100 Best 42nd Birthday Wishes That’ll Make Them Smile!

Our advice for a happy 42nd birthday is to enjoy every moment! Make sure to plan something special and memorable to celebrate with your friends and family. Whether you choose to go out to a fancy restaurant or stay in and watch a movie, make sure to enjoy yourself!

Here are a few ideas to get them started:

42nd Birthday Wishes

  • Let luck in amorous affairs, and there will be peace only in the soul. So that with the one you love, Paradise was even in a hut.
  • 42 years old! How blessed I’m to be here now and seeing you grow older and wiser each year. May all blessings follow you all the days of your life.
  • 42 you turned – Time of happiness and miracles. The soul was filled with experience; the interest in life was brighter!
  • New bright impressions From the bottom of my heart, I wish you.
  • Happy 42nd birthday to a special person who has always been there for me both through thick and thin.
  • Dear sister, you have turned 42 yet you look no more than a 24 year old girl brimming with beauty and excitement. May you remain forever in good health and continue to smash goals after goals. Happy 42nd birthday to the most wonderful sister ever!
  • Sending the loveliest, warmest, and the cutest happy 42nd birthday wishes to my forever stunning sister. I genuinely wish all your life-long dreams come true this year and may you retain your charm and bubbly nature till the end.
  • Love can happen at any stage of life. Love even can happen at this age. So rather than worrying about what is right and wrong, fall in love again and sprinkle your world with roses. Wishing happy 42nd birthday my dear! May you find ways in love lanes again!
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! ! Beautiful birthday cake in the shape of a heart with the number 42.
  • As you’re turning 42, may this beautiful smile always be put on your lips to make wrinkles on your face. Happy 42nd birthday dear.
  • Happy birthday and at 42, I wish to be in a great mood, not knowing sadness and longing. May, the work move with good luck and success, may the meetings with loved ones be pleasant and fun, may love and happiness triumph in the house, may there always be respect, luck, and prosperity in life. Happy 42nd Birthday!
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! May luck, tirelessly, Runs beside, constantly, And from joyful emotions, Happiness wakes up in my soul!
  • Don’t see your 42nd birthday as 42. See it like you have turned seven years old and gone to your childhood to visit those memories of purity and exaltation. It is only perspective my friend how you see things. Wishing happy 42nd birthday!
  • Dear sister may you be blessed and remain in good health even as your soul is prospering. Amen. Happy 42nd birthday dear sister, have a wonderful celebration.
  • On this your very special day, I’m sending you my best Of wishes for another year, Filled with true happiness. Happy 42 year old birthday.
  • The date is the best and brightest, get congratulations from us. Get gifts from us in no time; let your wishes come true sooner.
  • Happy birthday; I want to congratulate you. To I wish you a blue sky, To always be respected, friends, And there was a lot of sunshine!
  • Do not get sick, love and believe I wish this day, Optimism and courageous humor Let the shadow chase away the sadness.
  • Hurray! It’s the 42nd birthday of a legend. I pray that God’s coverage of protection, wisdom and prosperity would come upon you. Enjoy your day.
  • Happy 42nd birthday to you! Last year we celebrated your 41 and so quickly your 42 has come. You are getting old quickly or your days are getting short. You have lived wonderfully and I wish may you always. Hugs and blessing to you.
  • And on your birthday, on this holiday, Accept our humble congratulations, Today the sky will be clearer, Love is not extinguished with a light.
  • Every birthday has phase. Your 42nd birthday is about triggering your romance again. While not getting worried in regrets and mistakes, while to celebrate what you have now at this stage of your life. Wishing happy 42nd birthday to you.
  • Birthdays remind us that, Life’s so sweet, Life is so swift, The years fly fast; We’re growing old, This life won’t last. Happy 42nd birthday. Make sure to enjoy everybit of the day.
  • I am forever grateful to God for giving me a brother as wonderful as you. As you turn 42 years today I pray that you will live to praise God, you will accomplish greater things to bring glory to God and also make us proud.
42nd Birthday Wishes

Best 42nd Birthday Wishes

When it comes to celebrating a birthday, there are no rules! If you want to party hard or take it easy, that’s up to you! However, here are a few tips to make your 42nd birthday as special as possible:

  • I would like to wish you creative thinking, achievement of high results, career growth, success, and incredible adventures. Your life is in full swing, be sure! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! Today you are already 42; this is youth, of course, Just “childhood” years.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! With every minute and every breath, I wish you to gain more and more health, happiness, and optimism. Let life become more interesting and easier with every step.
  • My lovely brother, 42 is the kind of age when you think you have seen the most facades of life but you have yet to experience the best and the worst. May you live long enough to fulfill all your dreams and experience the most beautiful pleasures. Happy 42nd birthday, my bro!
  • When I first met you, My dearest, precious one; You filled my world with warmth, So radiant like the sun. No other can take your place, You are so dear to me; How can I express myself? A few birthday lines for you to see. Happy 42nd birthday!
  • Appreciate all the years passed and strive for achievements. And let, as in a melted river of water, They fill your life!
  • Its time for celebrations for your special day, I am sure there will be presents coupled with lots of good wishes of birthday cheers. Happy 42nd birthday!
  • I wish the possibilities and potentially exceed the needs and desires. Let everything that you undertake succeeds, and may the Lord God protect you.
  • Dear brother, I am and will be forever grateful to God for giving me such a fantastic brother who keeps raising the bar for everyone and taking the family’s legacy a notch higher every single day. Happy 42nd birthday to the sweetest brother ever!
  • Happy 42nd birthday, congratulations, and I wish you at 42 from love, not from pressure, and your head is spinning.
  • Wishing happy 42nd birthday to my love! You still look young, only some strands of grey hairs coming before your eyes that also beautifying you. As you are aging, I am falling in love more with you. May your beauty never die with your age!
  • I wish you a lovely birthday not just because it’s your birthday but all year round. May you always wake up with a smile every morning. Happy 42nd birthday dear.
  • There is already wisdom at 42; at 42, there is happiness. Let gloom, grief, pain, and evil flattery pass by.
  • Happy 42nd birthday to my closet friend! I don’t say you have become old because in your young days you were already old always absorbed in books. But you have best life now with everything you wanted. May your all desires come real!
  • Let dreams come true easily, And money will not forget your address. So that from happiness above the clouds, Fly you every day!
  • You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake, said Bob Hope. I Just saw what your candles price is. Oops! Happy 42nd birthday!
  • Life never gets better or easier with each passing birthday. It’s the accumulation of your wisdom and experience over the years that evolves you to compete with unexpected challenges of life. Happy 42nd birthday to my best buddy!
  • Forty second but deserves every second. Happy Birthday to the youngest and the best 42-year-old man/woman.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! Let the ardor burn in my soul; let the new impetus be there. To turn on luck in life, Like a magic click.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! Luck so that it does not fly away, You do not unclench your fist, So that life turns to success, And suddenly paradise has come on earth!
  • Hey daddy, how does it feel like to be in your early forties along with your constant companions like credit card bills, debt, tilted back, and fair fall? Don’t worry forties are the new thirties. Happy 42nd birthday to the coolest and the most supporting dad!
  • Wishing happiest 42nd birthday to sweetest person! So emotional you are and sometimes I think might hurt you. With all my heart I want to say to you, you are kindest, helping and nicest. You are truly a best example of man as written in books. May blessings always pour on you!
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! We wish you happiness and good, In your beautiful 42, So that you could live your life beautifully, Hoping, believing, and loving.

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Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes

  • Just remember at whatever age you go whether 42, 50 and 60 or even 90; you never forget to blow candles on your birthday and celebrate it. Wishing happy 42nd birthday to you darling!
  • Happy 42nd birthday to most amazing woman in the world and best friend! You have always been best in everything. So experienced you have become and talented you already are. You have got so much success. I pray you always have peace of mind.
  • Happy birthday, sis. I love you so much. God is too loving to leave you halfway. Continue to bask in His goodness and love. Remember you are special. Having you as a sister makes a galaxy of difference to me.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! Birthday is a bright holiday; in it, fun only reigns. Let everything be fine, And let my soul not hurt.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! Years are reeling deftly; Forty-second has already come. Happiness rushes, make a stop, Noticing your station on the way!
  • This birthday token brings you love it’s just a simple touch to let you know how dear you are. You’ll always mean so much. Happy 42nd birthday!
  • 42 is not over. The hill, it actually has begun. Don’t believe me? Try running up an actual hill. Happy 42nd birthday!
  • My favorite thing in this world is receiving your birthday hugs and holding me tightly. Birthdays remind us of our age, and it’s ridiculous that we feel like getting older more. Happy 42nd birthday for myself.
  • 42 wonderful years You decorate the world with yourself. Let all adversity go by; I wish you on your holiday!
  • Hey there. It’s my day again. When I think of how far I’ve come, I’m filled with praise to God for myself. I pray that God’s grace in a greater dimension would be with me in this new age. Happy 42nd birthday to me.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I wish you happiness, So that the experience is to help, And success, the impudent prankster, Never so as not to forget.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! I wish you to believe in happiness And not surrender positions, move towards the cherished goal, and not betray yourself.
  • Let the appearance remain beautiful, Let the whole soulfulness be trembling. Let your life be like a fairy tale; always stay so beautiful.
Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes

Adorable 42nd Birthday Wishes

It has been so wonderful getting to know you better over the past few years, and I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. I hope that this year is just as wonderful for you, and that you get to enjoy all the wonderful things that life has in store for you. I hope that you get to celebrate your birthday surrounded by all the people you love, and that you feel truly loved on this special day. Here are some amazing birthday wishes for them!

  • It’s high time for you, my lovely friend, to stop hiding your wrinkles and pimples and start embracing the natural things that come with aging. I am damn sure you will love all your birthday presents, especially mine. Happy 42nd birthday, buddy!
  • Dear friend, 42 is not the right age to flirt with girls, perform nasty adventurous sports, and use dating apps like tinder. Get back on the right track or else your wife will bring a catastrophe in your life. Jokes apart, happy 42nd birthday to my loveliest friend!
  • Hey brother, I must say you are aging like the finest wine in the world. The way you have carried yourself, personally and professionally, over the years is commendable. May you conquer all the mountains and have a cheerful 42nd birthday celebration!
  • Happy birthday, congratulations, Happy forty-second year. We wish you a lot of happiness to never get sick.
  • You are at the peak of your strength, and Age has only barely touched; experience is already and wisdom; celebrate 42.
  • As wine gets better over the years may you continue to get better in all you do and also grow in God’s wisdom. May every day of this new year of your life be filled with peace, happiness and joy. Amen.
  • On your joyous 42nd birthday, I badly want to tell you how I feel about you. When it comes to professionalism, you are terrific. When it is about personal life, you are so caring. And when it comes to giving love, you are unrivaled. Happy 42nd birthday, father.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! Let the sea of ​​positive, On the lucky smooth surface of the waters Elegantly and beautifully your boat is sailing!
  • I wish to appreciate prosperity, Do not miss the chances for happiness.
  • Every year of birthday is the accumulation of every year of experience. Some things you let go and something you learn and earn. That’s why we celebrate birthday to pass and thank each year gracefully. Happy 42nd birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday, congratulations; I wish to be on a horse; let the prospects loom, And even if you are triple lucky.
  • I wish your soul To remain young, Far from everyone could, To keep up with you. Happy 42nd Birthday!
  • Let meetings with friends Warm you every evening; surround your family with care; there will be money work!

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How do you wish a 42 year old woman Happy Birthday?

  • Hey brother, I can understand that getting old sucks a lot no matter how well you have maintained yourself. However, what keeps you alive and youthful is your passion for something that you would love to do till you die. Wishing a joyous 42nd birthday to my forever dashing brother!
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! Don’t be scary; let it be years, you, today – 42! Let the heart be hot -It will heal your sadness!
  • It is indeed a colossal achievement to spend 42 summers, winters, springs, and autumns with your baby brother and watches him grow into an utter and thorough gentleman. I am super proud of you and happy 42nd birthday!
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! Let health not fail, and Old age will fly by; only success finds you, And luck awaits on the way!
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! I wish the possibilities and potentially exceed the needs and desires. Let everything that you undertake succeeds, and may the Lord God protect you.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! In the soul – let the butterflies flutter, Eyes, with happiness, let them shine, And the sky, the clear sky – Let you always lead forward!
  • Happy 42nd birthday to most adventurous personality! You are never afraid of anything and always love to face challenges in life. Strong you are mentally and physically even at this age. You are so inspiring. May you always be strongest!
42nd Birthday Wishes

What is a 42 year old’s birthday?

A 42 year old’s birthday is typically celebrated with a weekend full of festivities. Depending on the individual’s birthday, this may include a trip to a favorite amusement park, a night out on the town with friends, or a day at the beach. Most people enjoy spending time with family and friends on their birthday, and many 42 year old’s choose to make the day a special event by planning a theme or special meal. Here are some more ideas that will help you:

  • Birthday, be it 42nd or 82nd, should be celebrated with so much vibrancy and enthusiasm that even an old man begins to feel young when marinated in the birthday vibes. Happy birthday to the most vivacious and the coolest 42 years old.
  • I wish you to live for 100 years; let the soul sing romances! Life is beautiful, breathe and create, 42 is not the peak yet, Rest, if fatigue is on the way, Breathe happiness, on, that is, there is a reason.
  • Wishing happy 42nd birthday to my amazing friend! You have turned 42 but don’t look so. You only have some bunch of grey hairs on your head. I wish that as you age as you grace too.
  • And on such a special holiday I strive to wish well., Let all bad weather pass; Trouble comes by the side!
  • May you have such a thumping and sumptuous 42nd birthday celebration that all the people in their early forties become jealous of your zestfulness to live and celebrate life!
  • To celebrate your 42nd birthday; have some wine, call some close friends, play soulful music and drown in ecstasy. That is how you celebrate. Wishing happy 42nd birthday to my dearest friend!
  • Happy 42nd birthday to my good and beautiful friend! You have become a fine wine to which everyone wants to drink. As one ages then it feels time is passing. Pretty nice feeling it is but pretty old too. May you always have rocking life never to be disturbed mundane moods!
  • Long after the day Of mirth is spent; Long after the flowers Have lost their scent. My birthday wish Will outlive them all; Winter, spring, Summer and fall.
  • Three little precious words That anyone can write; Three little precious words I’ll say it with delight. I love you, I love you On this your birthday; I love you, I love you No more can I say. Happy 42nd birthday dear.
  • I cannot state in words how blissful I am feeling right now to see my son entering the 42nd level of his life. You have always made me proud and delivered more than expectations. You are the finest son a mother could ever have. Happy 42nd birthday and may you experience the ever-lasting joy of life!
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