80 Christening Wishes That Will Make Your Baby’s Day!

Christening wishes are a very personal part of the ceremony and are often based on the child’s favorite things or characters. Whether you are planning your own Christening or are picking out a Christening gift for a family member or friend, here are some Christening wish ideas to get you started!

Christening Wishes

  • I hope someday you will grow up to be a God loving, faithful Christian lady and make us all proud. Congratulations on your christening dear! It’s a pleasure to be here for such a holy celebration.
  • It’s a day of great joy for us to celebrate your christening. We wish you a wonderful journey in life and a lot of success. God bless you!
  • May God grant you all the happiness in this world. Congratulations on your christening! May the holy spirit be always with you! You are always present in our prayers.
  • May this be the start of your child’s Christian journey, and may the eternal blessing be with your baby forever. Happy Christening!
  • I hope this wonderful day gives you memories for years to come. Congratulations on your baptism.
  • Wishing you all the best on this happy day! Have a lovely christening.
  • I hope this day brings you and your family so much joy and peace. Have a very happy christening
  • May this day be full of bliss and glam. Receive tons of kisses and hugs.
  • May God’s blessing be your best friend in life. May the holy spirit guide your way through the lights of truth, purity and faith. I wish you all the best in this special occasion of christening!
  • Congratulations to your child on this special occasion of baptism! You are lucky to have such a beautiful child. I wish him all the best in the years to come.
  • Congratulations on what must be such a special day. A baptism is a joyous event for all the family and marks the beginning of your baby boy/girls Christian life.
  • May the windows of heaven open down on you. Wishing you peace and blessings little angel!
  • Congratulations and happy blessings as you see your baby girl entering into the world of God. Today is a truly glorious day.
  • May God grant you all the happiness in this world. Congratulations on your christening! May the holy spirit always be with you! You are always present in our prayers.
  • Your little daughter’s christening is the beginning of a special chapter in her life. She will be blessed with love and happiness.
  • I hope this special day brings you Gods love, that he enters your heart and blesses you with his good graces. Congratulations on your Baptism.
  • It’s a pleasure to be here in your christening ceremony. My heartiest congratulations to you. I pray to the holy spirit that he always surrounds you with pure love and happiness!
  • We are honored to have you in our life and today marks an important day in your existence. Congratulations dear good son on being baptized. May God bless you!
  • You are a very beautiful baby girl. God must have blessed you with his own hand. Today is a very important day because from this day you are ready to thank God for everything he has given!
  • All the best christening wishes! On this special day may your little one be showered with love from above.
  • This is a beautiful moment in your life and we wish you a beautiful life ahead. You deserve all the best in life. Lots of happy wishes to you!
  • All our love to our little grandchild on their big day. May the love of God full you with blessings and peace.
Christening Wishes

Granddaughter Christening Wishes

Christening is a very special day in a family’s life. It is a time to celebrate the coming of a new member into the family, and to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. For many families, the Christening ceremony is also a time to give the new baby a name that will be remembered forever. In fact, some families choose to have a Christening party afterwards, in order to celebrate the new arrival and to give the family and friends an opportunity to meet the baby. One of the most important things that a Christening wish can encompass is the hope that the child will grow up to be a kind, caring, and responsible person. In addition, many families choose to express their wishes for the child’s happiness and success in life. Here are some Christening wishes that might be appropriate for your granddaughter:

  • Keep your faith in our awesome God because He has blessed you with all spiritual blessings. I wish you a glorious life ahead. Happy christening!
  • Today as your child takes the first step in his religious journey, I want to wish him all the happiness in life. May God watch over him always!
  • May today’s christening start a flow of success in all the days of your life. Love you baby!
  • May the Lord bless your life with love and happiness. Congratulations on your Baptism
  • May you find strength and hope through the blessings you receive on your Baptism. Remember to let God’s light guide you and stay true to Him.
  • You are about to start on an incredible spiritual journey and I’m so pleased I was there to see it. Congratulations on your baptism and beginning your Christian life.
  • May our good Lord be kind to you in all your life. Today you are ready to walk the path which our Lord Christ himself had walked on. Happy christening!
  • May the innumerable number of angels guard your child. May her foot never hit a stone. May God keep you and your baby.
  • Today we are honored to have you as a new member in our Christian community. You are a beautiful soul that deserves God’s eternal blessings! May your life become as beautiful as you are!
  • Many good wishes for the holy ceremony today. I wish your child a blessed and peaceful religious journey ahead. Make this moment memorable!
  • May your child grow to be aware of the ever-present goodness of God. May this child walk in the love of Christ. Congratulations!
  • May your entire family be blessed with the love of God on this special day. Enjoy a wonderful baptism
  • May your little girl be blessed and find eternal happiness. Congratulations!
  • Happy Christening day to our little princess. May you always be surrounded by happy people and happy faces. Your godparents love you so much and always keep you in their thoughts.
  • Congratulations dear [Name of the baby] on your christening. It is a great day for you. I wish you all the best for the times in your life yet to come. God bless you!
  • To my darling Godchild, this marks the beginning of a life built on faith and love. As your Godparents we will be there to guide and help you with whatever you may need.
  • I wish your child will grow up to be just as religious as you. This occasion of baptism is very important to him/her. I wish all the best for your child on this special occasion.
  • You are such a beautiful and innocent baby girl. You deserve all the good things in life. I pray that God’s grace be always with you and keep you safe from all the darkness and evil of this world!
  • I wish someday you’ll become a man of faith. Christianity welcomes you through this holy event of christening. Accept god’ blessing and take the journey towards truth!
  • May God give your child one of the best lives on earth. He will always have the support of his loved ones till the end. Receive blessings for your family.

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Best Christening Wishes

  • I wish you a good health and good life ahead. I hope this occasion of christening will be the first milestone in a life full of faith and love! Congratulations on accepting Jesus as your Lord!
  • We celebrate your christening today and wish you so much happiness for the future. May all your dreams come true.
  • Some people find God later on in life and so choose to be baptised then. These messages are written with adults in mind.
  • We are always keeping our gorgeous goddaughter in our prayers because she is the most precious thing to us. Congratulations on your christening day sweetie.
  • We know that God has prepared a great future for your daughter. May His plan for her never be thwarted. We are excited about her future.
  • May lord almighty showers your life with unlimited joy and happiness. It’s your first day to the journey of being a true Christian. Make it a memorable one!
  • Let this special occasion be the moment you start your journey towards god’s eternal blessing for the rest of your life. God bless you! Congratulations on your christening!
  • We give thanks to the wonder your little boy is about to begin in his journey with God. Congratulations
  • It’s the first little step for your child to an everlasting faith. This is the moment finally God accepts him/her as a true Christian. All the best wishes for you and your child!
  • Congratulations to you as you are starting a wonderful spiritual journey of Christianity. May this Christening bring you all the happiness in life and make you a true believer!
  • I hope your baptism today is the start of a wonderful life. Enjoy it!
  • I hope this baptism brings your child a life full of blessings and love. Best wishes and congratulations
Best Christening Wishes

Christening Wishes for a Baby Girl

Christening wishes for a baby girl are often sweet and sentimental. Some people might choose to include a personalized prayer or sentiment, while others might simply want to share their happiness and send love. Here are some ideas of Christening wishes for a baby girl:

  • I pray that our dear Lord, blesses you with a lifetime full of happiness and peace, and a bright future, which I can’t wait to be a part of.
  • May God’s grace be multiplied in your life. I pray that joy and peace fill your heart. I welcome your baby to Christendom.
  • I was so happy to be invited to your child’s christening. Congratulations
  • As you begin the journey of Christianity, I pray that our sweet Lord accepts you among his loyal believers. I wish you grow up to be a perfect Christian!
  • On such an important day remember that your grandparents love you. We are so happy seeing you joining your life with God’s.
  • My prayer for you is that you honor the Almighty in all your ways and all the days of your life. Congratulations on your sacred day!
  • May good people and good time always surround you in your life. Happy christening little baby. You are always in our thoughts and always will be!
  • We are so much excited today because our favorite little fellow is going to be christened. It’s a really wonderful occasion for all of us. We wish you a great day today.
  • I pray that the good Lord looks over you and you never have to feel scared or alone. As your Godparent I will always be there for you.
  • On this very special day in your life, I wish you every happiness in this world. I hope you will educate yourself about the true meaning of Christianity and live your life accordingly.

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What do you say on the christening of your granddaughter?

  • Love, peace, joy, success and good health are my prayers for you. Congratulations on your christening dear (baby’s name).
  • This day is the first step for you to be a good, wise and true Christian. May God always protect you and guide you to the path of truth and redemption.
  • May the blessings on this wonderful day fill your life with joy and peace forever. Have a lovely Baptism and congratulations
  • We feel honored and touched to be your Godparents and will do all it takes to support and love you through thick and thin.
  • Congratulations on your christening. You are a wonderful little baby that we are blessed to have. May the holy spirit always surround you as your guardian!
  • As you present to God, may he/she be blessed with love and happiness surrounded by their family. Gods love will guide them to a life of faith and devotion.
  • A baptism is a massive commitment and one that embraces your Christian faith. We know that it will be your first step on the road to a life filled with the love of God.
  • I just know today will be made if memories to be cherished for years to come. Congratulations
  • We hope this holy day will be the happiest day of your life. We are lucky to have a brilliant godson like you. Happy Christening day dear godson.
Christening Wishes

What are your best wishes for your child’s christening day?

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the excitement and anticipation of your child’s christening. Whether your little one is born into a religious family or not, there is no doubt that a christening is an important event in their lives. One of the things that can make christening day even more special is having wishes for your child written down in advance. Whether you want them to be happy and healthy, to receive forgiveness for their sins, or simply to know that you love them, wishes can help to make the day extra special. Here are some of our best wishes for your child’s christening day:

  • We love you more than anything and are delighted to see you getting baptized. No matter what your grandparents will always be there for you.
  • May good people and the good time always surround you in your life. Happy christening little baby. You are always in our thoughts and always will be!
  • Wishing you a day full of lovely memories as you are surrounded by those who love and care about you.
  • May your life become just as happy and wonderful as this day of christening. Wish you all the best for your future as a true Christian. We love you always!
  • Our dearest godchild, we pray that your sacred day may mark the start of all good tidings in your life. Receive love from your godmother and I.
  • Congratulations to our wonderful grandson/granddaughter. Your life is just beginning but you’ve taken the first steps to happiness and love.
  • Let us celebrate the love of God as your child becomes a new Christian from today. I wish your child a wonderful baptism ceremony today. God bless you all!
  • Let this holy day become the happiest moment in your life. May the path of Christianity take you to the happiest and the most peaceful place in life.
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