100 Great Epiphany Wishes for Loved Ones!

Epiphany Wishes is a unique online wish registry that allows you to make and share your wishes with the world. Epiphany Wishes was created with the goal of making it easy and fun for people to express their wishes, and to celebrate the wishes of others. Here are few that will help you to get started:

Epiphany Wishes

  • May the gifts bestowed on Jesus remind us of all the gifts He bestows upon us every day.
  • The gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh remind us to give Christ our most precious gifts.
  • Let the star of the Epiphany light your way into God’s love.
  • Let the star of the Epiphany shine on what’s best in you.
  • May the light of God steer you away from sin this Epiphany.
  • The three kings teach us that true fealty should only be to the king of kings himself.
  • Honor His wisdom, grace, and light this Epiphany and always.
  • Let the Epiphany give you the courage to live your faith even in times of adversity.
  • May the journey of the Magi remind us that faith will always navigate us where we need to be.
  • May God speak through you this Epiphany.
  • Keeping our eyes on the brightest star of the morning will eliminate any darkness.
  • Be attentive to your spirit this Epiphany.
  • This Epiphany, may you discern the star from distractions on your spiritual journey.
  • Follow the path of God this Epiphany and always.
  • May the three kings of the nativity guide you to share your gifts for Christ.
  • May the gifts of the three kings encourage us all to act in spiritual faith and generosity.
  • May your faith journey find its own guiding light this Epiphany.
  • May the Epiphany bring you the wisdom of the wise men, the inner child of baby Jesus, and the light of God to lead your way.
Epiphany Wishes

Best Epiphany Wishes

There are so many amazing things that can happen when you have a moment of epiphany. You may suddenly see the world in a new light, or understand something much better than you ever have before. Whatever the experience, it’s sure to be enlightening and transformative. Here are some of our favorite epiphany wishes to help you on your way.

  • The light of the Lord will guide you where you need to be this Epiphany and always.
  • May the Epiphany give you the wisdom to know when to compromise and the courage to know when to be steadfast.
  • May the Lord guide you on your own journeys this Epiphany and always.
  • Let the light of the Epiphany guide you through any darkness.
  • Let the Epiphany bless you with wisdom, light, and joy.
  • Let the Epiphany feast remind us to be thankful for all the gifts we receive from God.
  • The Epiphany reminds us of the transformation of the three kings and our own spirits.
  • The Epiphany is a reminder of divine transformation.
  • The Epiphany reminds us to take all of our journeys in good faith.
  • Let God’s light guide you away from forces of evil.
  • May the light of Jesus’ everlasting life illuminate your path through life.
  • The truly wise men follow the light of God.
  • Let your faith guide you through your own dark times.
  • The Epiphany teaches us that no one who comes to see Christ leaves the same way that they came.

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Epiphany Wishes for Family

  • Let the Epiphany help us remember that walking in faith will never lead you down the wrong path.
  • May the king of kings guide your light this Epiphany.
  • The Epiphany teaches us that all people may accept Christ as their king.
  • The Epiphany reminds us to give our own unique gifts to Jesus Christ.
  • Follow the star this Epiphany and forever.
  • Let the feast of the Epiphany bring you abundance, joy, and peace.
  • God’s light and love will always guide you home.
  • Faith and light will bring you joy and peace.
  • The Epiphany star marks a cosmic change in the world in the birth of Christ.
  • May the wisdom of the Magi guide you to your own light.
  • May the light of God’s love guide your way this Epiphany and forever.
  • May the Epiphany bring you the courage to act in God’s will.
  • May divine light guide you through the darkness.
  • God reveals himself in many ways. May He show himself to you this Epiphany.
Epiphany Wishes for family

Good Epiphany Wishes

So, to all of you who are struggling to find your footing in life – know that you are not alone. And, if you’re feeling lost, be sure to take a few minutes to think about what good epiphany wishes you might make for yourself. After all, it’s only through taking the time to reflect on our life and our passions that we can begin to make real changes. So, if you’re feeling stuck and need a little boost to get you started again, here are a few good epiphany wishes for you:

  • May you remember that Jesus adores you always as the Magi adored him on the Epiphany.
  • May the three kings serve as a reminder that we should always recognize that Jesus truly rules over us all.
  • Search for God’s presence in everything this Epiphany.
  • May the will of God move you this Epiphany.
  • God is the light that shines upon us all.
  • May your darkest hours always find their own light.
  • The Magi taught us to follow our faith, which will light the way.
  • May the Epiphany remind us to always follow the light out of the dark.
  • Let nothing stand in the way of your devotion to God this Epiphany.
  • May the Epiphany remind us that not all kings are born in castles.
  • May the Epiphany remind us of how to live God’s will.
  • May the Lord shower you with his gifts this Epiphany.
  • The Epiphany is a reminder that faith will always steer you in the right direction.

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What do you wish on Epiphany Day 2023?

  • Let God guide your spiritual journey.
  • Reflecting on the trek of the wise men teaches us of our journeys of coming to face the Lord.
  • Wishing you spiritual epiphanies of your own.
  • May the gifts of the Magi inspire us to live generously and faithfully all year.
  • Let the light from the Epiphany star shine on us and show us the unique gifts that we have to offer Christ and to the world.
  • Strangers from afar may all worship the one true king.
  • Like baby Jesus, may you grow strong in spirit, wisdom, and God’s grace.
  • Maintain the grace and bravery to walk the spiritual path this Epiphany.
  • May the king of kings bless you this Epiphany and forever.
  • The wise men’s treasures pale in comparison to those of everlasting life and mercy.
  • May the light of God draw everyone to his grace.
  • Let the will of God inspire you to act this Epiphany.
  • Let signs from God navigate your life.
  • The wise men knew that the world would change forever with the birth of Jesus. May their knowledge guide you.
  • It is truly the wise who seek out God’s will.
Epiphany Wishes

How do you wish someone a happy Epiphany?

I hope you all have had a wonderful day so far! Today, I want to share with you a few thoughts on what I think is the perfect way to have a happy Epiphany.

The first step is to be honest with yourself. If you’re not happy with who you are or where you are in life, it’s going to be tough to find happiness in anything else. So start by being honest with yourself and work on making some changes.

The second step is to surround yourself with people who make you happy. If you’re surrounded by people who make you angry, unhappy, or stressed, it’s going to be hard to find happiness. Choose your friends and family carefully and make sure they bring you happiness.

The third step is to find something you’re passionate about. If you don’t have anything that makes you happy, it’s going to be tough to find happiness anywhere. Find something you love and focus all of your energy on doing that. It may take a little bit of effort, but it’s worth it in the end.

So these are my tips for having a happy Epiphany. I hope you find them helpful!

Here are few that will help you to get started:

  • May God’s grace bless you this Epiphany.
  • Let the divine light guide you this Epiphany and through your life.
  • This Epiphany, wishing you a clear sky to follow the star to grace.
  • Wishing the wisdom of the Epiphany to bring us closer to a world of peace.
  • May the Epiphany remind us of the good news of Christ.
  • This Epiphany, let the precious gifts of the three kings remind us to give Jesus the best of us.
  • May the feast of the Epiphany help you find what you seek.
  • Let the wisdom of the three kings guide you to a life of giving and joy.
  • Break open the best of yourself to give to Christ.
  • The Epiphany and Christmas help us breathe a great sigh of belief.
  • May this Epiphany bring you the light of Christ.
  • May we follow the Magi in their following God’s light.
Vilcare Team