90 Adorable 1st Birthday Wishes for Son!

1st birthday wishes for son are sure to be memorable and special! Whether you want to express your love for him or wish him a happy birthday in general, these wishes are sure to make his day! Here are some 1st birthday wishes that will help him to get started:

1st Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Happy first year on a day to our little man, the star in our family. We are so glad God gave you to us.
  • From your smile I just melt! You should try to be the baby in the whole world who is the happiest and most successful. Happy birthday!
  • We are going to party with the balloons and cakes, my little boy is one today and we are happy and merry.
  • Happy birthday, my Son! I am happy to celebrate your first year of life and see you so smiling, so full of tenderness and innocence. Thank you for having come into my life and for bringing me so much love.
  • You have given us countless reasons to smile again, our world has been transformed since you came around. Happy 1st birthday little man.
  • You can’t get a more appropriate gift than diapers for your first birthday. I’m talking about how and how often you poop and how many diapers could help all of us a lot. You are a sphere of love, light, and laughter. Happy first birthday to someone who is very important to me. Happy birthday!
  • My boo-boo is one today! Happy birthday, sugar dumpling, I love you so much.
  • I pray that God guides you along the straight and level roads of life, and that fate has a lot of wonderful and fascinating experiences in store for you. Happy birthday!
  • Dear Son, I have no words to express how much I love you and how happy it makes me be by your side, to see you grow and achieve each of your goals. I hope that life allows me to be close to you as long as possible. Always to be a witness of your happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • I am quite sure if you do not devour your cake, you will try to leave it too messed up for well-wishers like myself. Either way, I am still going to get my share. Happy 1st birthday baby boy.
  • When you came into the world, my son, my whole life turned on its head. Today is your first birthday, and we want you to know how much we love and care about you. I hope your first birthday is wonderful, my little son!
  • I am the mother of an extraordinary little man, who fills me with joy every morning and who makes my heart melt with love. Today is his birthday, and I want to wish him all the good things that life can give, in insuperable amounts so that he never lacks happiness. Happy birthday, my treasure!
  • You’ll have to work harder now if you want to learn how to say the first words and take the first steps correctly. I hope you stay healthy and keep having success in everything you do. And may we, your parents, always love and be patient with you. Happy birthday!
  • Your birthday has come, dear Son, and today you become a gentleman. We hope that this new stage of your life is very happy and that you take advantage of every moment to become a better version of yourself. Happy Birthday!
  • We want to wish our sweet little angel a very happy first birthday and let you know that we will always love you. Happy birthday!
  • I hope that your life is full of happiness and that you grow quickly and in every way. I also hope that your future will be full of bright and interesting surprises. Happy birthday!
  • Happy first birthday, my Son! It seems incredible that 12 months have passed since you were born and that as soon as you are taking your first steps and about to say your first words. You really are a cute little angel that the Lord sent into our lives.
  • My sweet birthday boy, I’ve loved you since the day you were born, but today is your 365th day on Earth. Your first birthday is today! We love you because you are different from everyone else. Have a good time, my little boy!
  • Have fun today baby, you are permitted to turn the whole house upside down. Happy 1st birthday sugar.
  • My sweet bundle of immense cuteness just turned one, I am the proudest mother alive. Happy birthday to my baby boy.
  • You are going to get busy unwrapping gifts today because you will get a lot of them. Cute boys like you are always showered with gifts. Happy ist birthday sweet.
  • With each passing day, the love and pride that I feel for you become more and more immense; And you have shown that you are a good man, honest, fighter, and dedicated to his family. For this, I thank God for being your mother, and I pray that He will allow you to continue being that wonderful being whom I have the happiness of calling son. Happy Birthday!
  • From a father to a son, I want to tell you how much I admire you because you have become everything that one day I dreamed of and much more than I could ever deserve. Happy Birthday, champion!
1st Birthday Wishes for Son

1st Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

You are such a special person and I love you so much. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you will do in life. You are going to be so amazing! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and lots of happiness. Here are some of my favorite 1st birthday wishes for you:

  • I hope you have a happy and carefree childhood, with lots of fun times, tasty treats, deep thoughts, and warm smiles. Baby, I want this for you. Happy birthday!
  • I pray that all of the bad things in your life will go away. I hope no one can ever take your smile away! My sweet boy, I hope you have a wonderful first birthday!
  • God gives us the ability to have children. But knowing I can count on you, my son, is like having a piece of heaven right here on earth. I hope that things go well for you. My dear son, I hope you have a wonderful first birthday!
  • I hope you have a wonderful first birthday, your adorable little one! I hope that you have a great time. Happy birthday!
  • What a wonderful blessing it is to be able to remember your first steps and words, even if you still stutter over them. You are our sun, you are our joy, you are our happiness in our destiny. Happy birthday!
  • You look like a beautiful angel when you sleep peacefully. As soon as you open your eyes, you become the most powerful tool for causing harm. Happy birthday to the son who causes the most fights in the whole world. We pray that the support of God and the blessings of those around you allow you to prosper always. Happy birthday!
  • You are so small that it’s like you’re just sitting on the palm of my hand. You feel like a living doll dear. I wish for you to have the courage of a warrior and the strength of a lion. I hope your first birthday is wonderful, my sweet little son!
  • Today is the first birthday of my baby boy, who is even cuter than a teddy bear. We were so happy and excited that we couldn’t hold it in. He’s even cuter than a stuffed animal. After such a long time of waiting, you are the most heartwarming form of happiness that has come along. On behalf of your son and mother, we want to wish you a happy first birthday.
  • My little king is one today, I am grateful God found us worthy to be parents to his little majesty. Happy birthday, son.
  • You have become my greatest treasure, and you have won all my heart thanks to your tenderness, your innocence, and the fact that you are my first Son. How nice it is to be able to celebrate your first year of life and dream of seeing yourself become a great man.
  • Son, on your birthday, I ask God to bless you and allow each coming day to offer you thousands of reasons to smile. Congratulations!
  • My joy, I hope that your life is full of the beautiful colors of the world and amazing miracles, that you have a loving family and meet kind people along the way, and that you have a lot of fun and pleasure. Happy birthday!
  • I wish that no one in all of time and space could ever be as beautiful as you are at night. I hope your first birthday is wonderful, Happy birthday son.
  • When I see you take your first steps and be able to see that huge smile on your face, having achieved this important achievement, I feel really blessed. My Son, it is your first birthday, and we will keep many memories so that when you are older, you can see them. Congratulations!
  • Today is the birthday of a wonderful man, of whom we are entirely proud of all his successes and countless accomplishments. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • My son, the fact that you’ve reached your first birthday is a big deal. You have become a strong and wise young man. I really hope that you’ll be strong enough to eat your first birthday cake. I want to wish you a happy birthday, son!
  • We can’t help but look at you because of how beautiful you are. As your parents, we hope that everything you meet in life is as pretty and smells as beautiful as roses. My dear son, I hope you have a wonderful first birthday!
  • Our little King, we hope you have a great birthday! We hope that on this day you feel like a real lord. Every whim you have is a request that we have to meet. Just be honest with us, okay? We love you. Have a happy birthday!
  • If only everyone can be as innocent as you are, the world would be such a peaceful place. Happy 1st birthday darling.
  • A child like you is a godsend that must be celebrated day after day. As your parents, we honor and appreciate your presence at all times. And even more so on a date as important as your birthday. Congratulations Son! You are our greatest blessing.
  • You have a way of making us feel like we are the luckiest and most lucky parents in the whole world, all the time. Because you bring so much joy and love into the room, all we want to do is play with you all the time. Happy first birthday to the little prince who rules my heart. I love you so much.

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Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Son

  • My beloved Son is on his birthday, and I want to wish him a lot of prosperity, health, and love because nothing else is necessary to live fully. Happy Birthday!
  • I hope you have pretty cheeks, strong legs, bright, happy eyes, and beautiful writing skills. And health, a never-ending sense of wonder, success in life, and joy and contentment every single minute of every single day!
  • Small miracle! I hope that your happiness will always shine like a bright star in the sky above you, making each day of your life brighter. Happy birthday!
  • I hope you always have a good role model by your side, that you always do the right thing, and that illness never gets in the way of what you want to do. I hope your birthday is full of fun and happiness, you young man. Happy birthday!
  • I have always cared about watching you grow up healthy and happy, and no matter you are older, I will always watch over you and make sure that you do not lack reasons to smile. Happy Birthday, Son! I love you.
  • I hope you have a great mood, a good night’s sleep, and a clear head in the morning, and that your day is full of fun things to do and healthy food. Happy birthday!
  • You are now one year old. You are very knowledgeable and have acquired a great deal of information already. But you still have a lot of exciting things to learn and new things to try in the future. There will be new things to play with and dependable friends. And your family will always be there to help and support you in whatever you need. Happy birthday!
  • I hope you are able to blow your very first candle, even if you didn’t, there are still many more candles to be blown as you grow. Happy birthday, baby.
  • Happy Birthday, Son. I thank God for giving you life and for choosing me as your mother because there is nothing that makes me more proud than having brought you into the world.
  • On the first anniversary of the little miracle’s birth, we send our best wishes. I hope that your life is full of amazing magic and bright light, that you have good health and are cared for with love, and that you get to have a lot of fun and do things outside. Happy birthday!
  • People say that a truthful child loves sweets more than his or her parents do. We won’t try to take away your love of fun things like toys, sweets, and games, but we do hope that you will love us as much as we do. Merry Christmas!
  • You came into our lives on this day, and both our homes and the homes of our parents were full of happiness because of it. Give yourself permission to look at life in the best way possible.
  • My little cheerleader, you have a grin plastered across your face all day today. Your smile makes me smile too. I am aware of the reason that you are beaming with joy right now: today is your first birthday! So, my love, I want to wish you a happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my cute little angel! You changed my life and gave me thousands of reasons to fight to give you the best, but I am surprised to see how fast you grow and that we are celebrating your first birthday. I love you with all my soul, and I will always give you my love.
  • My cute little son I hope that every single prayer you say is answered. I hope your first birthday is great! To me, you are everything.
  • It is surprising to have witnessed the miracle of life. And to see that the fruit of my love is already taking its first steps and completing its first year of life. I love you with all my heart, and I wish you a very happy birthday, my beautiful baby.
Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Son

Best 1st Birthday Wishes for Son

When your son turns one, let him know that you are grateful for everything he has been through in this first year. From the early days of learning to crawl to all of the new skills he has acquired, you are proud of all he has accomplished. Here are some special 1st birthday wishes for son that will show just how much you love and appreciate him:

  • You look like you were just born yesterday, so it seems impossible that you’ve been here for a whole year. You have brought untold millions of colors and an indescribable joy into our lives, but it still feels like we are living in a dream. I hope your first birthday is wonderful, my sweet baby. You can count on our continued love and encouragement at all times!
  • When your mother told me that I was going to become a father, I felt happier than ever and shouted that wonderful news to the whole world, now you are with us, and we are celebrating your first birthday, so with all my love you I wish all the happiness that exists.
  • On your 1st birthday today, I pray you to grow to be an exceptional young man, full of wisdom and grace. Happy 1st birthday baby boy.
  • Rejoice with me, my little boy is one today, he is growing so fast and making our hearts glad.
  • The day you were born, I felt an indescribable joy, the same one that I feel every time I celebrate your birthday. Because you came to change my life and we have to celebrate that, today I want to wish you a happy anniversary. Congratulations Son!
  • Happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old in the universe. You are so adorable, you should win a medal. I love you very much baby boy.
  • It makes you feel like a flower petal because it is so pure and soft. I hope that nothing bad will happen to you, my child. I hope your first birthday is wonderful, my dear son. Happy birthday!
  • It was exactly a year ago when from heaven, God sent one of his little angels to this world, and that is you, my beloved baby. I wish you all the happiness in the world and that this is the first of many birthdays.
  • Both your dad and I love you with all our strength, and we thank God because he has sent us a beautiful angel, bringing us more happiness and love than ever, and that is you, my baby. Happy birthday, my dear Son!
  • Being your father is the most important role I have ever played in my life because nothing compares to the love so great that a son makes you feel and the joy that infects you only by hearing him laugh. Happy Birthday!

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How do you wish your son’s 1st birthday?

  • Your presence changed everything about our lives. There are now a thousand things that need to be brought to your attention. But when you gave them to us, you made us very happy. We hope that our happiness can be passed on to you so that you can value your family as much as we do and continue to be healthy on the inside and out. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, a little boy of my heart! You don’t know how lucky I feel to be able to be your mother and enjoy your company, your laughter, and your achievements every day of my life. May God bless you and help you become a good man.
  • In just one year, you have made such a big and positive difference in all of our lives that we have had to change everything we thought we knew about happiness, life, and family. Because of your arrival, our lives now have a more finished look and feel. I hope your first birthday is wonderful, my sweet little pig. Happy birthday!
  • Angels from heaven brought a special soul from heaven to our family last year at this exact same time. This soul changed everything about how we used to live and what we thought it meant to be successful. We just wanted you to know, our little champion, that we loved you long before you came to this place. Son, I hope you have a great first birthday!
  • It’s been one year of making our home a laughter-filled one, one year of being a dad to the most handsome boy in the world. Happy birthday to my baby boy.
  • I hope you have a great day, have a lot of fun, and continue to grow as a person. Don’t be afraid to try new things and grow in whatever way you think is best; the world is your oyster. Happy birthday!
  • Happy first year, my beloved Boy! I dream of that day in which you are old enough to be able to read this note and to feel in your heart the immense love that I have for you. May the Lord bless you forever.
  • I will never forget this day because it is your first birthday, and you are also taking your first steps. My beloved Son, you are the greatest treasure I have on this earth, and I wish you many congratulations.
  • The real source of financial security for a parent is their children. I will do anything, my dear boy, to make sure you get everything you want. I hope that nothing will ever stop you in life. I hope your first birthday is great, Happy birthday son!
  • Congratulations on the birth of your child. I hope that you will have other good qualities and skills in addition to the most important thing you already have. Happy birthday!
  • B-day boy, I want to document your first year on this planet with a photographic avalanche. Get ready to wear a smile for the entire day. I can’t wait to show you these pictures. Happy smiling 1st birthday!
1st Birthday Wishes for Son

What are the best 1st birthdays wishes for son?

If your son has his first birthday soon, here are some of the best wishes you could give him! It’s always so special to share your loved one’s special day with them, and what better way to do it than by sending them heartfelt wishes. Happy first birthday, son! You are so special and unique, and no one else on this earth will ever have the same first birthday as you. I am so grateful to have you in my life, and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you. However, here are a few general ideas that may help you come up with some good 1st birthday wishes for your son:

  • When you came to this world, I could find my most powerful reason to fight in this life, and that is why I promise that I will give you the best because I want you to be a great man and to make your dreams come true. Happy first year, my Son!
  • You are my greatest treasure, and my greatest wish is to see you happy, that’s why I ask God to make this an unforgettable day and to keep that beautiful smile on your face. Happy birthday my Son!
  • I hope that your life is full of funny stories, interesting walks, juicy fruits, tasty treats, fun games, loving family members, and other things that bring you love. Happy birthday!
  • Honey, I hope you find some amazing things on your own and do great things in your life. Instead, put a smile on your face and dive into the sea of candy and toys that never ends. Happy birthday!
  • Today is the first birthday of the youngest and possibly cutest member of the family, and our happiness is tearing down every wall in its way. I want to wish my adorable son a happy birthday on this special day by giving him lots of love, hugs, and kisses. Happy birthday!
  • All your family members have gathered on this day to celebrate your first birthday because we love you so much, and we are excited to see you grow up healthy and strong.
  • When I received the news that you were on the way, I felt like the happiest man in the world because it was not long before I became a father, and now that we are celebrating your first birthday again, I feel enormous happiness. Congratulations, my beautiful little boy!
  • Until recently, your first birthday seemed a long way off, but now we are celebrating it, and it is amazing to see that you have grown a lot and that you learn many things every day. My beloved Son, I wish you many congratulations!
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