105 Heartfelt and Catchy Goodbye Wishes for Friends

We all have friends who we’ll miss when we leave this world. Whether they’re friends from childhood, friends we’ve made recently, or friends we just met, we all owe it to them to say goodbye in the most heartfelt way possible. Here are some goodbye messages for friends that we hope will help you reflect on your relationships and cherish the memories you’ve made.

Goodbye Wishes for Friends

  • May our friendship never die, and the good old memories never fade from our hearts. Goodbye.
  • Going to new place is a part of life. You’ll meet new friends and make new memories but I’m sure I’ll always be in your thoughts. Goodbye, my friend!
  • I kind of feel like making you hold a stick. But, even then, it’s not possible to make you stick around. Take care. Goodbye!
  • Saying goodbye to you is like saying goodbye to happiness. I wish I could skip this part of my life. Goodbye Dear! Be safe always.
  • Having to say goodbye to my friend is the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do. Keep yourself safe.
  • I have spent the most beautiful years of my life with you. No matter how far you go, you will always be right there in my heart. Goodbye my bestie!
  • The most amazing years of my life are years I spent with you. You are a part of my every memory, and I will never be able to erase you from it. Goodbyes mean nothing for us. See you on the other side.
  • When the sun says goodbye to earth, it leaves a beautiful sunset as a gift. When friends say goodbye to each other, they leave mementos of everlasting and priceless memories. Goodbye, my friend, I will miss you.
  • The last hug is the hardest. I couldn’t let you go; I’m still scared that I will never see you again. My biggest support and protector. I hope that your heart will find peace, and you will be happy. Goodbye.
  • Saying goodbye to a friend like is the hardest thing to do. My heart aches in pain. Before you leave, promise me my friend, that we’ll meet again.
  • Thousands of people on this planet have thousands of friends on Facebook and Instagram, but there is no one like you. You are the best friend I could’ve asked for. Losing you is heartbreaking. Farewell.
  • Everything in my life was perfect, until it all suddenly came crashing down. I may smile while saying goodbye but your absence will put on my face, a permanent frown. Goodbye.
  • Saying goodbye to you feels like saying goodbye to myself. I feel like I’m losing the biggest part of my soul. I hope that you will find what you’re looking for and reach the beautiful harmony.
  • Goodbye, goodbye, baby! Don’t worry, it won’t be long, I just need to take care of something. I’ll bring you something nice, and your big sads will go away. Miss you, love you, kiss you!
  • Life and destiny can steal my best friend away from me but nothing can take away the precious memories. Goodbye my friend.
  • Goodbyes make you think. They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost, and what you’ve taken for granted.
  • Friendship like ours is something that can never be ruined. Even when we’re saying goodbye, we know that we will meet again someday. Can’t wait to see you. Take care.
  • I feel sick, low, depressed, and sad when I think about how I will miss you real bad. I feel miserable, I feel unwell, I feel down and I feel lonely – when I think about how life will be without my bestie. Goodbye.
  • I love being around you, but everybody needs a break sometimes. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like anymore, it just means that I need to be alone for a while. Goodbye, bud. See you soon.
goodbye wishes for friends

Heartfelt Goodbye Wishes for Friends

When it comes to saying goodbye to friends, there are a lot of different things to think about. Some people might want to say heartfelt words of appreciation, while others might want to offer a funny story or heartfelt advice. Regardless of what you choose, there are always some great goodbye wishes for friends that can express your feelings perfectly. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • I know I’ve been taking you for granted. I know I could’ve treated you better. And I know that I will never find a friend like you. I’m sorry for all the hurt I caused. Goodbye, fella.
  • Saying goodbye to someone you love is the most terrible thing in the world. The thought of not having you in my life makes me miserable. It will never be over, but we have to say goodbye for now.
  • It doesn’t matter where life takes us, you and I both know that we will meet again and make some wonderful memories. Till then, goodbye my dear friend!
  • Best friend, you are, and you will always continue to be an important part of my life. I love you more than Pooh loves honey. Good luck with your new life and forget me not.
  • It’s okay to move on. Every person in one’s life is a source of priceless experience. I’m glad that I had a chance to meet someone as interesting and funny as you. Godspeed, mate. Keep your head up.
  • You don’t need me to feel loved and appreciated. You will be alright. The whole world wants you to be happy, and you have to promise me that you will be happy no matter what. See you around, I guess?
  • Sorry, for all the times I may have unknowingly hurt your feelings and caused you pain. Goodbye my friend, until we meet again.
  • The world will come to an end, as I say goodbye to my friend. But I know I’ll pull through this pain, because I know we’ll meet again. Goodbye.
  • Dear friend… I don’t want you to leave, I refuse to say goodbye. I will just watch you walk away while my heart silently weeps and cries.
  • Of course we will see each other again! I will never let you go, even if you beg me for it. You are my best friend, and I will do anything to protect our friendship. Can’t wait to see you again, bud!
  • Best friends are never saying goodbye to each other. They understand that every tough life situation is temporary and will pass eventually, and they will be together again. Till the next time, dear friend.
  • While seeing you off I may have a smile on my face, but after you leave I will be in a lonely place. My facade might be cheerful and happy, but I will be suffering in agony deep down inside. Goodbye.
  • Here is your best amigo wishing you a farewell. Have a safe journey and when you reach there let me know how you feel. Keep in touch. Goodbye!
  • No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.
  • I know that you don’t believe in destiny, but I feel like we were meant for each other. Therefore, I’m sure that no goodbye can break our bond. We will always find each other on this crazy planet.
  • Why do you have to leave? I’m so mad that you’re leaving me here by myself. I didn’t deserve it. I hope that my tears are worth what you’re looking for. Farewell.
  • Goodbyes are always hard, but it doesn’t mean that they have to be painful. I love you, and I will carry this beautiful feeling through my entire life despite the fact that we are saying goodbye to each other. Stay strong.
  • I wish I could make you stay with me at least for a few more days, but life can be cruel sometimes. I hope that your life will be full of love and exciting adventures. Goodbye, dear friend.
  • All the beautiful memories that we have made together as friends will be cherished and fondly remembered. I guess we have a lot to keep ourselves busy with until we meet again. Goodbye my friend.

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Unique Goodbye Wishes for Friends

  • My heart is breaking into pieces as I see you leave. I hope you are happy that you have made me cry. You have no idea how much I am going to miss you. My life will sink into loneliness with this goodbye.
  • In these final hours, I would like to let you know that you have a lot in common with bankers, my friend. It’s because I owe you a lot. Take care of yourself!
  • At the very beginning of our friendship, I thought that we will be friends forever. But life is so unpredictable. I’m struggling to say that, but ‘goodbye’ is the only word left. I hope you will be fine.
  • Our bound helped me to cope with so much. I’m forced to say goodbye, but you know that I will never truly mean it. You will always be my best friend, and nothing can change that.
  • Life is a journey that lets you befriend many people on your way. But only a few are capable of staying in your heart forever. Goodbye, my friend!
  • All I have is hope that someday we will meet again. Saying goodbye to you was the hardest decision I have ever made, and I can’t stop thinking about what could’ve happened if I had made another choice.
  • We meet many people on this journey called life. But not all of them will stay in our hearts forever. You’ve been a good friend to me, but it’s better to say goodbye for both of us. May your life be full of love and happiness.
  • With the wind in our hair and the sun in our eyes, we cherished our friendship as life’s greatest prize. Now that you are going away my life will cease, I will blissfully drown in all the beautiful memories. Goodbye.
  • It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, starts with goodbye.
  • I remember the day we met. I thought that you are the one who will make me laugh till the day I die. I still believe that; therefore, I will never be able to truly say goodbye to you, buddy. Till the next time.
  • My heart is breaking but I know it’s not the last goodbye. I will be waiting to meet you again dear friend. Till then, goodbye!
  • Just like how you don’t forget the tune when a song fades out and stops playing, I will never forget the priceless memories of our friendship even though you are going away. Goodbye.
  • Life is an adventure. It is important to have someone who fully understands and accepts you, and let go of people who are not capable of doing that. It’s okay to say goodbye. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me.
  • You’re like a narcissistic football player. You’re always thinking about your own goal. And now that you’re leaving, I really feel like kicking your balls. Take care, bud!
  • It may seem to you that we are drifting away like feathers in the air, but our heart knows we are only coming closer. Have a safe journey dear friend!
  • The only reason I am happy saying goodbye is because I know that life will find a way to bring us back together again. Farewell.
  • When I say goodbye to you, just know that I have forced myself to say that. My heart will never allow me to see you leave.
  • Life has stolen you from me. It’s unbelievably unfair that I’m losing the best person in the whole world. I will never accept the fact that I’m saying goodbye to my best friend, but it is what it is. Farewell, buddy.
goodbye wishes for friends

What to write for a friend who is leaving?

A heartfelt goodbye is the best way to say goodbye to a friend. You can say anything that comes to mind, and it will mean a lot to them. Here are some best goodbye wishes for friends:

  • Goodbyes doesn’t have to be sad! Everything depends on our perception, therefore, I’m here to give you a ton of positive energy so you could stop being sad. I’ll see you soon, buddy.
  • Taking you for granted, sometimes I’ve made you do things you didn’t want to. But all I want you to remember is that no one can be my best friend except you. Goodbye.
  • The fact that I need to let you go is killing me. Life is unfair. I don’t think that I will ever be able to heal after that. Thank you for everything that you gave me. Thank you for all the love and support. Goodbye.
  • I hate saying goodbye. It feels like we’re giving up on each other, and I will never give up on you. You are the reason I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. We will see each other again.
  • Our friendship is an amazing adventure that will never end. Goodbye is just a word that doesn’t mean anything. We will not see each other for a while, but destiny will always bring us back together.
  • My heart breaks when I think about not having you in my life anymore. You have been such a huge part of it, and now I’m forced to say goodbye. I will always remember you, whatever it takes.
  • If lovers can be in long distance relationships with each other, why can’t we be in a long distance friendship? Goodbye and cheers.
  • Our last hug may feel warm but your absence will leave my heart shivering in a cold abyss. Goodbye.
  • When I say that bidding you farewell is easy, take it as a compliment. Because it shows how blindly I trust you when you say that you will come back soon. Bye, my friend.
  • Goodbyes are the worst, and I’m really sorry that we have to go through this. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break and reflect on relationships. Everything is going to be alright, buddy.
  • I’ve never imagined that one word can change my life so much. This ‘goodbye’ killed me. I will miss everything about you every second of my life, and I will never accept the fact that I have to let you go. Goodbye, dearest friend.
  • Distance means nothing when it comes to true friendship. We are saying goodbye to each other, but I know that our relationships will never end. May your heart find peace and harmony.
  • I would have never said hello to you many years ago, if I knew that saying goodbye would be so traumatic. Bye buddy, I will miss you.

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How do you say goodbye wishes?

  • This goodbye is just a test of our friendship. Let’s promise each other that distance and time won’t come in the way of our beautiful relationship. Goodbye.
  • I feel so powerless right now. I can’t find the words to make you stay. I can’t do anything, actually. I just want you to know that I will miss you like crazy, and I will never forget the times we’ve had.
  • Even though you are going away you will still be a core part of my everyday life. First I used to hang out with you all the time, and now I will miss you all the time. Goodbye.
  • Saying goodbye doesn’t mean forgetting someone. My whole memory was created by you, and forgetting you means forgetting my whole personality. You will always be a part of me. Keep your head up, fella.
  • There will never be a goodbye for us. Because we both know there is no force greater in this world than the one that forged our friendship. See you again!
  • It’s so hard to say goodbye to a friend. My heart is tearing apart, I feel this growing burning in my chest. I know that we will meet again someday. I will be thinking of you every single day of my life.
  • We’ve had a great time together. I will never forget how you could make me smile when I didn’t feel like smiling at all. Everyone will be happy to be your friend. It’s okay. Goodbye, buddy.
  • Everything was perfect. My life was a dream come true until everything came crushing down. Saying goodbye to you is a necessity, and I know that it’s better for both of us. Someday you’ll understand. Goodbye.
  • Life had planned different roadmaps for us, and I guess that’s why we have to part ways. Take care of yourself, best friend. Please, keep in touch!
  • Our friendship has taken me on a magical journey which will never come to an end. Even though you are going away, we will never stop being friends. Goodbye.
  • You will always mean so much to me. Life can treat us unkindly, but I know that eventually everything will be in the right place. Goodbye, my dearest friend. May your life be full of beautiful adventures.
  • I don’t think that I will be able to find someone like you. You became such a huge part of my life, and giving up on you just feels wrong. But we can’t argue with destiny, can we? Goodbye, buddy. Take care.
  • The hundreds of friends on Facebook and Twitter mean nothing to me in any way, if I don’t have real friends like you to meet every day. Goodbye.
goodbye wishes for friends

What are the best goodbye wishes for friends?

Best goodbye wishes for friends will vary depending on the relationship between the friends and the nature of their goodbye. However, some farewell wishes for friends that may be applicable to many cases include expressions of gratitude for the friendship and appreciation for all the shared memories. Here are some best goodbye wishes for friends.

  • Saying goodbye to you is unbelievably hard. But if letting you go means making you happy, I will do it despite this severe pain in my heart. I will think of you each and every day, don’t you ever forget that.
  • We’ve been through so much together. I’ve never even thought about living this life without you. But now it’s goodbye, and I’m absolutely heartbroken. Take care, fella.
  • You are going so far away from me. But it means nothing to our friendship, because it can never change the way I feel about you. Best friends are inseparable, so we have nothing to worry about.
  • While seeing you off I may have a smile on my face, but after you leave I will be in a lonely place. My facade might be cheerful and happy, but deep down inside I will be suffering in agony. Goodbye.
  • Being your friend was such a roller coaster. But it was a fun ride. I wish you to become a man you’ve always wanted to be and to follow your dreams no matter what. You are so much more than you know.
  • I thought characters would be too less for a goodbye tweet on Twitter. But the thought of living without my best friend has left me speechless. Goodbye.
  • I never knew that saying just one word could make me feel so blue, until I said GOODBYE to a special friend like you.
  • When the sun says goodbye to earth, it leaves a beautiful sunset as a gift. When friends say goodbye to each other, they leave mementos of everlasting and priceless memories. Goodbye my friend, I will miss you.
  • Always remember my dear friend that no distance is big enough to resist us from meeting again. Go where life must take you. My prayers will always be with you!
  • Only God knows how I wish I could make you stay for some days more. But it’s time to say goodbye to you, my friend. My best wishes will always be with you!
  • Life is so unfair. How can I say goodbye to my best friend? How can I agree with the fact that I won’t see your stupid smiling face again? My heart is broken. The only hope for me is that someday we will meet again.
  • You were a friend like no other. Even though we shall not have adventures like before, the fingerprints of our past adventures will stay alive forevermore. You are, and will always be, my irreplaceable friend.
  • My relationship with you, my friend is like a traffic signal. All this while, the signal was red, but now it’s turned green. It’s time for you to walk the road to greatness. Goodbye!