80 Funny Birthday Wishes for Son That’ll Make him Laugh

The best Funny Birthday Wishes for Son are always heartfelt and make the person happy on their special day. Whether you are giving a funny birthday wish for your son or grandson, or for anyone else on your list, these will make him laugh and feel loved.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Gaining wisdom is gaining, whether one gains it timely or at tortoise’s crawl rate.
  • Only a son can empty the bank account of his mommy at will and still not let her get mad.
  • On this birthday, thank your gorgeous mommy for imparting you the pretty looks and thank your daddy for giving you the crazy adrenaline.
  • Hey son, you are approaching an age where you have to get out from the house and make a name for yourself by struggling day in and day out. I hope you know the meaning of the word struggle. I love you son and have a splendid birthday!
  • Raising a son like you has been a challenging fatherhood but all worth it.
  • Happy Birthday to our son! May you not request for a hefty gift this time.
  • Dear Son! Education is a lifelong process. However, I am gonna pay up only uptill your college.
  • Happiness is seeing your handsome son dating all the pretty girls in his high school.
  • I am so glad to see growing charmer every day. May all the women in the world took notice of it too. Happy Birthday my son!
  • Having you as my child was so beautiful when you were a little boy. Now you are a nightmare. Wishing happy birthday dearest son!
  • Thanks a lot son for giving the gracious honor of giving birth to you to your parents. We feel like we have created the most ingenious marvel of the world that will shape the future of humanity. Happy birthday to you, my little pal!
  • Thanks to us that you won the genetic lottery. May you preserve it for the rest of your life.
  • History shows that the sons who absorb the criticism of their mommy go on to make huge money in their careers.
  • Don’t weep like girls. I know you laugh like them! May you be a man of your words! Happy birthday son!
  • May you relish every moment of your life till you are unmarried. Because once you are married, sooner or later, you will have to rub off the word happiness from your dictionary. Happy birthday to my dearest son and have a blissful day!
Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

If you’re looking for a birthday wish that’s both heartfelt and hilarious, then you need to check out these humorous birthday wishes for sons from their moms. Whether you’re looking for a funny joke or a heartfelt message, these birthday wishes for sons will have you smiling all day long.

  • No matter how much you grow up, you will always be a little boy to me my dear son. Happy Birthday!
  • It is my deepest love to give you an amazing, entertaining task tonight for your birthday and i.e. the household chores. Happy Birthday!
  • On this auspicious occasion, I request my son to consider taking a bath. Happy Birthday Son!
  • Hey son, I know you have turned old enough to take all the decisions by yourself but not old enough to cover up your expenses. So better keep quiet and do what I say. Heaps of love and birthday wishes to my piece of heart!
  • Legends have rightly said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going, straight to the Daddy for help.
  • With each passing birthday, you are getting bigger and taller but neither your grades are positive nor your attitude towards life. I guess the best birthday gift for you would be cutting down your pocket money. I am just joking pal! Happy birthday, lanky man!
  • I have literally banged my head everywhere to find a perfect and ingenious birthday gift for you and I found the one. It’s I spending time with you for the whole day. I mean there is nothing more valuable time, not even a Rolex watch. Happy birthday, son! Be happy and stay blessed!
  • The happy moments of life are those when the son takes money from the father’s wallet in order to give him a nice gift on his birthday.
  • The one thing that is totally similar between us Dad and Son is the Fart. It smells exactly the same.
  • I like your dressing sense, son but would you mind putting your underwear in pants! Happy birthday son!
  • You are giving your birthday party. It is good, son. Pay back some moments later. May you earn a lot in your life and deposit everything to your father’s account! Happy birthday son!
  • You are one hell of a genetic lottery my son. You have taken our genes level to another level.
  • You came in this world by defeating all the other participants and am glad to see you growing with confidence and vigor.
  • Happiest birthday to once one of the biggest blessings of my life. It seems like that once a sweet blessing is slowly and steadily turning into a terrible curse. Jokes apart, may you get showered with all the joy of the universe.
  • You may not realize the challenge of growing a kid like you until you have your own son who is likely to be more notorious and mischievous than you. Happy Birthday by the way.
  • Out of all the marvelous and priceless things in my life, I have acknowledged that you are certainly not one of them. I mean you could be a fantastic liability and you play that role pretty well by splurging my money. Have a wonderful birthday celebration, my lovely son!

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Best Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Dear Son! You may hide all about your relationships but remember that your mighty daddy has sailed in the same boat in which you are sailing now. So cheers and happy birthday!
  • If you want success in the dancing game of courting, always listen to what mommy says but do as what your father tells you.
  • it is so pleasing to see my son growing handsome and charming. However, stay away from your Dad’s lifestyle in his heydays.
  • Glad to see you gaining wisdom, even if it is at snail’s rate.
  • Whenever opposite gender praises you, consider giving token of thanks to your daddy every time. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the best mistake of our life of which we will always be proud of. Happy Birthday Son!
  • You may not be a movie star but you are no less than that my dear son. A very happy Birthday to you
  • I have seen how you sleep with the pillow and I can bet that your future girlfriend and wife will be lucky.
  • I thank the lord every single moment for giving me a wonderful son like you otherwise I would have forgotten the meanings of headache, horror, and hell. God bless you and happy birthday son!
  • Dear son, may you get married pretty soon and give birth to a baby boy exactly like you so that you can understand the pain of having a notorious and feral son. Joke apart, may you have a cool birthday celebration and enjoy hard with your friends. Happy birthday, son!
  • You don’t obey me now. I hope your friends splash that wonderful cake on your face today.
  • Dear Son! If I ever made you work really hard for something, then consider it embracing for every aspect of life.
  • May you always be beautiful but don’t use girls’ beauty products! Happy birthday son! Be a man!
Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

It’s that time of year again! Your son’s birthday is fast approaching, and you know what that means. Shopping for him, planning his party, and thinking of the perfect Funny Birthday Wishes for Son are all on your to-do list!

  • Only one individual can empty my bank account and still prevent me from getting mad. And that’s my dear son. Happy Birthday handsome.
  • You are raising the bar of your charm and charisma with every passing year. But you are still behind Daddy! Hehe! Happy Birthday my son!
  • Don’t be sympathy of your friends. I wish you are not. Wishing happy birthday son!
  • May you have love of your life dear son but not with the cost of mine! Wishing you happy birthday dear boy!
  • I am sure my son will be spending his awesome birthday with someone equally special.
  • Some sons are loving, some are supporting, some are protective, but you are the combination of none. May God bless you with enough intelligence so you can do something meaningful with your life. You have all my support, blessings, and son. Wishing you a cheerful birthday son!
  • Hey son! Its hard to find real funny copy-paste birthday messages these days. Its a blessing there are folks like Google and Facebook. Sending this wish to you from them only. Happy Birthday!
  • It feel as if you were born yesterday only. Love you to the core.
  • I never thought I would be such a good father. You allowed me to prove it with all my might. Happy Birthday!
  • Nothing is as expensive as raising a child. I want everything back, son! Wishing you happy birthday!
  • There is only one thing that separates an average performance and an outstanding one; a simple constructive criticism from your Dad.
  • Hey son, you are so special and dearer to us that we would have declared an international holiday in the whole world if it were in our hands. Enough fun, go back to school, and study hard. Happy birthday son and god bless you!
  • When God was designing you, he surely had all the time in the world.

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How to wish your son happy birthday in a funny way?

  • It is certainly right that miracles don’t happen often. Hey son, we are a rare miracle that happened in your life so that you can relish all the possible pleasures. If you don’t come on the right track, we can ensure to vanish the miracle as well. Happy birthday to my successor!
  • Dear son! You may try to hide about your relations with the other gender but guess what, I am your father. Have fun!
  • Today may be a good start to leave one of your many bad habits.
  • It is not just popping out my son that was challenging, raising him is too but worth every bit. Happy Birthday my darling.
  • A lot has changed about you except your crying which you still do over petty issues.
  • You surely have done a lot of good deeds in your previous life to be born as our Son.
  • I don’t remember my childhood but your naughty mischievous habits reminds plenty of it.
  • Hey Son. We raised you like a king. Its now time you start returning the favour.
  • I have planned a special gift for you, on your next birthday. Nothing this time. Kidding! Happy Birthday
  • I was thinking of giving something special to my son but then realized that I am the best gift that he could ever have.
  • Your hard work and achievements surely make me look like the best dad in the world. Happy Birthday
  • These days having a son is not a blessing while it is scary! Wishing happy birthday son! May you be a successful man and sincere son!
  • Dear, dearest these are the past adulations for sons that used a lot earlier. Today’s sons are internet fed and they remain in trends which fade as early as possible. Happy birthday son! So funny sarcastic it is! May you have no hate in your heart!
  • Nowadays boys are often confused having so many options and not focusing on anything one. Don’t be a driver of your girlfriend! Wishing happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Grateful to the divine for giving you my knowledge and intelligence and the looks of your mommy! Wonder how things would have turned if you were blessed vice versa.
  • I am so proud that you have taken the intelligence of our family (except of me) to a whole new level. May you do more of that.
Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

How to wish your son happy birthday?

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, few things are as special as a loved one’s special day. Whether it’s your own son, daughter, nephew, niece, or any other loved one, sending them a heartfelt birthday wishes can make the day all the more special. Here are a few tips on how to wish your son happy birthday the right way:

1. Make sure to send a birthday wish in advance. Not only will this show your son that you care, but it will also help you to put together a thoughtful and personalized message.

2. Express your love for your son in your birthday wish. Whether it’s expressing gratitude for all the wonderful things your son has done in his life or simply expressing your admiration for him, make sure to put your feelings into words.

3. Invite your son to share in your birthday celebration. Whether it’s a special meal together or just a relaxing day at home, make sure to include him in your celebrations.

4. Send your son a birthday gift that reflects his interests and personality. Whether it’s a favorite toy, book, or piece of jewelry, make sure to choose something your son will love.

These tips should help you to send the best birthday wishes to your son! Thanks for being an amazing son and happy birthday!

Here are few ideas that will help you to get started:

  • Not only your mommy is the best thing that have happened to me but she gave me an equally best thing in the form of you.
  • You are growing at a rapid rate and I am sure you will make a lot of men envious after few years.
  • To anyone who doubted our Son to do well, a big fart on their face. Happy Birthday Son!
  • You were too cute in your infant stages and I still couldn’t forgot those cheerful smile and those awful stinking diapers of yours.
  • May you never be angry son because you look like a fried omelet! Wishing happy birthday lovely son!
  • Having a son is like eating a burger with white mayonnaise that you don’t like. It slips a lot! Happy birthday son! May you live upto what you want!
  • Dear Son! Thanks for always being by your mommy’s side in banters with your daddy despite knowing that she gets it wrong many times. This cool act will be rewarded in the form of not letting your daddy know about your girlfriends. Happy Birthday!
  • May you pick up all the good habits from mommy and leave out all the bad habits of daddy
  • Why you talk like a cock these days! May you have the voice of a man! Wishing happy birthday son!
  • May you enjoy your prime my Son but certainly not like the heydays of your father.
  • You are the eldest and the wisest of all siblings but you haven’t stopped playing with their toys and stealing their chocolates. For the love of God, when would you grow up actually? Happy birthday and have a memorable celebration!
  • In our family, whether it’s my Son’s, daughter’s or your mommy’s birthday, the money is always taken from the same wallet.
  • Dear Son! Sometimes we don’t get what we want but God gives us more than that like he gave you wonderful parents in the form of us.
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