30 Personification Poems: Objects with Emotions

Personification poems are a type of poetry in which human qualities or characteristics are attributed to non-human objects, animals, or concepts. In these poems, the non-human subject is given a personality, emotions, and other human-like traits, creating a sense of empathy and connection with the reader. Personification is a powerful literary device that can add depth, meaning, and creativity to a poem.

Personification Poems

The Wind

The wind, a wild and restless soul,

A spirit that cannot be tamed,

It dances through the trees and hills,

And whispers secrets untamed.

It rushes through the streets at night,

And rattles windows in its wake,

A force of nature uncontrolled,

A force no human can break.

It howls across the open sea,

And tosses ships like toys,

It carries dreams and hopes aloft,

And fills the world with noise.

It’s a fickle and capricious thing,

A creature of the air,

But we can’t help but love the wind,

And all the life it bears.

The Moon

The moon, a pale and lonely queen,

Who rules the night with silver light,

She guides us through the dark unknown,

And bathes the world in gentle white.

She waxes and she wanes, and yet,

She never fails to rise and shine,

She watches over us each night,

A steadfast friend of humankind.

She pulls the tides with gentle grace,

And sets the earth in motion,

She shapes the rhythms of our lives,

And fills us with devotion.

She’s a symbol of our deepest dreams,

A beacon in the dark,

The moon, a timeless, endless friend,

Who leaves her mark.

The Mountain

The mountain, a stoic and proud soul,

Who stands so tall and free,

He watches over all below,

And fills us with tranquility.

His rugged face and craggy peaks,

Speak of strength and endless might,

He holds the earth within his grasp,

And rises to the sky in flight.

He’s a symbol of our deepest hopes,

A refuge in the storm,

The mountain, a steadfast, endless soul,

Whose grace we can’t transform.

The Sun

The sun, a fiery, golden king,

Who rules the day with endless light,

He gives us warmth and life and joy,

And guides us through the endless night.

He paints the world in hues of gold,

And lights the sky with dazzling flame,

He gives us energy and strength,

And fills our hearts with hope and fame.

He’s a symbol of our boundless strength,

A force that we can trust,

The sun, a shining, endless king,

Who never fades to dust.

The Ocean

The ocean, a mighty, ancient god,

Whose power spans the world and more,

He churns the waves and shapes the land,

And sings a song we can’t ignore.

He roars with fury in the storm,

And whispers softly in the calm,

He gives us life and takes it back,

And fills us with a deep, endless balm.

He’s a symbol of our deepest fears,

A force we can’t control,

The ocean, a timeless, endless god,

Whose secrets we can’t know.

The Rain

The rain, a gentle, soothing friend,

Who falls from heaven with a sigh,

She washes clean the world below,

And fills the earth with life and dye.

She patters on the rooftops high,

And dances on the leaves below,

She cools the air and fills our hearts,

And makes the world a better show.

She’s a symbol of our deepest dreams,

A gift from up above,

The rain, a gentle, endless friend,

Whose grace we can’t rebuff.

The Earth

The earth, a living, breathing soul,

Whose beauty fills the world with awe,

She gives us food and shelter too,

And holds us safe within her maw.

She’s the foundation of our lives,

The ground beneath our feet,

She’s a symbol of our endless love,

A friend we can’t defeat.

She nurtures us with gentle care,

And bears the weight of all we do,

The earth, a living, endless soul,

Whose strength will see us through.

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Personification Poems for Kids

Personification poems for kids are poems that use the literary device of personification to give human qualities or characteristics to non-human objects, animals, or ideas. These poems are often written in a playful and imaginative style that engages children’s curiosity and helps them develop their language and creative skills. Personification poems for kids can range from silly and humorous to poignant and meaningful, and they can be found in many forms of literature, including children’s books, nursery rhymes, and poetry collections. These poems can also be a fun way to teach kids about figurative language and the power of imagination in writing.

The Sun

The sun is like a great big smile,

That shines upon our face,

He warms the earth with all his might,

And makes our world a happy place.

He rises up with glowing grace,

And sets with golden hue,

He fills our world with warmth and light,

And makes us all feel new.

The sun is like a great big friend,

Whose love will never end,

He’ll always shine his brightest light,

And help our hearts to mend.

The Moon

The moon is like a gentle friend,

Who comes out late at night,

She watches over us with care,

And fills our world with light.

She rises up with quiet grace,

And sets with peaceful calm,

She fills our dreams with endless hope,

And helps us feel less alone.

The moon is like a gentle guide,

Whose love will never cease,

She’ll always shine her gentle light,

And bring us endless peace.

The Stars

The stars are like a happy dance,

That twirls across the sky,

They fill the night with magic light,

And help us feel alive.

They sparkle bright with endless joy,

And shine their light on all,

They fill our hearts with endless hope,

And help us stand up tall.

The stars are like a shining friend,

Whose love will never fade,

They’ll always dance across the sky,

And fill us with their grace.

The Wind

The wind is like a playful child,

Who loves to run and play,

He dances through the trees and fields,

And fills our hearts with glee.

He blows away the leaves and dust,

And makes our world feel new,

He fills our hearts with endless fun,

And helps us to renew.

The wind is like a playful friend,

Whose love will never end,

He’ll always blow his gentle breeze,

And help our hearts to mend.

The Rain

The rain is like a happy song,

That falls upon the earth,

She washes all our troubles away,

And helps our hearts to birth.

She falls in drops of gentle grace,

And paints the world in hues,

She fills our hearts with endless joy,

And helps us to amuse.

The rain is like a happy friend,

Whose love will never cease,

She’ll always sing her gentle song,

And bring us endless peace.

Personification Poems

Personification Poems About Nature

Personification poems about nature are poems that use human qualities and characteristics to describe natural elements, such as trees, mountains, rivers, and animals. In these poems, nature is given human-like emotions, actions, and thoughts, which help to create vivid and compelling imagery that evokes a strong emotional response from the reader. By personifying nature, poets can also explore complex themes and ideas, such as the relationship between humans and the natural world, the cycle of life and death, and the power and beauty of the natural world. Personification poems about nature are a popular form of poetry, and can be found in a wide range of styles and genres.

The Sun’s Dance

The sun wakes up and stretches her beams,

Stretching across the morning sky.

She dances across the fields and streams,

Warming the earth as she passes by.

Her rays caress the flowers’ heads,

As they sway in the gentle breeze.

The sun’s dance brings life to the meads,

And helps the world awaken with ease.

As evening falls, the sun slows down,

Her dance now just a gentle sway.

She bids farewell with a golden gown,

As night takes over and ends her day.

The River’s Song

The river flows like a symphony,

Singing a song for all to hear.

She moves along so gracefully,

As she washes away all fear.

Her melody echoes through the land,

As she twists and turns and bends.

She sculpts the earth with a gentle hand,

And on her banks, life ascends.

The river’s song is never done,

As she flows from dawn to night.

Her music brings peace to everyone,

As she reflects the moon’s soft light.

The Wind’s Whisper

The wind whispers secrets to the trees,

As she rustles through their leaves.

She dances through the fields with ease,

And plays with the flowers like a breeze.

Her voice is gentle, but also strong,

As she carries seeds to new lands.

The wind’s song lasts all day long,

And echoes through the shifting sands.

At night, the wind quiets down,

As she rests her weary voice.

But she’ll return, with a joyful sound,

And once again, the world rejoice.

The Mountain’s Majesty

The mountain stands so tall and proud,

Overlooking all the land below.

Her peak is wrapped in a snowy shroud,

And her sides are covered in a green glow.

She watches over the world with care,

As she basks in the sun’s warm light.

The mountain’s majesty is rare,

And fills the heart with pure delight.

Her rocky face has seen much change,

As the world around her ebbs and flows.

But she remains constant, ever sage,

As time around her swiftly goes.

The Wind’s Lament

The wind howls in despair,

Tossing leaves and branches bare,

Its mournful voice echoes through the trees,

As it grieves for the dying leaves.

It mourns for the passing of fall,

When nature sheds her golden shawl,

And winter’s icy grasp takes hold,

As nature succumbs to the cold.

But the wind knows that in due time,

Spring will bring a new paradigm,

And life will bloom once more,

As nature rises from winter’s floor.

The Sun’s Smile

The sun rises in the east,

Bringing light to man and beast,

Its warm embrace touches all,

As it bathes the world in a golden pall.

It smiles upon the earth below,

As it sets the world aglow,

Bringing life to every form,

And casting shadows through the storm.

Its radiant beams pierce the sky,

As the world wakes up to its gentle sigh,

And life begins anew,

As the sun’s smile brings joy to all who view.

The Sea’s Song

The sea’s song is a haunting tune,

A symphony played by the moon,

Its melody echoes through the night,

As the waves dance in the moonlight.

Its voice is deep and ancient,

A tale of love and loss, so poignant,

It whispers secrets to the shore,

And sings of wonders still in store.

Its rhythm beats like a heart,

As it tears the earth apart,

But it’s also a soothing balm,

A place of refuge from the storm.

So let the sea’s song wash over you,

And let its power seep into your soul,

For it is a force to be reckoned with,

And its beauty is beyond compare.

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Best Personification Poems

Personification is a literary device in which non-human objects or concepts are given human-like qualities or characteristics. When used effectively in poetry, personification can create a sense of empathy or connection between the reader and the object being personified.

Some of the best personification poems are those that use vivid and imaginative language to bring inanimate objects to life. For example, “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats personifies the bird as a “light-winged Dryad of the trees” and “a wandering voice.” Similarly, William Wordsworth’s “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” personifies the daffodils as “dancing” and “tossing their heads in sprightly dance.”

Other notable examples of personification in poetry include “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot, where the evening is personified as “patient,” and “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, where the two diverging paths are personified as “grassy and wanted wear.”

Overall, the best personification poems use this literary device to add depth and meaning to their subject matter, creating a unique and memorable reading experience for the audience.

Nature’s Lament

The trees sigh with a mournful sound,

As the wind dances around their crown.

The leaves rustle with a whispered plea,

“Take care of us, oh humanity!”

The rivers flow with a gentle sigh,

Their murmurs lost to the passerby.

Their waters speak of a world long lost,

Of pristine beauty and freedom’s cost.

The earth heaves with a deep lament,

Its voice drowned out by the discontent.

Its heart cries out for a chance to heal,

To once again become a world ideal.

The sky watches with a somber gaze,

Its clouds a veil for its hidden craze.

Its thunder speaks of the fury within,

Of a world that’s lost its sense of kin.

Death’s Whisper

Death whispers in a voice so low,

A mournful tune, a lullaby to go.

It sings of a life that’s now gone,

A journey that’s over, a song unsung.

The stars twinkle in the darkened sky,

Their light a glimpse of life’s goodbye.

They shine for the ones who’ve passed,

A beacon of hope that forever lasts.

The moon casts a solemn glow,

Its face a mirror of life’s ebb and flow.

It watches as the world moves on,

A witness to the pain, the loss, the dawn.

The wind carries the whispers of death,

Its message a reminder of life’s breath.

It sings of a world beyond our sight,

A realm of peace, a place of light.

Love’s Embrace

Love embraces us with open arms,

Its touch a balm for all life’s harms.

It speaks in a language of the heart,

A bond that nothing can ever part.

The sun shines with a brighter hue,

Its warmth a symbol of love so true.

It radiates a light that’s divine,

A promise that everything will be just fine.

The flowers bloom with a fragrant scent,

Their petals a reminder of love’s intent.

They dance in the wind with a carefree grace,

A symbol of love’s eternal embrace.

The stars twinkle with a joyous light,

Their dance a celebration of love’s might.

They shine for the lovers who’ve found their way,

A symbol of love that’s here to stay.

Time’s March

Time marches on with an unyielding force,

Its steps a reminder of life’s course.

It moves with a rhythm that’s all its own,

A journey that’s set, a path unknown.

The seasons change with a steady beat,

Their colors a palette of life so sweet.

They whisper of the passage of time,

Of a world that’s ever-changing, ever-climbing.

The clock ticks with a measured sound,

Its hands a reminder of life’s bound.

They move with a pace that’s all their own,

A symbol of life’s journey, a path unknown.

The moon waxes and wanes with a solemn grace,

Its face a mirror of time’s embrace.

It watches as the world moves on,

A witness to the past, the present, the dawn.

Dreams’ Flight

Dreams take flight with a soaring grace,

Their touch a journey to a wondrous place.

They speak in a language of the unknown,

A world that’s free, a path to be shown.

The clouds drift with a gentle breeze,

Their movement a symbol of dreams’ ease.

They float in the sky with a carefree grace,

A reminder of the freedom that dreams embrace.

The stars shine with a twinkling light,

Their beauty a symbol of dreams’ flight.

They sparkle in the sky for the ones who dare,

A beacon of hope, a journey to share.

The moon glows with a soft allure,

Its face a mirror of dreams’ pure.

It watches as the world moves on,

A witness to the vision, the hope, the dawn.

Small Personification Poems

Small personification poems are short poems that give human qualities and emotions to non-human objects or animals. These poems often use vivid imagery and metaphor to create a sense of empathy and connection with the subject of the poem. Personification can be a powerful literary device, allowing writers to explore complex themes and ideas through the lens of relatable characters or objects.


Tiny and clear, I fall from the sky,

Pitter-patter on the roof, oh my!

I dance and sing, as I reach the ground,

My joyous spirit, can always be found.

I quench the thirst of plants and trees,

And bring happiness to all, with ease.

I am the raindrop, small but strong,

A symbol of nature’s blissful song.


I am the sunbeam, bright and bold,

A radiant ray, shining gold.

I touch the earth, with gentle grace,

Warming up each and every place.

I chase away the shadows, dark and drear,

And spread a light, that’s oh so clear.

I bring hope, with every passing day,

A shining light, to guide your way.


I am the breeze, soft and light,

A whispering voice, in the quiet night.

I rustle the leaves, and gently sway,

A soothing touch, on a hot summer day.

I am the messenger, of distant lands,

Carrying scents, of sand and sands.

I bring change, with each gentle gust,

A refreshing breeze, that you can trust.


I am the moonlight, silvery and bright,

A quiet presence, in the still of night.

I bathe the earth, in a soft, gentle glow,

A mystical force, that we’ll never know.

I stir up dreams, in the heart of man,

And make the world, a magical land.

I bring peace, with every silver beam,

A calming presence, that’s oh so serene.


I am the firefly, small and bright,

A twinkling star, in the dark of night.

I light up the sky, with my tiny spark,

A glowing ember, in the deep and dark.

I am the symbol, of hope and joy,

A fleeting glimpse, of a child’s toy.

I bring magic, to the darkest night,

A shining light, that’s oh so bright.


I am the pebble, rough and round,

A steadfast presence, on the solid ground.

I am the rock, that stands the test of time,

A symbol of strength, that is always prime.

I am the witness, of ages past,

A silent sentinel, that will always last.

I bring stability, to the shifting sands,

A solid foundation, that forever stands.

Candle Flame

I am the candle flame, bright and tall,

A dancing spirit, in the night’s dark hall.

I flicker and sway, with the gentle breeze,

A warm embrace, for those who freeze.

I am the symbol, of hope and light,

A shining star, in the midst of fright.

I bring comfort, to the troubled mind,

A soothing presence, that’s oh so kind.

Autumn Leaves

I am the autumn leaves, red and gold,

A symbol of nature’s story, bold and old.

I rustle and crunch, under your feet,

A reminder of change, that’s bittersweet.

I am the witness, of the passing year,

A fleeting glimpse, of what was once near.

I bring beauty, to the fading earth,

A colorful farewell, before winter’s birth.

Ocean Waves

I am the ocean wave, wild and free,

A force of nature, that rules the sea.

I crash and roar, upon the shore,

A mighty voice, that’s hard to ignore.

I am the messenger, of the deep blue,

Carrying tales, of the ocean’s crew.

I bring power, to the coast’s edge,

A reminder of the ocean’s pledge.

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