120 Sweet 3rd Birthday Wishes That’ll Make Them Smile!

A 3rd birthday is an important milestone in a child’s life. Wishing someone a happy 3rd birthday is always a joy, and we hope that your day is as wonderful as can be! Here are some 3rd birthday wishes that we hope will bring a smile to their face:

3rd Birthday Wishes

  • Beautiful babies are rewarded with birthday wishes. 3 candles await you, blow them and make a wish. Love you, angel.
  • Best birthday wishes to the best 3-year-old baby girl I have ever seen. Enjoy, sweetie.
  • When this little girl puts 3 fingers in my palm, I think she’s in a rush to grow fast. Now, you’re already 3. Have it awesome, darling.
  • You are a beautiful present from heavens. Love you, Barbie!
  • Happy 3rd Birthday to a wonderful baby girl! We all love you.
  • Happy Birthday to the youngest and best 3-year-old, my lovely son.
  • A fabulous 3rd birthday to my sweet little son. You are my heavens.
  • I wish a wonderful 3rd birthday to the cutest son ever.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday to the cutest son ever.
  • If I were a Solar system, you’d be my sun because my world revolves around you, son. Happy 3rd birthday!
  • My life is like cookies and my baby doll is the chocolate chips pasted on them. Happy 3rd Birthday, my little cute daughter.
  • You’re the cutest 3-year-old girl in the world. You’re also the best daughter ever. Love you!
  • Happy 3rd Birthday to my very sweet daughter.
  • You are the girl who makes the days shorter and the home happier. Enjoy your 3rd birthday with your teddy bear.
  • You have a charming smile and speak a cute language. You can make your 3rd birthday the best. Muah!
  • Dear nephew, get ready for plenty of excitement as you’ve already finished 3 years. [Aunt/Uncle] loves you!
  • My nephew is turning 3! WOW! Your [aunt/uncle] is ready to go to the infant school with you.
  • Three years old and you are going to have the sweetest birthday of all time, do you know why? Because you’re the sweetest boy ever.
  • My amazing nephew, you don’t know who is getting happy with your cuteness and smile. Many people, but your [aunt/uncle] is the first.
  • My sweetest wishes for the most wonderful niece in the world, you’re now 3 times cuter than before.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who will never share her birthday cake with other kids. That’s my 3-year-old niece.
  • Words and gifts can’t describe how much you mean to me, my princess. I love you to the moon and back. Happy 3rd Birthday, Niece!
  • The proudest [granddad/grandmother] in the world is wishing [his/her] 3-year-old grandson a happy birthday.
3rd Birthday Wishes

Best 3rd Birthday Wishes

A 3rd birthday is a significant milestone in a person’s life. It’s a time to celebrate all that the child has accomplished, and to look forward to all the things that still lie ahead. Here are some ideas for the best 3rd birthday wishes:

  • You make me smile, you make me happy, you make me glad, and you make me better than I was yesterday. Happy 3rd birthday my dear, you will always make me happy.
  • Your birthday is no less than a celebration for all of us. Your cute smile has made us your admirer. Happy Birthday to the cutest and sweetest baby!
  • From 3 days old to 3 years old in what seems like just the blink of an eye! My baby child is growing up so fast these days! Happy birthday my beloved child.
  • You are a rare one among all the kids. You show so much initiative and you are sensitive to others’ feelings and needs. You are such an intelligent child. Happiest birthday to you!
  • All dinosaurs know that you’re as cool as can be when you turn 3-years-old. Happy Birthday!
  • The only thing in this room more amazing than the cake with three candles is the wonderful three-year-old it is for. Happy birthday!
  • Dear daughter, you are the cutest 3 years old in the world, Happy 3rd Birthday to you.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday to the kid who only jumps and plays.
  • It’s a bright day to celebrate the brightest 3-year-old ever. Let’s make memories, kiddo.
  • Turning 3 means turning perfect because 3 denotes perfection. I wish perfect gifts for the perfect 3-year-old baby.
  • It’s your 3rd birthday. It’s 3 times the joy, fun and presents of your first birthday. Can’t wait to get this day started!
  • Even the best comedians don’t make me laugh as you do. This has been fun 3 years. Happy Birthday!
  • All what a 3-year-old does is playing, so I’m afraid of you being beside a birthday cake, BRAT.
  • Although the first thing you did once you learned walking is punching us, we still love kissing you, sweetie. Enjoy your 3rd cake baby.
  • Gone are the days where babies take their time to grow. Within a blink of an eye, Boom!! You’re 3. Happy Birthday anyways!
  • Sweet as honey, cute as a bunny, beautiful as a lily and also very funny. This is how I’d describe the best 3-year-old I know. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • Finally the day has come, the day an icon turns 3, greatness awaits you. Cheers, dear.
  • Turning one is beautiful, turning two is lovely, but turning three is super-cool. Enjoy today, sweetie!
  • The number of friends you were able to attract to this birthday is just amazing . You are influential at a tender age. Love you, honey.
  • Three years old and you are already trying to be a grown up! You hate to be called a kid. Don’t worry, you won’t always be a baby. Now, let’s celebrate!
  • You are such a little ball of energy. A baby that would break anything at home. WOW, Happy Birthday, strong baby!
  • My little actor is turning 3. I’m waiting for your new movie tonight. You know, I love your acting.
  • Since you’re 3, we’ll cut your cake into 3. One for you, one for me and one for moi.
  • I’ve got the perfect gift and lots of pictures to show you. Some are cute, but most are embarrassing. Happy 3rd Birthday!
  • Even when you break electronics, you are too cute to be punished. Happy 3rd Birthday, Brat!
  • Happy 3rd Birthday to one of the smartest baby boys around the world.
  • When I want to listen to the angel’s voice, I just listen to your laughter. I’m lucky to be blessed with a sweet boy like you. Have a wonderful 3rd birthday, my dear love.
  • I have learned 3 things from you, SMILE, LAUGH & GIGGLE. Yes, you’re the cutest when you do any of them. Love you, sweet boy!
  • Three or twenty three, I will always love this baby boy. Happy 3rd Birthday!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

  • It is a special day for you. You have turned three years old today and we are ready to celebrate this. I hope this birthday celebration will be way more special than the previous two, Happy Birthday.
  • You are the best gift for me from the parents. You are my best friend and I always feel great to have a sister like you.
  • Having a sweet and cute sister like you is a special thing for me. Today is your big day and we are going to celebrate this with a huge arrangement. You are going to have lots of love and gifts, happy birthday sister.
  • Happy 3rd birthday kid! I wish your third birthday will be three times more amazing than the previous two birthdays with so many gifts and cakes.
  • We as parents are blessed to have a son like you. We are celebrating your 3rd birthday with so much joy and happiness.
  • Hey little champ, I can’t believe that it has been three years that you’ve come to our life. I feel like a few weeks. That is an amazing journey to raise you as a good kid. We love you so much, happy 3rd birthday.
  • Aww! My little boy is going to be a man soon. I don’t know how three years have been passed. It is so fast. You have been so adorable and amazing by the time. Happy 3rd Birthday, son!
  • Wish you lots of love and happiness on your 3rd birthday. It is an amazing occasion for the entire family to have some fun. Having a son like you needs the favor of luck. We are lucky to have you in our life.
  • You are growing so fast dear son, it seems like a couple of weeks ago when you were a three months older kid, playing on my lap.
  • It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, but you will remain the same kid for me. Now you are three years old and you are growing so fast. We wish you a happy 3rd birthday with so much love and happiness.
  • I hope this 3rd birthday will bring lots of happiness in your life. I always pray to God to keep you healthy and fine always.
  • Hey, my little princess, I am sending lots of love for you as you have turned three this year. I hope your birthday will be one of the best celebrations in our family and we all will enjoy ourselves a lot.
Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

Funny 3rd Birthday Wishes

You have a special day coming up! It’s your 3rd birthday and all of your friends and family are gathering to celebrate with you. But before the party starts, here are some Funny 3rd Birthday Wishes just in case you’re feeling a little shy:

  • Happy 3rd Birthday to my beloved grandson! Many happy returns of the day.
  • We’re waiting for a future leader, but you’re just 3 years old. Guess what! Your [grandma/grandpa] will wait for you, sweetie.
  • Little one, have a hearty 3rd birthday with all your friends and family cheering you on. From your sweet grandma.
  • Happy 3rd Birthday to the most beautiful granddaughter in the world.
  • Best wishes on your 3rd birthday! A cool step in my cool granddaughter’s life.
  • You are the most amazing granddaughter, I love you to the moon and back and I hope you have a unique 3rd birthday!
  • I still don’t know how I would have had fun without you. Happy 3rd Birthday, Brother!
  • Wishing the happiest 3rd birthday to the coolest baby brother in the world.
  • Congratulations on turning 3, bro! Your big sibling is always proud of you.
  • Hey boy, I am the most excited dad ever in the world. You mean everything to me. It’s your third birthday and you have brought lots of changes in my life. I can’t express the things in writing. I wish you to be the amazing person that I expected you to be. I wish you live long with lots of love and happiness.
  • Happy Birthday to me dear son. You are the cutest kid ever in the world. I can’t stop loving you. I always thank God because of your existence in our life. The situation has been changed dramatically because of your presence in our family.
  • Hey, my dear daughter. As you have turned three today, you act like an adult always. We know you don’t like us to call you a baby. But we want you to enjoy your childhood and young time. It is the best part of human life. Happy Birthday, Princess!
  • You are three today and you are a little boy but I have seen you have lots of energy. You are too adorable. I want you to have an amazing life. I know that you will be someone big someday. Happy Birthday, My Boy.
  • Happy Birthday to the most intelligent kid ever. You are rare for your age. I have followed that your emotion and sensibility is a lot different than other kids. I wish you to become a good human being in the future.
  • A relation of Father-Son, that is never going to end. I feel as proud of your dad. It is the most important day because you are going to turn three today. Happy birthday, son!
  • Happy Birthday, brother. You are the cutest kid I have ever seen.
  • You are the best gift for me from the parents, Happy Birthday to you.
  • I wish you a long life with good health. You have turned three but you already behave like an adult. You are the naughtiest and the cutest combined, Happy Birthday.
  • Our family won’t be that much beautiful and complete without your presence here. I feel so good to have a beautiful and little brother like you, Happy Birthday.

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What is a 3rd birthday wish for a girl child?

  • It’s your 3rd birthday. You are growing older, dude. Someday you will be someone special, I know that. Because you are a very smart and intelligent boy at that age.
  • I always pray for a better future for you. Take lots of love from me on your special day, Happy Birthday.
  • It’s your day to enjoy. Today is the most important and beautiful day of your life. You have turned three and a massive thing for the entire family. We are about to arrange a huge party to celebrate your existence in our life, Happy Birthday brother.
  • A cute and sweet brother like you is very special to me. I wish everyone had a brother like you. In your three years of age, you are already decent enough and well behaved with everyone. I like the characteristic side of you, Happy Birthday dear. Take lots of love from me.
  • To become successful, it is important to have dreams. Don’t lose hope in failure. You need to start again and again and that’s how you will succeed someday Happy Birthday.
  • When you will face hard times, just remind our parents and do whatever your mind directs you to do, Happy Birthday.
  • Thank you so much for making my home quarantine time way more qualities. I love you so much, Happy Birthday.
  • It’s your 3rd birthday dear and it’s a very beautiful moment for you and for the rest of the family, Happy Birthday.
  • Another year of being a brat! That’s my wonderful brother. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 3rd Birthday, my lovely sister! One day you will know how much I love you and your smile.
  • You are the cutest sister ever. Best wishes from your older [brother/sister].
  • Maybe you don’t remember your 1st and 2nd birthday, but I will not let the 3rd pass without making the best of memories. Love you, dear sis.
  • Full of surprises and a great desire to learn, he is my beloved child, who does not stop being insightful to make us feel how wonderful life is with him. Happy Birthday in your three years!
  • Three years ago your birth represented the joy of my being, today that I see you grow represents happiness never seen, your joy is mine, and your dream is mine. Happy Birthday my treasure!
  • Today you reach your 3rd year, and each year you infect us with laughter, emotions, and joys, you have the kindness and purity of an angel that gives shine and color to the home. Congratulations on your Birthday!
  • My dear son, I love you so much! Your 3rd birthday is going to be awesome. We are blessed to have you in our life.
  • Happy Birthday to the most decent girl in the world. You are the cutest and the sweetest kid ever in the world.
  • I am capturing all the beautiful childhood moments of you. Some of them are full of naughtiness. I will show you these photos and videos when you will turn 10, Happy Birthday sister.
  • As I know, you are going to be the most beautiful girl in the world. I feel so happy to have a princess in the family, Happy Birthday sis.
3rd Birthday Wishes

How do you wish a 3-year-old Happy Birthday?

It’s that time of year again when we all reflect on how our 3-year-olds have grown and changed. We may not be able to believe it ourselves, but they’ve become such responsible and independent individuals. Here are some more ideas that will help you:

  • My dear, you have turned three today and I wish you good luck for your birthday. You need to learn something very special on this birthday. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, you need to have the courage for that. If you have courage, you can achieve that easily.
  • Hey daughter, I wish you a lovely and beautiful life with proper education and care. I want you to become someone very special in your future, Happy Birthday To You.
  • Hey dear, you have brought sunshine in our life. You have removed all the sadness and boring time. We are loving the time with you, you are the cutest thing ever happened in our life. We wish you lots of love on your 3rd Happy Birthday.
  • I feel so good to see your growth, honey. I don’t feel like you are three years old now. We all are excited about how fast time has gone. We love you and wish you a Happy 3rd Birthday.
  • Happy birthday my love, you just turned three but you act like an old lady. I love everything about you and I wish you an amazing future ahead.
  • I am amazed to see how many friends you have made in your three years old life. I feel good to see all these friends have arrived to wish you Happy Birthday. Wish you a great future with so much love.
  • Happy birthday to my little prince. I am so thrilled that you’ve turned three today. I am so much happy and I love to share this happiness with everyone. Your birthday party is going to be huge.
  • I know the Queen should be at your birthday celebration, but she needs to take care of her kingdom. But she didn’t forget to send some beautiful gifts for you. She wished you a happy birthday and sent lots of love.
  • On your third birthday, mommy is giving you two hugs and three kisses only. No! Mommy is joking, I have got a gift for you, honey. I am sure you will love this.
  • You are the sweetest kid ever in the world. To dedicate your sweetness I have ordered the biggest cake in the shop. I wish you to live long with good health and courage, happy birthday son.
  • As your mom, three years seem like three weeks for me. I can’t realize how you have turned three today. It is a very special moment for me and the rest of the family.
  • You have brought sunshine to our family. Everything has changed just because of your presence. Today we are going to celebrate your third birthday and I am very happy for you. Wishing you a happy birthday with lots of love.
  • I never thought that I would have a new friend like you. Now I am your friend. Today my friend is going to be three and it’s his birthday. I am the happiest woman in the world. I can’t express how excited I am because of you.
  • You came with all the happiness and joy, I am so blessed that I have got a wonderful princess like you in my life, Happy Birthday to you, dear. I can’t believe that you have turned 3 today.
  • Take all my love and good wishes, honey. You are the most wonderful 3 years old in this world, I am so blessed as your mother, Happy 3rd Birthday to you.
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