100 Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister!

Wishes for a special first wedding anniversary can be as unique as the couple themselves. Whether you and your sister have been married for one year or ten, there’s no wrong way to celebrate! Here are a few anniversary-themed ideas to get her started:

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

  • May you continue to blossom and your beauty makes the world stand. You deserve this wedding anniversary wish to sister from me, Sis. I love you.
  • I can say this year’s anniversary is the birthday of two lovebirds and I won’t be wrong. Make sure to take time to reflect and look for ways to remain happy sis. Happy anniversary to you.
  • It is the dream of every woman to have a happy and long-lasting home. So far you have journeyed so well with your hubby. I pray that you continuously be blessed with love. Happy wedding anniversary dear.
  • May the fountain of joy and happiness continue to overwhelm your home as you celebrate this year’s anniversary. Happy first wedding anniversary, sis.
  • I love you, sis. Just keep up with being a good girl in your marriage. Cheers to better days as you celebrate your one year into the marriage.
  • May your golden Union get stronger and enviable every passing day. I already admire your pattern of a beautiful home. You are a model. Happy months wedding anniversary.
  • You have successfully crossed this year of your love together and we are still counting. We expect a stronger bond, fruitfulness and long happiness amidst challenges. Happy st wedding anniversary Sister.
  • Do not give room for sentiments, or slackness for any reason Sis. The devil jumps at any opportunity. Keep soaring in your marriage.
  • May your new home be filled with goodness from above all, as you keep on loving. Happy wedding anniversary Sis.
  • You two should spend more time together to relieve the tension and pressure life may mount on you. That’s a good way to start another year into the marriage.
  • I am so confident that when children come in you will be able to manage them effectively form the result of the first year. Cheers Sis and I wish you well.
  • The best and cutest couple is where you fall in Sis. May you never fall from this title and position and the journey continues. Happy wedding anniversary.
  • Happy wedding anniversary on your first year in marriage Sis. We are counting for you. Children on the way. Cheers.
  • Today as you celebrate the journey of your love together for the past one year, I ask for continuous mutual understanding for mutual benefits. Cheers.
  • You have not started yet. The journey into this phase is still a long one. But is good to celebrate little wins. It takes two to tangle and I’m glad you both are together. Happy wedding anniversary dear.
  • Happy first wedding anniversary sister. May you find lasting peace and joy in subsequent years ahead. I love you.
  • Love, trust, perseverance, patience, and understanding is what you should look out for into the second year of your marriage together Sis. It will make it as successful as the previous one. Cheers.
  • Your beauty has become brighter and bright with each passing day. it is obvious you’re finding the love adventure interesting. I pray this continues for you dear. Happy wedding anniversary.
  • Shine on Sis. Let the fire of your love keep burning in the heart of your spouse. Lighten up the atmosphere with your skills. Happy married life again Sis.
  • If I knew marriage was to be as beautiful I have witnessed with you in a little while, I should have married long ago. Happy wedding anniversary Sis.
  • May this new season be filled with greater feelings of love for your spouse as he loves you back.
  • These are my best wishes for you dear sister on your first wedding anniversary; that the love that brought you to pair together outlive your generation, Happy st wedding anniversary sister.
  • Congratulations Sis for passing the first year into your marriage with joy. I pray for strength for the remaining years ahead.
  • Sis, I love you so much and I send this first year wedding wishes to you. Be sure to remember all that I told you. Cheers Sis. I love you.
1st wedding anniversary wishes for sister

Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

One of the best ways to show your sister how much you care is by sending her a heartfelt and heartfelt 1st wedding anniversary wishes. Whether you want to say something heartfelt or just tell her how much you love her, here are the best 1st wedding anniversary wishes for sister:

  • Dear sis, your gift is leaving my house to come to you whilst it comforts you with my wishes and prayers. Remain strong and happy st wedding anniversary to you.
  • You know I have known your hubby before now, and so you both mean a lot to me. Happy first wedding anniversary to you two for making it this far. Cheers.
  • There is no wedding anniversary I can best celebrate with you other than this one Sis. Take this heartfelt wish of love and happiness from me as your first wedding anniversary wishes. Happy wedding anniversary to you.
  • To the beautiful couple, I have come to know closely. Happy wedding anniversary to you as you celebrate the past months of love.
  • You two are perfect together and were really meant to be. Marriage is indeed a mystery but I’m glad to see you smile often. Happy wedding anniversary Sis.
  • May you find another purpose and reason to love your husband every day into the second year of your marriage Sis. The first so far had been a blast.
  • We cannot always be together under the same roof as Sis. Let this, however, guide you as you continue. I miss you so much but life must continue. Happy second journey Sis.
  • Take this 1st wedding anniversary wishes for sister and send to the sibling of my mother’s womb. I love you sis and I wish you best today as you celebrate the past one year with your spouse.
  • You two make a wonderful pair form the very moment you introduced him to us and wedded. May your love continue to blossom as you celebrate your first anniversary. Happy love day sis.
  • A happy new year into another phase of your marriage, sis. I wish you well.
  • I love that your affection towards each other has not changed. May the lord that has kept you the past one year keep you into this second year into the marriage walk. Cheers.
  • You are a definition of a woman who has tried after falling severally. Your love is amazing. Happy wedding anniversary dear.
  • May you be able to lean on one another in times of trouble. May this love establish a unified cord that will not disappoint in trying times. Happy first wedding anniversary Sis to you and hubby.
  • From brother, this is me wishing you love and love and love that withstand all mountains. Happy wedding anniversary dear sis.
  • We toast to beautiful things ahead especially children. We drink heartily to love that binds and never breaks. Happy first wedding anniversary dear.
  • The journey you started together for one year now has been a journey of love, joy, and unity. May this continue and overflow. Cheers to better days Sis.
  • You remain the best sister in the world and I want to send this heartwarming st wedding anniversary wishes to you to celebrate you well. I love you, Sis.
  • Your husband is the King, you are the queen. Playing both roles as a queen, and wife isn’t that easy but the Lord will continue to give you strength. Happy anniversary my dear Sis.
  • Marriage is another adventure. It is full of lies, bad roads, good roads, truth, and love and hate. You decide the choice one you want and work assiduously for it together.
  • Another year of joy, laughter, and unity accompany your love life as you celebrate the first into this journey. Happy st wedding anniversary Sisi.
  • The most time you should cherish is the time you spend alone with your hubby, sis. Love and cherish him and he will continue to love in return. I wish you well into your second year.
  • It has not been easy I know Sis, but this is your first year into the marriage. Be sure to witness more challenges in the subsequent years. Keep Sis. I love you.

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Funny 1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

  • You chose this road and I’m so glad for the choice you made. It was indeed the right one. I hope all has been rosy for the past year now. More joy Sis.
  • Today you have become a blessing and source of inspiration for others. Happy anniversary Sis.
  • Turning the pages of the marriage for the past one year, how has it been? I wish you well into the second year Sis. I love this heartwarming wedding anniversary message a for sister I am sending to you now. You are special.
  • The holy matrimony of last year is what we reaffirm for you this year Sis. Happy wedding anniversary to you and your spouse.
  • We wish you a continuous season of love and affection in the atmosphere of a wedded couple. Let the second year into your marriage be better than the first.
  • Has anyone ever told you how much I love and will protect you till my last breath despite the fact that you are married now? This is me sending the best st wedding anniversary messages for sister to you. Thank your brother later.
  • To a life that will never know any sorrow; to the heart that will never know any hatred, we drink and say cheers. Happy wedding anniversary dear.
  • I will be waiting for the sound of children running around and playing cat and mouse with father and mother. Keep glowing Sis. Happy wedding anniversary to you.
  • The most beautiful achievement is having a beautiful home and a progressive career. So far, you’ve managed both well. Happy first wedding anniversary Sis.
  • What a beautiful journey so far for you both. I am proud of you Sis. Mom was never wrong about you. Happy wedding anniversary to you.
  • Happy wedding anniversary Sis. We all love you and wish you well form this end. Keep on glowing Sis.
  • You both are lovers we believe to be from the underworld because of your consistency even before marriage. Happy first wedding anniversary dear.
Funny 1st wedding anniversary wishes for sister

Cute 1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

When you and your partner first got married, you were both so in love and so excited to start your new life together. Now, five years later, you have a little family of your own. Seeing your little ones grow and learn and grow up is the best thing in the world. And to celebrate your anniversary, here are some cute 1st wedding anniversary wishes for your sister!

  • I am willing to take a bet on your relationship for these past months Sis. You have been faithful like your spouse and I wish you well.
  • The rainy season came and gave way for summer, the wind blew, the snow came and went, but you two stand strong. Happy 1st wedding anniversary to you.
  • This is another level of your marriage life. You have passed the first test of months. Another awaits, you sis. Keep strong.
  • May God continue to water your relationship ever more like the dew of the morning…
  • Continue to glow as you have this past one year into your marriage. I love you sis and I’m sure your husband loves you more.
  • I prepared this special message today to show you how much you still mean to me Sis. It hasn’t changed one bit. Happy first anniversary and more love to your effort in marriage.
  • I can only be happy for you for finding love and happiness. May this continue till you both leave this earth. I love you sis and this wedding anniversary wishes to sister are for you alone from me your brother.
  • I pray that any problem you will be encountering in the future, you both will be able to conquer as you have always done every other time. Happy wedding anniversary.
  • I thank god on behalf of your marriage and celebrate the past one year of tremendous happiness with you. May this continue like this Sis.
  • May you find satisfaction and an insatiable hunger for your spouse. Happy first wedding anniversary Sis. I love you.

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Is it time to celebrate your sister’s wedding anniversary?

  • Wherever you go, whatever you do, my shadow will always be there to protect you for your husband. Cheers to a greater bond in the marriage.
  • Mom and Dad will be so proud of you for holding your home in the most beautiful way. I love you, sis.
  • You know I love and care about you like my own life. How is hubby and life after one year into marriage? I wish you well dear.
  • A hearty congratulations to you Sis as you celebrate your first wedding anniversary. It has indeed been a journey of love. Amen.
  • On this day I want to wish you a lovely first wedding anniversary to be accompanied with exceptional bond and wisdom to salvage crisis moment. Happy wedding anniversary, sis.
  • Whenever a problem arises, close your eyes and remember that your bubby loves you very much and only seeks the best for you. Cheers Sis.
  • The world is nothing until you two are together conquering together. Cheers and toast to better years as you surge ahead with kids on the way.
  • I went to the church to thank god for your marriage and pray for you. Nothing will ever break your home, my dear. Enjoy today and a happy anniversary to you.
  • Your marriage is definitely one of the best I’ve seen so far where every situation is handled with maturity. Happy months of love Sis. This st wedding anniversary for Sister is what you need from Kid Sister like me.
  • May your heart be merry as always Sis. May your Spouse continue to find you attracting and lovely in every way. Happy first anniversary, Mama.
  • There is a light and a beam of life that comes from marriage. Today we celebrate your love life and pray for the cord to grow stronger each passing year. Happy 1st wedding anniversary sister.
  • How about I pray that your smile never wanes as it has been consistent this past one year into your marriage. Enjoy sis.
1st wedding anniversary wishes for sister

What are your best wishes for your 1st wedding anniversary for sister?

Whether your sister has been married for one year or one hundred years, we think it’s safe to say that she’s someone special. It’s not too late to wish her all the best on her special day, so here are a few of our favorite wishes for your sister’s first wedding anniversary!

  • May you both live long to celebrate your love till the end. Let your home be blessed with laughter and shrill cries from babies who remain a blessing. Happy first wedding anniversary Sis.
  • Memories are what spices the moment. Today reflect on the journey thus far and how it all started. Happy wedding anniversary, dear Sister.
  • I think I can say I know you better even though your spouse should know all. But I wish you love and greater cheerful days in the years to come as you celebrate love now.
  • May your home be always peaceful and lively as ever. You are a model and you remain so forever. Happy wedding anniversary dear.
  • Whenever I see you two together, I am somewhat jealous and want to get on board already. Cheers to the beautiful life you’ve had in one year of the marriage.
  • You belong to a new family now and the new family is your number one responsibility. But I can’t hide the fact that I already miss you, Sis. Happy first wedding anniversary.
  • Best wishes from me to you two is that you continue to find reasons why you should be happy to cherish each other always. Happy second-year journey into marriage Sis.
  • Thank you for being a sister and a friend for the time you were with us. Today, you are where you’re meant to be and we celebrate you this far. Happy first wedding anniversary Sis.
  • You both make a tremendous couple and a marriage model. I love your style. Happy one anniversary Sis.
  • Every time I watch you two play and laugh, I just know you are the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. May your love continue to wax stronger. Happy 1st anniversary Sis.
  • May this bond of love grant you happiness and joy and the strength in times when the journey would be rough. Happy 1st wedding anniversary Sis.
  • May this love fill your emptiness, and the vacuum that has resulted from many setbacks into the relationship Sis. You are my favorite and I send this 1st wedding anniversary messages from brother to you.
  • As you celebrate your first wedding anniversary, we pray for the cries of babies and the laughter that reverberates along the walls. Happy anniversary, Sis.
  • We drink to long life. we drink to lasting happiness. We toast to more children as you celebrate the end of your first year into the marriage.
  • Today and tomorrow I remain the brother that will do anything to protect your interest. Happy anniversary for one year already Sis.
  • For all the hurt and heartbreak you felt in the cause of this journey… take heart Sis and dwell on the good times you shared together for the past one year. Cheers.
  • Your marriage reminds me of a life I dream to accomplish in the coming years; a home with beautiful kids and full of love. You guys rock. Happy first wedding anniversary.
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