110 Funny Friendship Wishes That’ll Make Them Laugh!

We all know that friendships are the best things in life, right? Well, if that’s true, then we must also say that friendship wishes are the best things in life, too! So, without further ado, here are some of the funniest friendship wishes that we’ve ever read!

Funny Friendship Wishes

  • True friends are like Chinese takeout, they are; dependable, enjoyable, and just a phone call away.
  • Once a stupid person made a great decision in life, that is to become a friend with someone equally as stupid as him. Congratulations!
  • You’re annoying. You’re weird. You’re crazy. You’re stupid. You’re clingy. You’re… just like me.
  • The only reason I am your best friend is that I pity you, buddy; without me, you wouldn’t know how to live your life.
  • I feel horrible about myself for not having accomplished anything in life… but then feel better when I see where you are. Thanks for being my best friend.
  • Laughing is one of the best exercises, it’s like running inside your mind. You can do it almost anywhere and it’s even better with a friend.
  • Our friendship is like Timon and Pumba from Lion King. Nobody can break us apart. Happy friendship day, dear friend.
  • Don’t worry my friend, if you ever fall down… I’ll always be there to take a selfie and post it on Instagram.
  • I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. Angels surround me but I call them my best friends.
  • I like you most because you are always there to join in my weirdness. Happy Friendship Day !
  • It’s been so many years that I have remained a friend with you. I wish you knew how hard it was for me to put up with your stupidity all these years!
  • I was surprised to meet someone as crazy as I am when I first met you. We’re destined to be best friends. Happy friendship day!
  • Best friend: the one you can only get mad at for a short period because you have important stuff to tell them.
  • When you laugh so hard with someone that you inadvertently let out a fart… that’s the person who’s your best friend.
  • You drink too much, you cuss too much also you have questionable morals, you’re everything I ever wanted in a friend!
  • True friends are like loud farts. They don’t smell as much, always make you laugh and life is impossible to live without them.
  • Friends are like rainbows, always there to cheer you up after a storm.
  • I’ll swim through an ocean to save you. Ok, not an ocean but a pool definitely. But not too deep though because you know… I don’t want to wet my hair.
  • People may believe that because you are my best friend, I would never let you go from my side, but I swear to God, I could trade you for a hamburger any day.
  • The only reason we’re friends is that you know way too many of my secrets.
  • If we’re on a plane that was about to crash and there was just one parachute… I promise to give the best speech at your funeral.
funny friendship wishes

Heartfelt Funny Friendship Wishes

If you’re anything like me, you love spending time with your friends. And what better way to spend time with your friends than by sending them heartfelt friendship wishes? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, getting ready for a wedding, or just want to say hello, these wishes are sure to make your friends smile. So go ahead and send them on their way!

  • There is no doubt that you are the most fortunate person as you have me in your life. You surely need no more blessings in your life.
  • I don’t need a psychiatrist to prod into my personal life and make me tell them all my secrets, I have my friends for that.
  • A good friend will come to bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, “That was awesome.”
  • I know, it is so hard to friend who’s loyal, caring, honest and cute. Lucky for you, I’m all of those and more!
  • Friends are like underwear. Supportive, comfortable, feel like your own skin and protect you from a harsh world. They take all your shit and still will be with you.
  • I am a mess but you are messier, I guess that’s why we are best friends.
  • I knew it was friendship as first sight when I saw that we are the same kinda crazy.
  • I love my crazy, goofy, stupid, gorgeous, weird, lame, socially challenged friends. Happy friendship day to all the losers whom I called my best friend.
  • Real Friend care like a MOM, Scold like a DAD, Teas like a SISTER, Irritate like a BROTHER, Love more than a LOVER.
  • I would take a bullet for you, not in my head, but maybe in my leg or shoulder.
  • Thanks for helping me out homework. Although you being this kind to me does make me kind of suspicious.
  • If god asks me to choose either you or trillion dollars, I would definitely go for the bills because I know even god cannot separate us.
  • I envy you because you got to meet such a wonderful person like me. Truly, God has blessed you a lot in life. Anyway, happy friendship day!
  • Your validity of being my friend will expire today; please recharge your friendship immediately by delivering – sweet, cool and funny friendship messages. So hurry!
  • Thank you for laughing at my jokes even when they are not funny. After all, it’s the only thing that makes you important to me.
  • Thank you for being a friend of mine even though I’m the slowest person to enter a pool.
  • My mom says, you and I are equally weird, crazy, stupid and annoying. We will have each other till we are toothless and can’t stand on our feet.
  • If we’re on a plane that was about to crash and there was just one parachute. I promise to give the best speech at your funeral.
  • I wish the homes of all my friends were connected to mine by secret underground tunnels.
  • I’ve kept in touch with you for a very long time now. I wish you were aware of how difficult it was for me to tolerate your ignorance for all these years!
  • A good friend will pick you up when you fall, but a best friend will help you up, laugh, and trip you again.
  • True friends don’t judge each other, they judge other people together

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Hilarious Funny Friendship Wishes

  • I remember the day we became friends. I was the one cracking jokes and nobody in the whole room laughed but you. We are equally crazy.
  • You can work out all you want but you’ll never be as hot as me! See ya at the gym.
  • We’re best friends because my sense of humor is the same as your… non-existent.
  • You’re a traffic signal, my friend. Your antiques always stop me in my tracks.
  • I used to be normal until I met those losers I call my BEST FRIENDS!
  • Fish said to water: you won’t see my tears because I am in the water. Water replied: But, I can feel your tears because you are in my heart. That’s FRIENDSHIP!
  • You are my only best buddy because I don’t want my secrets to leak. After all, you already know too much about me.
  • I knew it was a friendship at first sight when I saw that we were the same kinda crazy.
  • I thought slavery was abolished. Still feel like being a slave to our friendship forever. Love you, man.
  • Real friends don’t get offended when you insult them. They smile and call you something even more offensive.
  • A best friend is someone who drives you insane but makes sure that they don’t send you to the asylum. Thanks, bestie, for always being there for me.
  • My dear friend, you attract me more than gravity. I love you! Happy friendship day wishes to you!
  • Damn you must really be a loser to find a friend in another loser like me.
  • Friends are like walls, sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it’s good just knowing they’re there.
  • A best friend would either stop you from committing a crime or join you in jail after you had committed one. There is no in-between.
  • Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face!
  • Thank you for making me realize that I’m a loser. After all, who would choose to be a friend with someone so weird as you without a loser like me.
  • Stupid fights, stupid nights, stupid memories – no wonder I’m best friends with you… ‘coz you’re my kinda stupid. Thanks for being my BFF.
  • I’m fortunate to have someone in my life who is not only my friend but also my personal babysitter. Thanks for being there.
  • One night, a beautiful star came to Earth and asked me if I wanted a million bucks or a nice buddy. I’d like to be a millionaire since I already have you!
funny friendship wishes

What are the best wishes for friendship?

When we think of our best wishes for friends, we might think of things like staying connected, being there for each other, and celebrating each other’s successes. However, there are also some heartfelt, unique wishes that Friends everywhere would love to receive. Read on for some of the best wishes for friendship!

  • The only reason why you’re my friend is because you never borrow money from me… and lets keep it that way.
  • You’ll always be my best friend because you’re the only one who’s heard me fart.
  • We are good friends because we know everything about each other and cannot afford to leak it to the world. And yet we are together because we are equally crazy.
  • I have all the qualities of a great friend and more. You should really be feeling lucky everyday for having a friend like me in your life!
  • I often feel like the joker from Batman when I’m around you. It’s because you keep me smiling, bud. Happy friendship day!
  • A friend will always help you get out of the deep shit. They will help you take care of a dead body or even steal a bank or even produce fake certificates.
  • “Sugar, spice, and everything nice.” ~ It’s an iconic line from Powerpuff girls, but that’s exactly what I feel about you. Happy friendship day, bro!
  • Getting to know a politician like you has been a scary experience. Thankfully we support the same party.
  • Suppose there was just one parachute on a plane that was about to crash. I vouch that I will deliver the best eulogy at your funeral.
  • I’ll never give you a shoulder to cry on ‘coz damn don’t dirty my t-shirt.
  • Having a friend is like having a general to defend you. Thanks for making me a part of your army.
  • Happy friendship day! You are my friend because no one else will listen to my nonsense as you do.
  • I don’t ever want a friend better than you because I’m already fed up! You are a great friend but your craziness is beyond endurable!
  • Friendship is like wine: it gets better as it grows older. Just like us… I get better, you get older.
  • My character is similar to your character, which is why we get along so well.

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What are the unique funny friendship wishes?

  • A good friend is like a bra: hard to find one you’re comfortable with, always provides support, holds you tight and is always close to your heart.
  • Thank you for being there through all of the significant others I have mistakenly chosen over you in obvious moments of weakness.
  • My friend, I was visiting the graveyard the other day. And it made me realize that should our friendship ever end; it would be the death of you.
  • As a student, I felt low looking at my failing grades. You helped me come out of disappointment and rejoice because you too had the same grades.
  • No one understands my joke except you. That make you kinda weird… just like ME.
  • Our friendship is based on a mutual understanding – if you reveal my secrets you’re dead to me.
  • Best Friend: A person in front of whom you can fart without the fear of being judged.
  • I possess all the traits that make a great buddy, and even more. You should consider yourself extremely fortunate to have a friend like me in your life every day!
  • If we two are on the boat that is sinking and we have only one life saving jacket, then I would be giving a speech at your funeral.
  • Friends will always be with you when you are going through a problem and may not help you fix your problems but also can make it worse.
  • Being your best friend is no longer a choice for me; it has become a necessity! You know too much about me.
  • Thank you for being a playground where I can feel safe and play. I hate you, bestie. Hugs and kisses.
  • I often think why I’m best friends with you especially when you have a pathetic sense of humor and you’re such a big bore… but then I remind myself that you know so many of my secrets.
funny friendship wishes

What are the cool funny friendship wishes?

There are so many cool friendship wishes out there! Some of our favorites include wishing each other happiness, reminding each other that we’re always there for each other, and telling each other that we’re the best friends. We hope these wishes bring you happiness and that you always have the best friendship ever!

  • The only reason you are my best friend is that no one knows which lipsticks go with which outfits better than you.
  • Good friends will come and go, but best ones end up harassing you for a lifetime.
  • Most of us would benefit more from a humorous friend than a mental therapist.
  • Good friends are those who not share common interests, but are the same levels of stupid.
  • I would have to kill you if you ever betrayed me, bestie because you know too many secrets about me.
  • The best part of having losers as friends is that you don’t feel bad about being a loser yourself.
  • You can always count on me to shoot selfies and publish them on social media without worrying about you tripping over.
  • Friendship is like turd. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, a bit of it is always there inside you.
  • During school holidays, I often feel like a T-rex. It’s because I can’t reach you at that time.
  • “FRIENDSHIP” is a sim, which has no activation charges. Free incoming and outgoing with roaming worldwide and its validity “NEVER END.”
  • Friends stab you in the back, boyfriends stab you in the heart, but best friends don’t carry knives.
  • Sometimes, I feel scared of dying and going to hell. But then I can’t help but smile because I know for a fact that my best friend will most certainly accompany me.
  • We’re not perfect, We laugh too hard, We’re way too loud and we make complete fools of ourselves but doing it together makes us Best friends forever!

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