125 Catchy and Cool New Year Wishes for Girlfriend!

We all have our hopes and dreams for the coming year, and we want to share them with the person we love. Whether you’re looking to make some new friends, get more out of life, or just keep your relationship strong, here are some wishes for girlfriend that will help you to get started.

New Year Wishes for Girlfriend

  • You are my one and only- and thus celebrating New Year with you is much! Happy New Year, dear girlfriend. Let’s celebrate today and always. Love you.
  • Let me hold you tight tonight as the old passes into the new because this is our promise to each other: hearts beatings as one now and forever. Happy New Year, my love.
  • Darling, may the upcoming year be full of love, success, and happiness. I will offer you the biggest support and love you need. Happy New Year love!
  • This year has been wonderful and all because of your love and company and I’m sure that the next year will be more awesome. Congratulations on this new year my princess.
  • You are a blessing to my life. It is my prayer that you continue being the love of my life until the end of time. Happy New Year girlfriend!
  • Your happiness is my priority. Therefore, the upcoming year will be dedicated to you and your inner peace. We will cope with everything as long as we are together, love. Happy New Year.
  • I wish you to be cheerful, charming and smiley all year round. I really want you to be happy, because you happiness is the key to mine. A wonderful New Year to you, baby.
  • Your love has shown me that life is truly wonderful. As we face another New Year. I look forward to all the adventures and misadventures we will be sharing. Happy New Year darling.
  • I appreciate and cherish every minute spent with you so much that even one more beautiful year with you won’t be enough. All lifetime won’t be enough. Happy New Year!
  • I know I am not the easiest person to love, but you managed to handle me on my worst. I will never let go of you. Happy New Year!
  • New Year’s Eve is fantastic and beautiful but you’re definitely more, nothing in this world can be compared to your beauty, Happy New Year.
  • You’re the priceless treasure that every man seeks. I am one lucky man to have you as my girlfriend. You are just too perfect for me. Keep blessing me with your love baby. Wishing you a blissful new year!
  • It is a blessing knowing that I have the most beautiful girl in the world. You make me feel like I am in heaven. Happy New Year, babe!
  • I want to welcome this new year with you in my arms. I want to give you a hug so warm and a kiss so special that you’ll forget all your regrets of yesterday. Happy new year dear!
  • Sweetheart, let’s forget about last year’s troubles as we look forward to a new year filled with love. Happy new year to my one and only love!
  • You came into my life and I realized that new years were much more than just numbers. Today, I look back and realize how grateful I am because of you. I feel lucky because you are my girlfriend! Happy new year.
  • There is Something in your smile which speaks to me, Something in your voice which sings to me, Something in your eyes which says to me, That you are the dearest to me. Happy New Year To My Love!!
  • Spending New Year’s Eve with you is a dream come true. May the upcoming year be full of success and wealth, and I will provide you with the biggest love and support. Happy New Year, babydoll.
  • I know that next year will be the happy one because I am about to spend it with the most amazing woman in the world! Thank you for choosing me out of everyone else. Happy New Year, my darling!
  • I don’t know how it all happened; all I know is that we love each other so much. I feel special to have you in my life. Happy New Year, my love!
  • I wish to kiss you at midnight every 31st of December. You are the woman of my life, you make every moment in my life memorable. Happy New Year, love!
  • I love you unconditionally. My love for you would remain true and fresh for the rest of my life. I ask God to bless us to be together this New year.
  • Everything about you is beautiful; you are the beauty of my eyes. I want to love you forever. I wish you a happy New Year!
  • Babe, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are the love of my life. I love you so much. Happy New Year my love!
  • May the upcoming year shine upon you just like you continue to do so, not just to me but to many others. Thanks for being so a kind and wonderful person. Love you, girlfriend.
  • You will always have a new year in life, but you will never have a new bf anymore good luck with starting a new life this year!
  • Happy New Year, girlfriend. You are my favorite song, thanks for being so soothing and graceful. I Hope Lord blesses you and your family in the upcoming year my beloved.
new year wishes for girlfriend

Heartfelt New Year Wishes for Girlfriend

It’s the new year, which means it’s time to make some new year wishes for your girlfriend. No matter what she’s been up to this year, she deserves your love and your best wishes for the year ahead. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Some people have charming smiles, some have beautiful eyes, some have sweet face. But you have all of them along with a kind heart. I wish you a fabulous New Year!
  • Tonight as the fireworks go off, I want to remind you that I dearly love you and it’s my prayer for our love to grow stronger with each passing day. Happy New year to my girlfriend!
  • I cannot believe that I am the boyfriend of the most beautiful woman in the world. Thank you for being my girlfriend and best friend. I wish you a happy new year.
  • Thanks for making my life so beautiful with your presence. I wish that 2023 brings along more romantic moments for us and makes it a memorable year.
  • We have a new year to make our love be stronger and live our relationship completely. I love you and I wish you the best in the year which begins.
  • You are God’s gift to me. In fact, you are the favorite among the many gifts I had. I am grateful that you are still with me as we welcome the New Year to come.
  • Spending every day of the upcoming year with you is my ultimate goal, girl. Happy New Year, love of my life. May you have the best year of your life. Love you so much.
  • I want to dedicate my entire life to making sure that you’re happy at the end. Your happiness means a lot to me because I love you more than myself. Happy new year!
  • Happy New Year to my lovely girlfriend. Hoping the New Year keeps you next to me and brings us many special moments together.
  • New Year’s night is special only because I have you by my side. May this happy hour be the beginning of our amazing journey. Happy New Year, baby!
  • The old one is waving us goodbye, and a new one has just arrived at our door. Let us pray to God that he fills our hearts with love and affection for each other. Happy new year darling!
  • In the previous New Year my biggest wish came true, because I met you. Sweetie I cannot thank you much for all your love and support!
  • You are my princess, and you make each of my days seem like a fairytale. So, my love and warmest hugs to you on this new year.
  • I have only one New Year resolution, and that is to love you more with each passing day. May you have the best year full of love and happiness! Happy New Year, my dear girlfriend!
  • Celebrating New Year is always special because I know that we have another 365 days to be together. I love you and Happy New Year!
  • I wish that you never feel lonely this New Year for you should have known by now that wherever we are, you are always with me in my thoughts.
  • New Year may bring loads of new beginnings in peoples’ lives. But as far as I am concerned I want our love to remain just as is for you my dear girl have already made it simply perfect.
  • Hope our hardships will be lessened this year and we will continue to ace life together. Happy New Year, my best friend~ my girlfriend. Love you so much.
  • Happiness does not fit inside my heart, I am very excited to be able to celebrate a Merry Christmas by your side and live a prosperous New Year. I love you a lot!
  • The New Year is fast approaching, and I can’t believe I will be holding you in my arms as we start a new year. Thank means our year together will be a blessing. Happy New Year!
  • New Year is a day to remember, it is a day that reminds us that we have so much to look forward to. Happy New Year, my dearest love!
  • Happy New Year wishes my dear girlfriend. Our love has transcended all boundaries and stood strong all these times and I hope this year to it turns out more lovely and happier.
  • The past year has been a blessing to have you by my side through thick and thin, dear girlfriend. Hope to continue our goofiness in the upcoming year. Happy New Year. Love you so much.

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Unique New Year Wishes for Girlfriend

  • This New Year’s night is very special in my life because I have you by my side. You have made my dreams come true. Happy New Year, baby!
  • You are my world, you may hear nothing from me that how I appreciate you but beyond that Silence, your presence creates a beautiful sound in my Heart, Happy New Year!
  • Darling, May all the years that we will spend together be filled with happiness and love just the way you make me feel each day. Happy New Year!
  • I say goodbye to this year and I am very happy and grateful for everything that has happened. The next year will be much better as I sit beside you, being able to get everything we want. I love you my darling.
  • As the old year passes by and a new year is coming at our door wish to send you the heartiest greetings of pleasure and excellent health. May God bless you and gift you a wonderful year ahead.
  • As long as I have you right by my side- I know everything will be alright. Wishing you a year full of success and bright joy. Happy New Year, Girlfriend.
  • Every night my thoughts drift to you, Every second my heart beats for you, With you, every moment seems so new. Happy New Year my Love!
  • Honey, you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. You make every year in my life so special. May the upcoming year be full of love and God’s blessings! Happy New Year, my love!
  • This year has been wonderful and all because of your love and company and I’m sure that the next year will be more awesome. Congratulations in this new year my princess.
  • Happy New Year wishes for my dear girlfriend. Our love has transcended all boundaries and stood strong all these times and I hope this year to turn out more lovely and happier.
  • I didn’t make a resolution of practicing self-care anymore because someone beautiful is there to take care of me this year. Happy new year, sweetheart!
  • My beloved, Happiest New Year. Dear girlfriend, you make everything easier just by apologetically yourself. You are the best thing that has happened to me, thanks for happening.
  • One of the most joyous moments in life is stepping into the New Year. I am so grateful that I am part of your life. Happy New Year girlfriend!
  • Woman like you is a mystery I will never be able to solve. And that’s what I love the most about you. May our future be as bright as your eyes and as careless as I am when I’m with you. Happy New Year, love!
  • The start of the year holds hope and comes with new blessings. It is my prayer for your New Year to be filled with good health, love, and happiness. Happy New year to my girlfriend!
  • Darling, don’t think so much about the future. Live for the moment. I know we will cope with everything together. I love you and wish you a happy new year.
  • This New Year I would always want you to be beside me for simply seeing you makes my days seem happier and brighter, talking to you makes my heart lighter, and holding your hands make me feel stronger.
  • The fact that you chose me from over a billion people in the world makes me feel special. I feel special and loved when I am with you. I can’t imagine a future without you. Happy New Year!
  • This New Year I simply have my heart as a gift for you which I have wrapped with fiery red passion and tied with glittery pearls of emotions – they are very fragile, so handle with care.
  • This will be a special year for me because it started with kissing you. May this beautiful moment be the start of our amazing journey together! Happy New Year, love!
  • May God continue to bless you with kindness, good health, fortune, and beauty throughout the year, dear girlfriend. Let’s celebrate the New Year and have the time of our lives.
  • Your smile is the brightest star in the sky tonight. I am fortunate to be spending New Year’s Eve with you as we contemplate our future together.
  • Every New Year I used to wish for a guy who would truly love me with his whole heart. This will be the first time, I will not make that wish as I already have you!
  • You have given me the best memories of my life, and I can’t imagine starting any of my upcoming years without you. Happy new year love!
  • I can never get out of my mind and have the best time whenever I’m with you. You’re my favorite, my girlfriend. Thanks for being so fun and loveable. Happy New Year.
  • Looking back at past, I will always be grateful for the amazing memories and moments that we shared. I really hope you’ll always be the major part of my life. Happy New Year!
new year wishes for girlfriend

What should I say to my girlfriend on New Year’s?

New Year’s is a perfect time to show your girlfriend that you care about her and want to make this year special. Planning a special dinner or gift for her, spending time with her, and surprise her with a special day will make her year. Here are some good new year wishes for your girlfriend.

  • This New Year, I wish that each of your days is as bright as the glow in your eyes, as beautiful as the smile on your lips, and as loving as the heart you possess.
  • Spending the New Year with you is a sign that our love will last forever and it will grow tremendously this upcoming year. I will do anything to see this relationship succeed. Happy New Year, baby!
  • If I had three wishes to make; I would wish to be with you always, to love you always, and to have your heart always. Happy New Year!
  • Every night was spent dreaming of you and every day was spent thinking of you last year. I don’t want my new year to be any different than that! Happy new year!
  • I never imagined my life would be this beautiful. It is all because of you my love. I deeply love you and wish you a happy new year!
  • You have always been there for me, you are my rock, my rock, and the one who gives me hope. Happy New Year!
  • Thanks for all the efforts you make for us. This year I will be loving you more than the last one, I promise. Happy New Year, girlfriend.
  • My love for you can never be described, measured, or compared. It can only be felt with the heart and seen with eyes closed. Happy new year!
  • You are not just my girlfriend, but my heartbeat, the love of my life. I love you so much and wish you a Happy New Year!
  • I think I am so blessed to have you as my girlfriend. Honey, you are my inspiration and love of life. Have a magical and unforgettable year!
  • I can never thank you enough for choosing me out of everyone. You always make my days brighter. Happy new year, girlfriend!
  • Thanks for keeping the fire alive and making sure we are having a good time. You are my one in a billion. Happy New Year, my baby girl.
  • This new year, I’m praying that God gives all my happiness to you and all your troubles to me. May you always keep smiling, my queen.
  • Meeting you was my dream come true. It is my prayer that every year we celebrate New Year’s Day together. Happy New Year, my love!
  • Distance can never separate two souls deeply in love with each other. Happy new year my love. Wishing you all the best things in life.

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How do I say happy New Year to my love?

  • You are my delicate princess and everything is worth fighting for just seeing you smile. Happy New Year, my girlfriend. You are truly an inspiration, my sweetie.
  • Every new year is a celebration of our love and our efforts to make it stronger than ever. Thank you for never giving up on me. Happy new year!
  • Happy new year, princess. I promise to love you even more than I have loved you in the previous days and be by your side forever.
  • Happy new year to the most beautiful girl! When you are with me, every single moment is filled with magic. Wishing you a delighted new year filled with love!
  • I’m dedicating the upcoming year to you. I will make sure that your life is perfect, and all of your dreams are coming true. Thank you for loving me through all these years. Happy New Year, baby.
  • Thank you for making my dream come true by being mine. Happy New Year, girlfriend- till death do us part, let’s celebrate New Year forever together, dear girlfriend.
  • This New Year I wish that each of your day is as bright as the glow in your eyes, as beautiful as the smile on your lips, and as loving as the heart you possess.
  • Your love has made each day of my life a magical one. So, as New Year commences, my humble tribute to you are the three magic words – I love you.
  • I know I’m not the easiest person to love, but you’ve always been with me even when I was my worst. Thank you for never letting me go. This New Year I promise to understand us better.
  • Thank you for holding my hand tighter during the most vulnerable days of my life and making sure that I am doing okay. Happy New Year Darling.
  • You gave me a purpose to live, and I will forever be grateful to you my love. Happy New Year to the most beautiful woman!
  • Nothing makes me happier to know that I am going to welcome every New Year by your side for the rest of my life. Happy New Year, beloved girlfriend. Love you tons.
  • Seeing you happy is all I need. The upcoming year will be dedicated just to making you happy. Happy New Year sweetheart!
  • Happy New Year to the most wonderful, most beautiful, and the most important person in my life. I love you truly, my darling.
new year wishes for girlfriend

What are the best wishes for girlfriend?

Wishes for your girlfriend vary depending on what your relationship is like, but there are some general wishes that are popular anyways. Some people might say things like “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “I hope you have a great day!” Some other people might say more personal things like “I love you,” “I hope you feel better soon,” or “I wish you happiness in everything you do.” Ultimately, what you want to say to your girlfriend is up to you, but these are some popular wishes to start with!

  • This year was so exceptional and memorable because of you being in my life and I really believe that in the upcoming year we are going to share more great moments together!
  • I promise this New Year that you will never feel alone for the rest of your life and that you will always have me.
  • You changed my life in so many more ways than I ever imagined. I feel so lucky to have such an inspiring girlfriend like you. Happy new year!
  • For my lovely girlfriend, I send New Year greetings wishes for you for a fabulous New Year celebration. Let your new year and the days to come be filled with fun and happiness.
  • You fill up my heart with feelings I had never known before. I want your New Year to be just as special as you are. Happy New Year sweetheart!
  • A woman like you makes my life more enjoyable. I will never get enough of you. May your future be as bright as you have made mine. Happy New Year, love!
  • Darling, I want to thank you for choosing me over everyone else. I will never let you down. I wish you a happy new year, my love.
  • If you were a flower, you’d be the most beautiful flower in this world. But God made you a girl so that you can be mine. I need you to be in my life forever. Happy new year my love!
  • I sometimes wonder if my heart can hold any more love for you in it, then it manages to love you more anyway. Happy new year to my amazing girlfriend!
  • I am thankful to God for giving you good health and giving me such a beautiful lady. Happy New Year, princess, I love you so much.
  • I’m so happy not because it’s a new year but because I’m starting a new year with the right one beside me. Happy New Year Love!
  • With you at my side I know that I can make it. Thanks for giving me your love and in the new year I know that together we will be very happy.