100 Adorable 40th Anniversary Wishes for Loved Ones!

We at 40th Anniversary Wishes want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our customers and supporters who have helped make our company what it is today. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous anniversary! Here are some more ideas that will help them to get stared:

40th Anniversary Wishes

  • I would never think that I will ever enjoy marriage. Being married to you means living a life full of wonderful adventures and overwhelming emotions. Happy anniversary, baby. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness with you.
  • I would never find my true home without you. You’ve made my life so cozy and magical; every minute spent with you is absolutely priceless for me. I just wanted to say thank you, baby.
  • Finding someone you are compatible with is like climbing a mountain. Only with a lot of patience, hard work, and commitment can you reach the top. You two belong together. Happy 40th anniversary.
  • I hope your love grows stronger with each passing year and that you both live to see your 50th, 60th, 70th, and even 100th anniversary. Happy 40th anniversary.
  • I feel so lucky to have you as my parents. Wishing you a happy anniversary!
  • For a couple who is so much in love……Happy 40th anniversary Uncle and Aunt.
  • The relation is made with argue and love, crying and joy; as you have enjoyed your happy parts together, you never give up believing each other, how big the storms were, you didn’t care. Be the same as you are; happy anniversary to both of you.
  • Let’s recall our sweet memories of forty years of the journey! Happy 40th anniversary, my love.
  • Your togetherness is the pillar and source of strength for our family. Heartiest celebration wishes to the lovely couple.
  • Congratulations on completing 40 years of love, commitment, happiness, and arguments. Your love makes me jealous and wants me to find a soul mate too. I wish everyone can find a love as beautiful as yours.
  • Happy 40th anniversary to the perfect couple. Ruby’s riches of forty years of love and care!
  • May the rest of our lives always be like our first anniversary – exciting, youthful and hopelessly romantic. Happy first anniversary!
  • Congratulations to both of you on your ruby wedding anniversary. You’re a perfect couple in so many ways.
  • An old-fashioned love like yours full of love letters and gorgeous flowers is hard to find. And it’s harder to make a relationship work, but you two do it so perfectly. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple.
  • The worst time was easier because of you, my love. Happy 40th wedding anniversary!
  • Forty years down, forever to go. Happy 40th anniversary, my love. I loved you; I love you, and I will keep loving you with all my heart forever and always.
  • My feelings for you are everlasting. I still look at you with the same tenderness and I still have butterflies aggressively attacking my stomach when I look at you. Cheers to another year of loving each other unconditionally.
  • Your love gives me hope about how genuine feelings still exist in the world full of lies. Happy 40th wedding anniversary lovelies. It is such a great day for a celebration.
  • An old fashioned love like yours full of love letters and gorgeous flowers is hard to find. And it’s harder to make a relationship work, but you two do it so perfectly. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple.
  • The bonding you have with each other is love, respect and care and it is 40 years of your journey where lots of emotions you share; looking at you gives me the feeling of young, because your love is still young as it was 40 years ago. Happy anniversary to mom and dad.
  • Relationships are like roller coasters. Sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down. There are sad moments but there are also happy moments that make everything worth it. Happy anniversary to the couple who knows the best.
  • I hope this wonderful marriage between you two lasts for another thousand years. You two have always been the greatest parents in the world. Happy Anniversary!
  • I pray to God for the light of love to never stop glowing! My warm wishes to both of you.
  • It must have felt amazing realizing how much you have grown in love. Happy 40th wedding anniversary. I hope you always keep each other happy the same way.
  • Nothing is as precious as your love. No gem is as valuable as your love. Everyone adores your relationship and are pleased to attend your 40th anniversary of togetherness. Happy anniversary.
40th Anniversary Wishes

Happy 40th Anniversary Wishes

We could not be more thrilled to celebrate your beautiful anniversary with you. You have been the love of our lives for over four decades, and we appreciate everything you have done for us. We love you so much and can’t wait to continue spending our lives together. Here are 40 amazing things we know about you:

  • With so much love in your heart, I am sure that you both will be together for eternity. I think you’re a match made by God Himself since you two are so compatible. Happy 40th anniversary.
  • Congratulations on completing 40 years of love together. It is a great responsibility to handle love with so much care and affection. You did it and I am so proud of you.
  • If my life was a boat, floating over the choppy waters of destiny, you are the set of sails which will see me through. Happy first marriage anniversary.
  • My marriage with you has brought smiles and happiness in my life. Happy 40th wedding anniversary.
  • Every anniversary comes to an end, but our love never will. Best wishes to the love of my life, my biggest support and my best friend. I found everything I’ve been looking for. You’re all I need.
  • Your marriage is an inspiration to us. Heartiest congratulations on the completion of 40 years of marriage.
  • Congratulations on completing 40 years of a successful journey. You both made this journey look amazing!
  • Not everyone gets to marry the person they love. I feel the luckiest person among them—happy 40th anniversary.
  • I will always remember the day of our marriage. I still think that it was the happiest day of my life, because I made it harder for you to escape from me. Now you have to spend a lifetime with me, baby. Happy anniversary!
  • Best wishes for the lovable couple upon completing 40 years of their marriage.
  • The day of your union is meant for great celebration. Happy wishes to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary.
  • Anniversaries are special days, so commemorate your special day with great charm and clap.
  • Warm anniversary wishes for the hottest couple of that generation.
  • You two make me realize true love does happen! Whatever I am today is only because of both of you. It’s my honor that I’m your son! Happy anniversary.
  • Golden wishes for completing 40th Wedding Anniversary with my Mom. Happy Anniversary Dad.
  • Love needs a lot of patience and sacrifice. You both are warriors to have fought all the obstacles that came on the way of a journey of love. Happy 40th wedding anniversary loves.
  • Happy 40th-anniversary guys. Thank you for never failing to prove how beautiful love can be if you handle it well. You have mastered the art of making each other happy.
  • On our anniversary, let’s recall the memories we’ve made and let’s look ahead at all those memories that are yet to be made. Happy 1st anniversary.
  • People say that if love is true then it can be seen or felt without saying a word. Your love shines in your eyes when you look at each other. Happy 40th anniversary.
  • You don’t marry someone you can live with. You marry the person who you cannot live without.
  • The celebration of our anniversary will last for twenty-four hours, but the celebration of our lives together will last a lifetime and beyond. Happy first anniversary my darling.
  • Happy 40th anniversary. It is such a pleasure to know someone who has nothing but unconditional love and support for his beloved in his heart. May you always be happy with each other.
  • Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary to the best couple. Congratulations to both of you on completing forty years of togetherness.
  • Happy 40th wedding anniversary. I have always looked forward to seeing your relationship glow. I am happy that you are growing and glowing in each other’s love.
  • It is never too old to celebrate love. 40 years of togetherness is a day of grand celebration. It proves that your love is real enough to hold on to each other despite all the problems and misunderstandings.

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Best 40th Anniversary Wishes

  • If time could be played over and over again in a loop, I would put the first year of our marriage in repeat mode because it has been fabulous. Happy first anniversary dear.
  • You two are a living example of how a couple can be committed to their love and nurture a family‘s growth year after year. Happy wedding anniversary to you!
  • I wish you a happy anniversary with all the love and pureness of my heart. You have completed 40 years together. Congratulations and have a great celebration!
  • Love brought you close to each other, trust made you a perfect couple, your sharing and caring made a perfect family and I am happy to be a part of your life circle. 40 years you enjoyed each emotion and accept it with a smile. But the canvas is not complete at all as it has a space for your future journey. Happy anniversary.
  • Because of you both, the world knows that truth and loveruby anniversary wishesexist. Keep these beliefs alive and cherish one another. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!
  • I feel lucky to have known a couple who has nothing but unconditional love for each other in their hearts. It is such a pleasure to know how strong your love is. Happy anniversary.
  • The only thing better than having you for parents is my children having you for grandparents. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad.
  • Love and smile, joy and tear, you together enjoy everything without any fear. With the love of your heart, you make a perfect family and you both didn’t step back to give any sacrifices, even not for a while. You made your past beautiful and enjoy your tomorrow with your love.
  • Happy anniversary. Every relationship has its fights and arguments. But that does not mean it won’t work. And you are the perfect example of it. You make it look really easy.
  • May God always lead you to the path of happiness. Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary
  • 40 years of life together must have been full of adventures, ups, and downs. Happy anniversary to this lovely couple. May you be together till the end of time.
  • My wishes for you are being sent by God, in form of blessings, happiness, and good health.
  • Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me a good family because you all are the good human beings.
  • May you never stop loving each other like you always have. Happy anniversary to both of you!
  • I hope the love story between the two of you never ends! Congratulation on your anniversary! Take love from your daughter.
Best 40th Anniversary Wishes

Heartfelt 40th Anniversary Wishes

We could not be more excited to celebrate our 40th anniversary this year! Throughout the years, our love for each other has only grown stronger. We have shared so many happy moments together, and we are truly grateful for all the love and happiness our relationship has brought to our lives. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our favorite memories from throughout the years, and we hope you will join us in celebrating our anniversary this year! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • 40 years ago, a girl so beautiful walked down the aisle with eyes full of dreams to fulfill her dreams of getting old with the man she loved. 40 years later, their life is still a fairytale. Happy wedding anniversary.
  • Congratulations on passing one more year in loving each other and creating memories together. Many more to come for sure. Happy anniversary dear mom and dad!
  • Wishing my lovely parents a happy anniversary. May God always keep you happy!
  • You have crossed 40 years of a long journey and experienced many ups and downs together. Still, you both look fresh as if it is your first date. Some good moments you capture, but some bad moments came too, nothing can make you apart as the love you shared win over any problem. Happy anniversary.
  • Best wishes to the fun-loving couple who makes everyone’s life cheerful.
  • May we have many more years of glasses to clink, surprises to throw, cakes to cut, gifts to give and smiles to put on each other’s faces. Happy first anniversary!
  • Falling in love is easy. But keeping each other happy in love is a tough job. You both look so happy together and you make the tough look so easy. Congratulations on completing 40 years of togetherness.
  • May in your next several births, you both be born in the world for each other.
  • Happy ruby wedding anniversary, both of you. May the love you share for each other remains forever.
  • It must feel wonderful to take care of the one you love so dearly. You guys are lucky to have fallen in love with each other. I wish you nothing but more happiness. Happy 40th wedding anniversary.
  • On our 1st wedding anniversary, I have this to say – I love my life even more now because you are in it. Thank you for being in my life. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to the love birds. A love so pure like yours is hard to find and impossible to get. I hope you know that your love is an inspiration for all of us.
  • Happiness is finding the one you love and getting to spend the rest of your life with him/her. You are blessed to have such luck. Happy 40th wedding anniversary.
  • It’s been forty years, but I am still not done loving you. Let’s keep loving each other for eternity. I love you, and happy anniversary, my love.
  • Our marriage is composed of love and commitment, and we have taken care of this for the last 40 years. Congratulations to us for completing 40 years of our marriage.
  • I remember the day of our wedding like it was yesterday. You were the most beautiful fiancée and became the most beautiful wife. I’m incredibly lucky to have you in my life. Happy anniversary, honey.

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  • It is believed that when our soul is sent to this Earth, we spend our lives trying to find our other half. Isn’t that a beautiful tale of love? Happy anniversary. Your love was made in heaven.
  • I have never thought that I will ever be able to be with someone for so long or to love someone so much. You made me change my mind. I want to spend every second of my life with you. Happy anniversary, honey.40th wedding anniversary blessings
  • Happy 40th anniversary Mom and Dad, may you blow the 40 candles on your anniversary cake.
  • You are the parents that all kids hope to have, you are the couple that all lovers hope to be and you both are the pillars of support that every family wishes it had. Happy anniversary to the best parents ever.
  • We are all so very proud of you two for setting such a magical example of love. Happy anniversary to you both. It is a pleasure for all of us to see how love works.
  • Happy 40th wedding anniversary wishes for the most lovable couple in our neighborhood.
  • Mom and Dad, I cannot begin to describe how blessed I am to have amazing parents in my life. Seeing true love through you both makes my heart happy. As your daughter/son I see perfection in both of you. I love you.
  • Cheers to our forty years of a happy marriage. I’m looking forward to celebrating our platinum jubilee.
  • The celebration of our anniversary doesn’t have to end in 24-hours. We will celebrate our love for our whole life, and I will keep reminding you how I feel about you every single day. I love you, baby.
  • Sometimes the way I feel about you scares me, because this feeling is so strong and persistent. Our marriage is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you more than anything and anyone in the world. Happy anniversary, baby.
  • Congratulations on completing 40 years of love and happiness. A love story like yours is only found in movies. Your love is one in a million. I hope you always remain happy with each other.
40th Anniversary Wishes

How we are celebrating our 40th anniversary year?

We’re turning 40 this year and we wanted to do something special to celebrate. So we’ve been planning a big event all year long! We’re going to have a big party, invite everyone we know, and have a blast! We started planning the party way before we turned 40, because we knew that this was something we wanted to do. We think it’s important to celebrate our accomplishments, and we want to let everyone know how grateful we are for everything that we’ve been able to do during our 40 years together. We’ve been married for 40 years now and we’ve had a lot of highs and lows, but we’ve always come back to each other. We know that we’re able to overcome anything because we have each other. We’re so grateful for our 40 years together, and we can’t wait to celebrate them with our friends and family!

Here are some more ideas that will help you:

  • You have been the strongest support for each other; without one, the other cannot function well. Happy 40th wedding anniversary. We love how adorable you look together.
  • Happy 40th anniversary loves. I can see how happy you both are on completing years of life together with your beloveds. The smile on your face and the love in your eyes says it all.
  • Happy 40th anniversary to the love birds. Your love is forever the ruler of our hearts. Keep creating a beautiful history together. May lord bless you both. Cheers!
  • Thanks for making sure that the first year of our married lives was perfect. I promise I’ll do everything I can to make sure that every single year of the rest of our lives is perfect – exactly how you deserve it to be.
  • Happy 40th anniversary to the perfect match. Today is the day where the flashbacks make its way to your memories about how and when it all started. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on completing 40 years of love together. What a lovely couple you make! May you always remain this happy with each other. We adore you.
  • Being in love through all these years is amazing. You make me feel like I’m the king of the world. I will always choose you, love. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side. Happy anniversary.
  • Happy 40th anniversary to my partner and my best friend. Thanks for being there for me through thick and thin.
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