115 Heartfelt and Unique Miss You Wishes for Wife!

We all know how much our loved ones mean to us. When they’re away, it can be hard to find ways to show them how much we miss them. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to express our love and missing without having to say a word. Here are some heartfelt miss you wishes for wife that will make her feel loved and close no matter where she is.

Miss You Wishes for Wife

  • When you and I are together we become a complete couple, but now when you are not around, I’m missing your presence. Love you sweetheart, miss you!
  • Hey my beauty queen, every morning you come in my dreams. With your charming smile you made me flat, come home soon as your husband is badly missing your presence. Love you, sweetheart!
  • My sweetheart, it’s your hubby who is missing you badly. I can’t take the distance and the absence of your precious company anymore. I need you, now. Miss you, my love.
  • Every morning when I opened my eyes, I used to see your lovely face and beautiful grin, my beauty queen. But now that you’re gone, the house feels empty, and I really miss you.
  • My love, Life being stopped without your company. It is so hard to run my life without you. At every breathing, I’m badly missing you.
  • Life is so brief and fleeting that the hours spent alone fly by. You and I should be together. I miss you!
  • No matter how far we are from each other, I miss you every moment! I love you and miss you every single moment of my life, my beloved wife!
  • My love, life is being stopped without your company. It is so hard to run my life without you. With every breath, I’m badly missing you my beautiful wife.
  • I am the problem, and the only solution to the problem is you. Our home seems empty without your presence. My beloved wife, I am missing you so much.
  • Every minute without you feels like a thousand years of emptiness. Love you so much, my beautiful wife! Missing you a lot!
  • I miss you the way you love me, I miss you the way you share my pain and I miss you the way you bring smiles to my face. I miss you for everything
  • Baby, you are my world, my heart’s desire, and the life of my life. I am missing you so much.
  • My beloved wife, You are the only asset of my life who fills the colors of happiness in my universe. A little absence of you makes me crazy. At every moment, I need you. Miss you, my dear.
  • I am crazily missing the warm touch of you, my lady. The morning kisses and the hugs at the time of leaving the house for work make me nostalgic. I miss you so much my love.
  • Whenever you are not around- I feel numb. You are the missing piece of the puzzle I am. Truly, I am incomplete without you. Miss you so much.
  • Day have become days, night has become nights from the time you have gone. See this is how much I’m missing you. Love you sweetheart!
  • Your hug can make my mood better in a millisecond, and I need that. Please come and hug me love.
  • I feel numb whenever you are not here. You are the component I’ve been missing. Without you, I truly am lacking something. Missing you terribly.
  • Economics says that a need is different from a want. I say that both are the same because I need you and want you at the same time. I miss you.
  • My every moment reminds me of you, your smile, your touch, your presence everything. Now I know that my world is around you. Miss you until we meet again.
  • I went overboard, I crossed the line. I gave you, many a reason to whine. Baby I am sorry, for not being myself lately. Please come back, and forgive my stupidity. I miss you.
  • I miss the way you used to smile and made me happy a while the whispers in my ears and things that you used to do. Baby, I just want to say that I truly miss you!
miss you wishes for wife

Heartfelt Miss You Wishes for Wife

A wife needs encouragement from time to time. Whether it’s a simple “I miss you” or a more heartfelt message, letting her know you care is important. Here are some heartfelt miss you wishes for wife to help show your love.

  • Your absence has completely ruined my life. Everything feels hollow without the woman who I call my wife. I miss you.
  • Our home has become an isolation center. Do come home before its too late. Your husband is missing you like crazy and have lost lots of weight. Miss you!
  • When you left, my heart stopped beating then I realized you are my heartbeat. Come home soon, my heart, for I miss you.
  • I know you are also missing me but you won’t share your feeling but I’m not like you. I share my mind and heart both. I’m missing you my sweetheart a lot.
  • When I lay in bed at night, all I do is think about you, and that’s when I know I am missing you. I miss you, my beautiful wife.
  • It is already a few hours since left for work and I am already missing you. I don’t know how it will be for the rest of the day. I will miss you, my love.
  • Do you know what is common between your job, your colleagues and your boss? I hate them all because they get to spend more time with you than I do. I miss you.
  • My dear beauty, if you leave me and go, I will just wait for my death. Please cool down and come back to me. Your soul mate hubby is missing you badly.
  • Hey my dream queen, what are you doing right now? I am sure that you are waiting for me, and your hubby is also missing you so much.
  • Sweetheart, your hubby is the one who misses you the most. I wish you were right here with me because I miss having you around. My dear, you are missed.
  • You are my gift of life, your presence is the must for me to smile. When you are not around, I miss everything. I love you dearest wife and missing you a lot.
  • I wish I had the wings like a bird, then I would visit you at lunchtime. Feeling very excited, within a few hours gonna meeting you. but, still, I miss you.
  • Just the sun has risen, it’s morning but you are not here beside me! I can’t take it anymore! Please, dear, come back, I am missing your morning kisses. Miss you badly my dream girl.
  • I love you and care for you. You are the one with whom I share everything I do. On this occasion all I wanna say that I miss you and love you.
  • Without you, I feel like a flower withering away without sunshine, a lake parching up without water and a heart… limping along without its beat. I miss you.
  • Even though I am alive, my heart has stopped beating. Even though I am breathing, my body is suffocating. Even though I still care, I can’t bear any longer that you’re not there. I miss you.
  • When the presence of people you love are memories meant to be kept then their absence is like sugar missing in a tea. I miss you so much baby.
  • I can’t find anything in the house when you are not around. How terrible I am. I’m missing you, my wife.
  • I wish I was allergic to my wife’s absence so that the doctor could prescribe her constant company for me. I miss you.
  • You are the sunshine in my life, without you, my life is full of darkness. Please come to me, my love. I miss you so much, my dear wife.
  • The world is worthless to me without your presence. I can’t think of a single day without you. Your husband misses you badly.
  • Without you my body clock has gone haywire because seconds seem like minutes, minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days. I miss you.
  • The only thing stopping me from going insane are your romantic whispers that echo in my heart. I miss you.

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Unique Miss You Wishes for Wife

  • My beauty queen, I used to see your sweet face and charming smile every morning when I open my eyes. But now, home seems empty without you and so I badly miss you.
  • I don’t know what is love. I don’t know what is happiness. I only know you, without you, I can’t make a single step in the road of my life. My wife, your hubby misses you crazily.
  • Each minute I am suffering more, Each minute is taking a toll Without your presence in my life I have known your worth and role My pretty wife, come soon And give me back my smile!
  • I thought I could handle the pain from being apart from you, but I can’t. Please come back, I’m missing you, my wife.
  • Sweetheart, it is your husband who is missing you so much. I miss your company and wish you were right here with me. I miss you, my love.
  • My sweetheart, I love you so much, you can’t even imagine how much! If I could open my heart, then you can see how much your hubby missing you.
  • I can leave the world for you but can’t survive a single moment without you. Please give me a way how I can express my deep hearty feelings for you. My love, I miss you crazily.
  • Music, sports, friends, movies, have tried everything to compensate your absence but nothing is working. I’m missing you badly, please come home soon. I love you!
  • My sweet mistress, from the day you come into my life. My days became lightened from the deep dark. You put shining in my life. And so, your husband missing you every single moment.
  • Dear love, from the time you have gone to your parents’ home, love from my life has vanished. It is getting difficult to pass minutes forget about days. Miss you my sweetheart!
  • Missing you has never been difficult and getting over it has never been simple. Come to me before I lose my mind sweetheart.
  • I never knew what love is, I never knew what happiness is, until I met you. Now that you are far away, I am badly missing you.
  • Give me a further chance to see the sunset together. To walk in the open wind with you. I am here but my heart is always with you. My life I’m missing you badly.
  • Dear wife, your husband is missing you like crazy. It has become difficolt to do anything on time. Please come home so that I can have some relaxed time. Missing you, love you my sweetheart!
  • From the day you have gone, I’m passing my time counting seconds. I have gained perfection in calculating time. Miss you darling!
  • The divine gift of my life is you. My better half, at every beat of my heart I feel you. Without you, I am totally motionless. It’s your hubby who misses you each and every moments.
  • It is true you are not with me, but you are in my heart and I can feel you with its each beating. You are the first and only one with whom I want to share my every feeling. A simple thing I want to say I miss you a lot.
  • The best gift of my life is you, my love. Without you, I have no purpose in life. It’s your husband who misses you every second. I love you, my dear wife.
  • My love, you are the angel of my fairytale. Please never keep a distance from me. Keep me in your mind, where else could I go if you leave me? I’m missing you so much.
  • I have hugged my pillow more than I have hugged you this week. Come back soon from your business trip or else my soul will get weak.
  • Wish I was holding you right into my arms and could say how much I love you right at this moment. Miss you, honey.
miss you wishes for wife

What are the best miss you wishes for wife?

Looking for something special in a relationship? Miss You wishes for Wife are just what you need! These best heartfelt wishes will remind your wife just how much she means to you and how much you miss her.

  • How can I manage things without you around? Everything is a mess right now. I feel incomplete without you. Your hubby crazily misses you.
  • To my queen, you the ruler of my kingdom. Please come back to take the charge of your destiny. I’m missing your presence my sweet honey. Love you and miss you.
  • When you are not near, I don’t feel alright. I feel like there is something missing in my life. I love you my wife and miss you so much.
  • Every time I think of you, tears start strolling down my face. Come to me soon so that you can kiss these tears away. I love you and I miss you a lot.
  • Without thinking, I spoke endlessly. Without pausing, I fought with you baby. Without reflecting, I called you names. Without introspecting, I blamed you for playing games. I’m sorry, I miss you.
  • I’m not a poet who would use thousand of words to say I love you and miss you. I’m your straight forward husband and all I wanna say that I’m missing you badly.
  • You know my queen? From the beginning till now, you are the best thing happen in my life. I love you so much. But whenever you keep a little distance from my sight, at the very moment I used to miss you.
  • Being away from you have placed me in the hands of the devil of loneliness. The only way I can escape this wrath is to be rescued by an angel called YOU. I miss you.
  • No matter how hard I try to concentrate with my work, I find it hard because I am missing you. I miss you so much my dear wife.
  • Sweetheart, my days are going bad day by day, without you, I can’t think my existence. It’s enough, My every breath needs you. I love you so much and miss you badly.
  • Sweetheart, my days are going bad day by day, without you, I can’t think my existence. It’s enough, My every breath needs you. I love you so much and miss you badly.
  • Hi sweetheart, I know you are missing me, that is why I have come to tell you that I love you a lot. Missing your love and touch!

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How can I impress my wife with words?

  • You touch my deepest parts leaving me wanting you more that’s why I feel so empty without you now. I miss you, my wifey.
  • You know my love? In my kingdom, you are the only queen. My soul mate, my queen, I can’t take the distance between us anymore. Miss you crazily.
  • Like the due of the morning, you water my soul. I feel dry and thirsty when you are not around. I miss you.
  • Every droop of the rain comes to me with a deep feeling for you. Such distance between us hurts me and makes me nostalgic. I miss you so much, my lady.
  • My sweetheart, you have no idea how much I love you! Without you, I can’t think a single moment. Miss you so much.
  • I never thought that I’m going to miss you this much. It’s a pain to live without you. Please come home, I’m missing you!
  • Without you by my side, the day seems to be slow. I miss you more than anything you can imagine of.
  • I can’t live without you even for an hour, forget about days. Your absence is killing me from within, you woold see me at your place soon, if you aren’t going to come back by evening. Miss you love!
  • You are the focus of all my goals, and you must be considered in every choice I make. I miss you so much, my wife.
  • Even if we are worlds apart- I always hold a part of you in my heart. I love you and miss you to death, dear wifey. Take care of yourself.
  • I’ve been missing you terribly. Please give me the opportunity to love you from a closer distance.
miss you wishes for wife

How do I say I miss my love?

When it comes to saying you miss your love. In some cases, simply conveying your feelings in words may be all that’s necessary. In other cases, involving your loved one in your thoughts may be the best way to show your affection. Here are some best miss you wishes for wife.

  • All of life’s hues have become gloomy, days have become lifeless and dreary. The distance between us is killing me slowly. Day after day, I am gasping breathlessly. Save me from this excruciating misery, please… come back soon baby.
  • All my plans are centered on you; I can’t make a single decision without you in it. My wife, I am crazily missing you.
  • Our kids are not the only ones who miss their mom when she is at work, I miss their mom too. xoxo
  • I only think about you when I get up in the morning, and that is when I realise how much I miss you. You are missed, my lovely wife.
  • I’m missing to view of sunset holding hand in hand, walking on the beach barefoot. Please come home soon darling, my life has stopped in your absence. Love you sweetheart, your husband is missing you.
  • If you want me to cry, I woold! If you want me to dance for you, I woold! If you want me to cook for you, I woold! But I can’t live without you. I’m missing you and kids presence at home. Please come home soon.
  • When you are not home, I am unable to locate anything. How awful I am. My wife, I’m missing you.
  • There is no happiness in my life without you by my side. Right now, all I need is you. I’m sorry, my wife.
  • Being away from you has placed me in the hands of the devil of loneliness. The only way I can escape this wrath is to be rescued by an angel called YOU. I miss you.
  • There are a series of stories stacked around the days when you were with me. Days are running but I remain to stop. My lady, please come back and keep me in pace; I badly miss you.