. Thank you for never leaving my side. Happy anniversary wife!
  • Such a perfect pair like you deserve all the joy on this day. Here’s to many more years of happiness for both of you. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy Marriage Anniversary to both of you! May your beautiful bond last forever!
  • Happy Anniversary! May the happiness of this day linger forever and till the last breath.
  • My love for you will never fade. I have loved you in all those years and I’ll love you till my last breath. Happy anniversary sweetheart!
  • I’m so grateful to be able to share this roller coaster of life with you, through all of life’s highs and lows. Happy Anniversary!
  • Cheers to this beautiful moment. Wishing both of you a lifetime of happiness and love on this special day. Happy 1st anniversary!
  • May our love find many ways to flourish amidst the storms of life. Wishing a happy anniversary to my one and only!
  • The sweetest of anniversaries are the result of enduring life’s most difficult situations. Happy Anniversary, love.
  • If I could go back in time and choose again, I would choose you. My dear, I wish you a happy anniversary.
  • I’m so much happy to have you in my life. Thank you for everything! Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife.
  • I wish both of you a fantastic anniversary. May you two lovebirds always stay happy and loved. Happy anniversary to both of you.
  • Your voice is the sweetest melody that makes my heart sing. When our hearts synced with each other, life became fantastical! Happy anniversary sweetheart!
  • Anniversaries are days to celebrate. The love that makes our relationship great. I wish all of your dreams may come true.
  • We have endured the actual test of time, growing with one other and closer together every year, through good times and bad. With that, I wish you the best in life.
  • Happy Wedding Anniversary! May peace and happiness never leave your home!
  • You are the one that holds the key to my heart, knows every corner of it, and understands every beat it gives. You are irreplaceable. Happy anniversary!
  • You two always make my heart delight in joy. You are such a cool and romantic couple that you always people us envy you. Wishing a happy anniversary to both of you!
  • We learn that true love never dies; it simply grows stronger and truer with each passing year. Time has proven that your love is the purest form of love that has ever existed. Happy Anniversary!
  • Such a divine union can only be formed by two good and pure hearts. May the love we share grow stronger in our hearts as our relationship becomes stronger in days and years!

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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

  • Happy anniversary! I wish to be with you today, tomorrow, and forever.
  • Your marriage proves that you don’t need money to make a marriage happy and long-lasting; you only need to know how to love truly and unconditionally. Happy anniversary!
  • The road to love is long and winding, but we’ve always stood by one other in the face of difficulties. I hope that on our anniversary, this journey will continue to bring us joy for many more years!
  • I appreciate God for bringing you into my life. Happy anniversary, sweetheart! I love you!
  • May the memories of yesterday be the inspiration for tomorrow to us! Happy anniversary with lots of love!
  • It’s always amazing to see you together as a happy couple. Wishing you a wonderful wedding anniversary!
  • Our anniversary will remind you of the happiest times of our relationship, but it will also remind us of the hardships you had to through to get to those happy times. I wish you the best!
  • Another year has passed since I first met the person of my dreams. I am grateful for each year spent with you.
  • Without your love and sacrifice, there could never be a home and a family of my own. You make me fall in love with you every single day. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy marriage anniversary my love. A sweet and loving woman like you is a dream that comes true for any man.
  • Things that I dreamt of once have become a reality for me. When I say I’m grateful for having you, I really mean it to the core of my heart. Thank you for being my one and only reason for happiness. Happy anniversary!
  • I was a young child playing in a nursery, and you joined me on my journey of being “together forever.” My love, I wish you a happy anniversary!
  • May the love you share become stronger as both of you grow old together. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • May God fills your life with more beautiful moments and colorful memories in the coming years. Happy 1st anniversary!
  • Happy Anniversary! Your love is always a breath of fresh air amidst all the hardships, disappointments, and lost hopes and dreams.
  • Being a good husband is not easy. But you do it every day as if you were born to be a great husband. Happy marriage anniversary!
  • My heart yearned for love for so many years. Then you came into my life and gave my heart a reason to be at peace. Happy anniversary dear wife!
  • When it comes to pure love, there is no such thing as an end. I hope we will be able to continue to celebrate for many years to come. Happy Anniversary!
  • Happy Anniversary! I would find you sooner and love you longer if I could turn back the clock.
  • Happy wedding anniversary! I wish you many more years like this one ahead in your life.
  • To my better half, I wish you a happy anniversary. The good things in life are more enjoyable when shared with you, and I would rather die with you than with anybody else. Here’s to many more celebrations.
  • Accepting to spend the rest of my life with you was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  • The years you have spent together only says one thing: you both were truly and only made for each other. Happy anniversary to both of you!
Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

  • My lovely wife, thank you for blessing me with a wonderful life! Happy Anniversary to you!
  • Thank you for showing us what real-life “happily ever after” means. Best wishes for today and for all the days to come. Happy Anniversary.
  • Seeing you together, always happy and smiling makes me realize that happy marriage still exists. God blessed both of you by giving you to each other. Happy anniversary!
  • I cannot really express just how blessed I am to have found a husband like you. Happy Anniversary to us!
  • All of me is all of you. Nothing more and nothing less. On this day, all I want is to witness our love grow through all the storms and harmony in the coming years!
  • I think it’s very beautiful how two complete strangers can be brought together by the essence of love, and I hope this love lasts for many years to come.
  • The last 365 days have given me so many wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of my life. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Happy 1st-anniversary dearest!
  • Congratulations on your anniversary. May you two love birds stay happy and blessed always.
  • It takes time to build the kind of relationship that’s almost entirely perfect. We have seemed to have done it all in one year. Happy Anniversary!
  • May God almighty make your bond stronger and last forever with his divine power and grace. I wish both of you a happy married life. Happy anniversary!
  • You have made me the happiest person to ever live on this planet. Thanks for being the reason for my heartbeat!
  • Years will come and go but our marriage will be there like a timeless gem, shining bright till forever ends. Happy anniversary!
  • Wishing you all the best for your future. Happy anniversary buddy!
  • I wish you and I a happy, healthy, and lovely life together in the future, just as we did years ago.
  • On this day, I married the most beautiful woman on this earth. Happy anniversary dear. You are such a precious gem in my life.
  • May the sun always shine on the path we share, the moon always shine brightly in our hearts, and the shooting stars always keep a close watch on us everywhere we go. Happy Anniversary, love.
  • I’m thankful to God for sending you in my life. Happy anniversary dear! I love you!
  • You rule in my heart and dwell on my mind. You are the princess of my dream and the queen of my world. Happy anniversary to you!
  • Anniversaries are designed to remind us of all the good times we’ve had in our relationship, as well as all the challenges we’ve overcome to get to those happy times. What an emotional rollercoaster we’ve been on.
  • When you’re around, it’s difficult for me to keep my blush at away. I hope that even when it’s just a regular day or our anniversary, you’ll stick to me.
  • I adore you with all of my heart. You are more than everything I could ever ask for. Every moment I spend with you is so precious to cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for being an amazing partner. Happy anniversary!

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Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

  • Dear hubby, thank you for being literally the kindest and most compassionate husband ever. Love you to the moon and back. Happy Anniversary handsome!
  • Happy anniversary to the one and only person I want by my side every day and night for the rest of my life. I love you, sweetheart!
  • Thank you for being my mate in life. Thank you for making my heart filled with enormous happiness. Wish you a happy anniversary my dear husband.
  • Your bond will only grow strong because your hearts were meant for each other. Wishing you a joyful celebration of this day. Happy first wedding anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to my love. May we always remain like this. Let this anniversary be the best.
  • I’m delighted to have you in my life. Thank you once again for everything! Wishing you a happy anniversary!
  • The first stage of a successful marriage is completed. Congratulations to both of you because you’ve made us all so proud.
  • May the everlasting love keep on shining upon us forever so we can make many more joyful memories together. Happy wedding anniversary to us.
  • It’s easy to fall in love, but staying in love with the same person for the rest of one’s life is considerably more difficult. May God provide us the strength to stay committed to one another. Happy Anniversary!
  • Everything about you makes me go crazy even after all these years. I am so lucky to have such a handsome, loving man as my husband. Happy anniversary!
  • May this day bring you a lot of happiness. May the years ahead of us be spent loving and caring for one another. Happy Anniversary!
  • Today is a nice day to reflect and travel down memory lane, remembering all of the wonderful times we’ve shared together. Happy Anniversary!
  • Being with you is similar to that delicious cup of coffee I have every morning. Even though I drink it every day, I still appreciate it.
  • You two are growing old like a fine wine together. May all the glitters in your eyes last forever. Wishing both of you a happy anniversary on this special day!
  • We’ve been able to get through the most difficult times of our lives hand in hand and heart to heart, which makes this an even sweeter anniversary. I wouldn’t do it with anyone else on the planet. Happy Anniversary!
  • I hope your love grows stronger and deeper day by day. Wishing both of you a great anniversary, sending love and good wishes to both of you on your anniversary.
  • May heaven bless you so you can overcome any difficulties and enjoy every moment of happiness together. Happy anniversary, you two.
  • Loving you is one addiction I can’t get rid of. May our bond last forever. Happy anniversary!
  • Your marriage is one of the most beautiful bonds that I have ever seen. You guys deserve a big appreciation for making it such a strong one. Happy anniversary!
  • The sound of the sea and the echo of your love share a few characteristics in common: they are both constant and eternal. Happy Anniversary!
  • I get a lot of emotions, happiness, joy, and excitement from loving you. I’m happy to treasure those feelings for you. Wishing to share those for another year or so.
  • I’m totally in love with falling in love with you each and every day! Thanks for another fantastical year!
Wedding Anniversary Wishes

How do you wish a wedding anniversary?

  • I wish you a happy anniversary, my love. Remember the good times and leave the bad behind; reminisce about joyful memories while ignoring the sad. Take pleasure in a love that has endured so long that even angels are singing a song of joy.
  • Every love story is distinct, one-of-a-kind, and lovely, but ours is my personal favorite. Happy Anniversary!
  • I wish both of you a thousand years of happy married life. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Remember the first time you smiled at me and the way you looked at me gave me the chills? These feelings have stayed with me for years. I’m hoping you’ll stay the same.
  • Its wonderful to share life with you. You have given me so many reasons to love you and forever is the shortest time to love you in all the way possible. Happy anniversary!
  • May we never lose sight of what brought us together and what brings us great joy.
  • I am so blessed to be married to someone as wonderful as you. I love you so much! Happy anniversary darling.
  • Not everyone has been able to find true love that thrives and grows over time. Finding you, my love, has been a true blessing. May our relationship be blessed with many more years of growth and blessings.
  • May this day bring countless joy to your life. May the coming years of your life be spent in loving and caring for each other. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary sweetheart. May God bless you and keep you happy.
  • You came into my life and showed me that there is so much in my life left to be explored. And when I started doing that with you, I became the queen of my world. Happy anniversary my king!
  • Much love and happiness for my hubby, who knows what can lift my mood and how to make me happy. I hope the upcoming years will be filled with joy, love, and laughter. Happy anniversary.
  • Happy Wedding Anniversary! Wishing you both eternal happiness and peace.
  • My love for you will never fade. I’ve loved you for years and will continue to love you till the day I die. Happy Anniversary, love!
  • I am forever grateful for having a husband who knows how to love his wife, protect his family, and take care of his child. You are the best in every way possible. Happy anniversary!
  • Being with you under the same roof is the happiest period of my life. You have given me so much love and care all these years. I wish you a happy marriage anniversary dear!
  • May our love for each other grow stronger with each passing year, like a rose. Happy Anniversary!
  • I simply wanted to express my delight at the prospect of another year of love and happiness ahead of us. With each passing day, may our love blossom and flourish even more. Happy Anniversary, my love!
  • Everything was like a dark sky until you, my brightest star, came through. We’ve had our ups and downs, but my heart always knew we’d make it this far. Happy Anniversary!
  • Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. You truly are a match made in heaven!
  • Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless you and keep you happy.
  • You are a precious treasure I want to keep till the last of eternity. Your unconditional affection is what kept me going for all these years! Happy anniversary dear husband!
  • Thank you for marrying me and making it last all these years. Happy anniversary my love! We’ll make it last forever!
  • A happy marriage does not just happen to people; they have to make it a happy one. Congratulations to both of you for making it work for such a long time. Happy anniversary!
  • Loving you is a never-ending journey. It has only the beginning but no ending. Here’s to counting the years together, forever!
  • I can never imagine my life without you. If happiness was a person, it would be you. Wishing happy anniversary to the love of my life!
  • We have been together for years but it still feels not enough. I can never get tired of falling in love with you. Happy anniversary dear wife!
  • Happy anniversary my love! It’s been a journey of endless fun. I hope it never ends.
  • Marriage is a roller coaster ride and it’s totally worth it with you! Happy anniversary love!
  • Cheers to another year of creating beautiful memories together. May God bless you two together forever. Happy Anniversary!
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