100 Happy 75th Birthday Wishes That’ll Make Them Smile!

We can’t believe it’s been such a long time, but it feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating your birth with all of our friends and family. We’re so glad that you’ve been an integral part of our lives for so many years, and we hope that you have a wonderful birthday party full of friends and family! Here are some of our favorite happy birthday wishes for them:

Happy 75th Birthday Wishes

  • All these years you’ve spent on this earth, you’ve not only achieved success in life but an irreplaceable spot in everyone’s lives too. Now that’s a way to live! Happy 75th to you.
  • Experience is something that comes with time and age. Wishing you a lovely 75th birthday mother. I love you everything in the world!
  • I remember the day when I went to beachside. You holding my hand, kissed me on cheek side. I so much love you dear husband. Wishing you Happy 75th birthday oh my love!
  • Your ability to brush my hair when I was little is one of the most precious memories of me as a grandmother. You are my best friend. I wish you the best 75th birthday.
  • From the moment he is born, a father holds his child until the day he dies. Father, you are so loved and respected on your 75th Birthday!
  • Wear this New Year like a badge, being around for 75 years is no joke and you have lived it with so much grace and dignity. You’re an inspiration to look up to.
  • This year, on your 75th birthday I send you warm wishes, hugs, and kisses for all the love you’ve given me. it’s always a pleasure to have you around. Thank you for being in my life.
  • I still remember how you used to tease me. Never giving me anything of yours but caring me. I’m lucky to have you as my elder sister. Hugs and wishes on your 75th birthday!
  • May all your wishes come true to this special day, and your wife (or husband) may not find it out.
  • It’s been 75 years since the birth of our planet, and we are still going strong. My friend, that’s an amazing achievement. Congratulations!
  • Thank you for always being the person that stood by my side when I needed you to, my mom.
  • A friend remembers you by your age, but not your birthday. Being a true friend of yours, I only remember your birthday. Happy 75th Birthday.
  • Even though you are 75 years old, your mind still behaves like a madman. You need to be smarter. We wish you a happy 75th birthday and more love.
  • You yell at grandmother like it’s a living hell. It makes me anxious, and you feel like crying, baby. You cry even though I have all the food. But you are the one I love most. Many happy wishes for your 75th birthday!
  • Dearest friend, I wish you endless joy and happiness on your 75th birthday. Happy Birthday.
  • God has given all His love and all His warmth for you on this big day of yours happy birth day.
  • Dear friend, I wish you joy, happiness, and peace as this special occasion marks 75 years of you being here on Earth. Happy Birthday!
  • For always believing that I am capable of something greater, I wish you a really good bday.
  • Don’t get all weird about growing older! Age is simply the number of years the world has been enjoying us.
  • You are my mother’s brother, her favorite brother and my best friend. You gift me all what I say, caring me and never at bay. Wishing you marvelous Happy 75th birthday maternal uncle!
  • Dear friend, congratulations on turning 75 today. God bless you with all your hopes and your most treasured desires. Happy Birthday.
  • The joy of the universe is to play in the laps of grandfather. It is a never-forgotten journey to walk alongside him. We wish you the most memorable 75th Birthday!
  • Happy 75th Anniversary! You’ve been a great friend, and I ask the Almighty Lord for peace and happiness.
  • I love you for always being the wonderful Mom who looked forward to seeing me happy birth day!
  • Happy birthday to you. May God give you the strength to blow out 75 candles.
  • You are the best friend any man or woman could ever have. Your 75th birthday should be filled with happiness, good health, and sunshine.
Happy 75th Birthday Wishes

Best Happy 75th Birthday Wishes

Looking back over the past 75 years, there have been many accomplishments and happy moments shared between friends and loved ones. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply spending time with someone special, there is no better way to honor a life well lived than with a heartfelt happy birthday wish. Here are some of our best happy 75th birthday wishes:

  • I hope you find the key to the chamber of happiness that you have not opened till now to be the happiest. I wish you the happiest 75th birthday.
  • I just want to tell you once again that I am just so happy right now, I wish you all the best too.
  • A birthday is a good time to remember our friends. At our age, it’s good to remember almost anything at all!
  • You made every single memory of my childhood so much better so thanks so much right now.
  • A true friend remembers your birthday, but not your age. Happy 75th birthday!
  • You’re the pillar holding this family together and your presence is what makes our lives ecstatic and impacted our lives with your wisdom only to be better. Happy birthday.
  • Blessings of elders are more and much than anything in the world. Hugs, wishes and love on your 75th birthday grandmother!
  • The way you used to comb my hairs when I was a small kid is the best memory of you grandmother. I love you with all my heart. Wishing you happiest 75th birthday!
  • Your value is something that just increases every single year, have a happy 75th birthday now.
  • Happy 75th birthday. May your value increase year after year, just like fine wine.
  • The ability to experience the world is something you gain with age and time. I wish you a happy 75th birthday, mother. You are my best friend!
  • You should be called fine wine because your value grows with each year. Your 75th birthday should be one of the most joyful days in your life. Enjoy a wonderful birthday!
  • Your grandfather’s laughs are so irritating to me. Your laughter is so wrong-headed to me. Your beard is like a web of spiders. It’s time to shave it. We still love and care about you. Happy 75th birthday!
  • Sisters are brothers’ second mothers. They love them and care about them. My dear sister, I wish you the happiest 75th Birthday!
  • Long road you have come. Long road you have journeyed and more long you to go. You no tired, still in hurry. Wish you best rocking Happy 75th birthday wishes dad!
  • I cannot even fathom having a mom that is greater than you are, thank you and happy birth day!
  • When you have a brother, you don’t need to fear. Wishing you heartiest 75th birthday brother. You have always remained by my side!
  • Dear friend, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for everything you have done. My prayer is that you live a happy and healthy life as you approach 75 years of age.
  • Mother’s love is never-ending. It never ends. Wishing you huge-huge-huge 75th birthday, mum! We forever love you!
  • Happy 75th birthday! May you find the strength and courage needed to blow out all those candles.
  • Birthdays are healthy. The more birthdays you have, the longer you will live.
  • Even at 75, you’re still younger and livelier than many youngsters. You’ve mastered the art of living and influenced others to be like you. May God be with you now and forever.
  • Happy 75th Birthday to my dear friend. Your presence makes the world a better place. You have made happiness a part of my life.
  • Each passing year is an indication of wisdom you’ve gained and experiences you’ve added to your Lifebook. You’re a treasure for all of us. Here’s to another 75!
  • You make every year of your life count and so don’t let this one be an exception; go and get the best of it. Happy 75th birthday.
  • Mother’s love is always infinite. It never ends. Wishing you huge-huge-huge 75th birthday mum! We forever love you!

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Fabulous Happy 75th Birthday Wishes

  • We still love aunty your funny talks. All the funny anecdotes you say are full of mocks. We feel lucky to have you in our family. Wishing you 75th gracious birthday!
  • I love you my sister, always loving you. So much love that I couldn’t describe it. I wish you remain always with me. Wishing loveliest 75th birthday!
  • You know you’re getting older when your childhood toys are now collectibles and antiques. Happy 75th Birthday!
  • You don’t have to be afraid if you have a brother. We wish you a happy 75th birthday, brother. I have always had you by my side.
  • Thank you for being a part of my life as you’ve taught me to never give up and be a person of my own. Your encouragement has only pushed me further toward my goals. Happy 75th Birthday.
  • We wish you a happy 75th birthday! You look amazing for seven and a quarter decades! Take every second of it.
  • So innocent you’re, still have that grace far. When see your face mom, you still shine like diamond. Wishing you 75th birthday mom! Love you!
  • God has blessed this family by bringing you, Mom and so I hope you have the best day too.
  • You are a grandfather because you’re so bald. There are only two hairs on your head, and they can’t consummate to give more. Give back to your head. Happy 75th Birthday, Grandfather!
  • Another year to live, love and enjoy the precious life God has so graciously given you. 75 is another milestone of your existence. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Enjoy your special day! May your wishes come true…and may your wife (husband) not find out!
  • Your voice is still that baritone. When you speak, mountains roll. You are my loveliest grandfather. Hugs, warmth, wishes on your 75th birthday!
  • Congratulations on seven and a quarter decades of life! This is an amazing achievement. All the best to you as you celebrate this moment in your lives.
  • I appreciate all the things that you have truly done for me I wish you a good bday for now too.
  • Today is your 75th birthday. I wish you the strength to burn all those candles that were used in decorating your little cake.
Fabulous Happy 75th Birthday Wishes

How will you celebrate your 75th birthday?

There are so many ways to celebrate your 75th birthday, and we wanted to share some of our ideas with you. Maybe you’d like to throw a small party with close friends and family, or organize a big celebration with everyone you know. Whatever you decide, we hope that your birthday is a joyous and memorable experience. Here are some more ideas:

  • Still you have that playfulness. Still you love to flirt gently without any mess. I wish you brother 75th birthday. You still look like king!
  • Sisters are like brothers’ second mother. They care for them and want everything for them. Wishing you happiest 75th birthday my dear sister!
  • As you’ve turn 75 today, I wasn’t to thank the Lord for blessing our lives with your presence. It’s a special day that not all live to see. You’ve made it to the diamond jubilee, my friend.
  • That cricket match that we together. That girl that we loved both together. Every moment spent with you is millions of more. I love you my friend more and more. Wishes on your 75th birthday!
  • Today we celebrate the amazing life you’ve lived for 75 years with so much dignity and honor. I’m so proud to be a part of your wonderful life. Happy 75th, Rock star.
  • Birthdays are good for your health. Studies show those who have more birthdays live longer.
  • To the most amazing woman this entire universe has been graced off, I wish you a good day!
  • Having you in my life has been the best thing, to have someone wise like you to guide me at every step of my life is nothing but a blessing. Happy 75th Birthday.
  • Elder blessings are greater than any other thing in the universe. Sending you love, hugs, and wishes on your grandmother’s 75th birthday!

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How to make a toast for a 75th birthday?

  • Like fine wine, your value increases year after year. Happy 75th Birthday!
  • Don’t think of it as turning 75. Think of it as turning 18 with 57 years of experience.
  • To the world’s best mother in the world I wish you the happiest Birthday, may God bless you well.
  • An eagle can miss his prey for once but you never miss out on getting the best of every stage of life, and I know, this time, you will do the same; happy 75th birthday.
  • To play in the lap of grandfather is the joy of the world. To walk with him is never-forgetting journey. Wishing you most memorable 75th birthday!
  • You’ve aged like a fine wine, each year increasing your worthwhile you grow more and more savory adding flavor to every life you touch. Have a great 75th birthday.
  • Birthdays are nature’s way of saying we need to eat more cake. Have a wonderful 75th!
  • Blessings never stop happening to one whether you get older or naïve, I want you to open your arms and heart to let your blessings roll in; happiest 75th birthday.
  • A father holds his son the day he is born till the day he would die. So much love, care and respect father on your 75th birthday!
Happy 75th Birthday Wishes

What is a good gift for a 75 year old woman?

When you’re shopping for a gift for a 75-year-old woman, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, she probably has a lot of experience and wisdom under her belt, so something that reflects that may be a good choice. Second, she may not need as many new things as she used to. Something practical and useful may be more appreciated. Finally, she might not have a lot of time to spend shopping, so something that can be delivered directly to her door may be a better choice. Here are a few ideas for gifts:

  • May this year be as blissful and exciting as the past 74 years of your life. As each year passes you grow younger. Happy 75th birthday to you!
  • To age with grace is the success in itself. Wishing you your best 75th birthday dad. I wish as you are aging, you enjoy your life more.
  • Grace is the key to success. Happy 75th birthday to your dad! I hope you have more fun as you age.
  • May every wish you’ve ever threw a coin on the wishing well come true happy 75th birthday!
  • I hope you felt how special you truly are today and that you are truly loved by me as well now.
  • Mother sacrifices everything for their children, even her life. She is the only God divine. Bow down to you. Wishing you marvelous Happy 75th birthday!
  • Seven and a half decades you’ve been around, you’ve touched so many lives including mine. May God bless you with health, happiness, and long life. Happy birthday my dear.
  • Mother gives her whole life for her children. She is the only God. You are the only God divine. We wish you a wonderful Happy 75th Birthday!
  • I’ve learned so much from you through all the years I’ve known you. It’s been a pleasure to be acquainted with someone of your intellectual. Loads of love and prayers for your 75th birthday.
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